Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2 - Turn A Blind Eye But Desperate To Save Face (2)

    Zhang Mingrui glanced back. At that time, Luo Zhi just came in through the back door, with a grey-blue checked shirt and simple ponytail, expressionless, ignoring the empty seat in front, and sat straight at the corner of the last row.

    He discovered that Sheng Huainan was also looking back.

    After sitting down, Luo Zhi looked around the amphitheater casually and glanced over them, but didn't stop even a bit, treating them as a stranger.

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

    He is a bit accustomed to sitting in the corner with her in the law introduction class without saying a word. Reluctantly, they now have another senior who also took a double degree in law. They met on the basketball team and happened to meet him this morning. This senior helped them to reserve a seat and asked to sit together. Zhang Mingrui declined, saying the seat was too far forward. The brother just grinned broadly: "I do morning exercises. I came early and just nice reserved these seats. It's okay, no need to thank me."

    No thank you. He had no choice but to sit down with a smile.

    During the class, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Sheng Huainan turn his head and look behind several times, and a smile appeared from the corner of Zhang Mingrui's mouth.

    "Want to go to find Luo Zhi?" 

When class was over, he asked Sheng Huainan while keeping the books in his school bag.

    "What?" Sheng Huainan was slow to react.

    "I asked, do you want to go find Luo Zhi? I think your relationship seems to be going well. You always look back when you are in class. Do you want to develop it?"

    Zhang Mingrui's simple smiling face was the same as any other day until he heard Sheng Huainan smile and said: "What's the matter, you are suffocated and want to sit over there?"

    "I just don't want to be next to the senior brother," he looked at a table of waste paper left by the brother just after he left, "You are not sitting next to him, of course, you can't smell the sweat on his body." Zhang Mingrui said sternly.


    "Also, I heard the second brother and them talk about it, but because you are busy, I always forgot to ask, did you both go to the amusement park together?"

    And avoided the others and went to play alone by yourselves. Zhang Mingrui just wanted to say, and swallowed the sentence into his stomach. He didn't mean anything, but it sounded a bit jealous.

    When he came back from eating the ice cream last time, Sheng Huainan smiled and asked him how the battle situation was. He told him seriously: "Don't overthink, I really am just apologizing, I don't want to chase her."

    Zhang Mingrui felt that he had a clear conscience. While thinking, he glanced at Luo Zhi who was packing her school bag in the distance.

    "It happened by chance." Sheng Huainan said lightly.

    "Can you f**king be a man? In the whole dormitory only you are like this, have a motive but try to hide it from us." Zhang Mingrui grinned.

    "What hidden motive do I have?"

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly felt anger rushing to the top of his head, but for a moment, he was afraid of what his eyes would reveal, so he immediately turned his head and then recovered calmness.

    "Come on, shall your brother give you some help? " Zhang Mingrui immediately turned and shouted, "Luo Zhi, let's have lunch together!"

    Seeing Luo Zhi tilting her head and frowning in doubt, he wanted to laugh.

    However, he went up the steps and found that Luo Zhi had packed her schoolbags and stared at himself, but she didn't even glance at Sheng Huainan who was following him.

    "Scream so loudly, are you treating?" Luo Zhi hadn't always had a good temper with him.

    "I have no money," he turned to look at Sheng Huainan, "please."

    Surprisingly, he found that Sheng Huainan agreed happily and easily, but behaved a little uncomfortable.

    Luo Zhi looked down as if thinking about something, then nodded and said: "Okay."

    Luo Zhi stepped out of the classroom and met Gobi and Baili in the corridor. She greeted Baili and was about to walk away when she suddenly heard Gobi shouting "Sheng Huainan".

    "Brother Xu asked you whether the money has arrived in the account. If you want to them to reimburse you, you must get it before next Tuesday afternoon." Gobi asked.

    "Reported on Thursday morning. Don't worry."

    "Let's have a meal together. It just happens that there is something important for the League Committee to ask you."

    "Together?" Sheng Huainan glanced at Baili with her head down.

    "Just us. It's twelve o'clock, find a quieter place. If I don't ask you, it will be too late."

    Baili kept her head down, including when Luo Zhi greeted her just now. Now she nodded slightly, walked forward desperately, and was stopped by Luo Zhi decisively.

    "Let's go, eat together." Luo Zhi said, turning around and waving to Sheng Huainan and Zhang Mingrui and said, "Another day, today we don't need you to spend money on us, we’ll go first."

    Only Zhang Mingrui stood alone.

    You two are a perfect match. For the first time, he showed a vicissitude of smile.

    This morning, Zhang Mingrui finally sent a short message to Xu Riqing. After all, he was still worried about her.

    "It's been a long time since I contacted you."

    "Yeah, how are you?" Xu Riqing's text messages did not change at first glance and did not change from usual.

    "I’m okay, how about you?"

    "I’m not bad.... Are you all doing well?"

    Us? Who are “you all”? Zhang Mingrui turned off his phone irritably.

    She should really learn from Luo Zhi who is so desperate for face.

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