Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - 中蜜 Honey (1)

After eating, Shen Xifan was surfing the web at home. After a while, Mother Shen called out, “Fanfan, will you be eating at home tomorrow morning?" ”
     She said with an "emm", “I want to eat seaweed and egg drop soup and fried dumplings!”
     Mother Shen came over with a bag of garbage, “There are no more seaweed and vinegar. Can you go to the supermarket to buy some and take out the garbage on the way? ”
     Shen Xifan looked at the cotton slippers on her feet, “I don't want to go to the supermarket. I have to change my shoes when I go out. It's so troublesome. ”
     Mother Shen's face changed and pretending to be a pig, actually, you eat a tiger (illa: act dumb). She said pitifully, “When people are old, it is difficult to even ask her daughter to do something. I will go to a nursing home for the elderly in the future. Forget it, alas! ”
     She jumped up immediately, “I'll go, I'll go! ”I pulled out the cotton tiger-headed shoes she wore in college from the shoe cabinet on the balcony, and angrily took the bag of garbage. My mother really has more and more experience in fighting against the enemy, knowing that I eat soft rice but not hard rice (illa: yield to the weak but not to the strong).
     It was really cold at night in winter. Her mind was a bit stiff from the cold, and she thought in a daze that she was still in college, dragging these tiger-headed shoes around the dormitory area. 
     She had just entered the door of the supermarket with her forefoot when a man was about to go out. Their eyes met. Shen Xifan was taken aback for a moment, looked around, and said to herself, “I'm not wrong, this is a supermarket, and I'm not sick. Why am I seeing this fellow? ”
     Unexpectedly, He Suye heard this and burst out laughing. 
     She immediately regained her senses. He Suye smiled really cute, her heartbeat doubled, and she began to speak without a preface, “I'm sorry, Dr. He, you will also go to the supermarket too, what a coincidence! ”
     He Suye thought her speech was a bit strange, but he didn't think much about it, “Come to buy something. Does your family live here?" ”
    She nodded and asked rhetorically, "Does your family live here too? But for so many years, why have I not seen you once? ”
     He Suye explained, "I just moved here a few months ago, and I haven't been able to go out and about, but this community is quite good, with convenient transportation and shops. ”
     Shen Xifan was speechless all of a sudden and didn't know how to answer the conversation. She had to nod “yes” and “yes”. He Suye found it funny when he saw it. She was not tall, and only reached his shoulder when she stood in front of him. She looked down like a child being scolded by her parents. He lowered his head and asked, “Is the Chinese medicine I prescribed very difficult to eat?”
     Her very indefatigable face became a little hot, and she thought to herself, He Suye, you are too close. Although I enjoy this distance, she is not in the right state today, so she pretended to be thinking, "Bitter, how can it not be bitter?" It tastes terrible! ”
     He Suye flipped through the bag, took out a large bowl of jelly and handed it to her, and said patiently, "The medicine should be delicious. If you feel it is bitter, take this after drinking the medicine. Be obedient! ”
     Shen Xifan was stunned there, her heart was just about to bloom, but she heard He Suye continue, “Whenever the children in the hospital refused to take medicine, we always used this to coax...”
     She raised her head, a little dazed, “Dr. He, am I a child? ”
     He smiled, “You are not a child, you are like a child. I will go first. Remember to get the medicine tomorrow! "Then, he unexpectedly glanced at her round tiger-headed cotton shoes for a long time and left. 
     Shen Xifan grabbed the jelly and stared blankly at He Suye's distant back. She felt a little annoyed, but an indescribable smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. For him, is this patient a bit special? 
    When she got home, she threw down the plastic bag, smiled and went back to the room with the jelly, but Mother Shen came over again, “Fanfan, will you go to dinner with your mother tomorrow?" ”
     Immediately raised her head, “Mom, I don't want to go on a blind date, just give up! ”
     Mother Shen wasn;t angry but instead laughed, and leaned over to encourage her daughter, “This time your mother picked a doctor for you, not bad right? From the People's Hospital, are you interested? Aunt Yang said that this young man is a talented...”
     Shen Xifan interrupted, “What's his name? ”
     “You will know if you go "Mother Shen deliberately kept her in suspense and glanced at the jelly in her hand, "An adult yet still eating children's things...”

Hiding the jelly behind her back, “I'm just a kid, right? Tomorrow night, I'll go! " Regardless of Shen's mother cheering behind her, she walked to the room by herself, closed the door, fell on the bed, and looked at the jelly and smiled foolishly.

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