Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1 - Shao Suying (1)

“Hey, you can keep holding it, I don’t mind.” Su Jinbei ‘shyly’ pinched his sleeve, “We’re already engaged, stuff like this should be fine, right?”

Su Jinbei was inherently charming. If more charm was added to her speech, she could be considered a witch.

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were faint, “Don’t pull.”

Su Jinbei snorted, who was the one pulling just now.

Zhou Shiyun didn’t pay attention to her anymore and walked out along the corridor. Su Jinbei followed a few steps behind him, speaking while walking, “Zhou Shiyun, you said just now that it was perfect. What was perfect? My bare face?”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

“Zhou Shiyun, be honest, am I prettier with or without makeup?”


“Oh, I got it, you think I look good either way.” Su Jinbei chuckled, “Seriously, you’re so hard to read.”

“Zhou Shiyun…”

“Be quiet.” Zhou Shiyun finally said helplessly.

Su Jinbei shrugged, “Okay, okay, hey, wait for me. Don’t walk so fast.”

Zhou Shiyun didn’t speak, but he actually slowed down his pace. Su Jinbei hurriedly stepped forward and hooked her elbow into his.

Not waiting for Zhou Shiyun’s reaction, she quickly said, “Don’t pull away, your grandma and brother must want to see us being affectionate.”


Su Jinbei linked arms with Zhou Shiyun all the way from the bedroom to Yi Shi Tang. Occasionally, when employees of the Zhou family passed by, greeting them, Su Jinbei would happily respond with a smiling face.

After the two entered Yi Shi Tang, several servants of the Zhou family whispered amongst themselves, “This is Miss Su, our second younger fiancée?”

“Yeah, yeah, she looks so pretty, and she seems to be a nice person, she just smiled at me.”

“I know her, she is a big star on TV.”

“Me too, I have seen her show before, but I really did not expect that she was our Young Master’s fiancée.”

“Hush, let’s stop gossiping about this matter.” An older man said, “Just focus on doing your job.”

“Of course, but I was really surprised. Second Young Master is very hard to get close to usually, I didn’t expect him to be so intimate with his fiancée.”

“Nonsense, would she be his fiancée otherwise?”

There was a large round table in the middle of Yi Shi Tang, and there were many people sitting around it. When Zhou Shiyun and Su Jinbei came in, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The man’s facial features were handsome and gentle. The woman’s face was bare of makeup and she looked dazzling. The two next to each other formed an awe-inspiring combination.

Huo Wanjun who was sitting in the seat directly in front of them first broke the silence, she raised her hand and motioned to Su Jinbei, saying, “Jinbei, sit next to Grandma.”

Su Jinbei glanced at Zhou Shiyun, walked to Huo Wanjun and sat down, “Good morning, Grandma.”

“Well, how was your sleep.”

Su Jinbei, “En, very good.”

“That’s great.”

“Since everyone is here, let’s eat.” The person who spoke was Zhou Shiyun’s brother Zhou Zhengxian.

“Suying also came back yesterday, she should be here soon.” Huo Wanjun’s second son Zhou Yueqian said.

Zhou Zhengxian, “Suying is back? I didn’t know.”

Huo Wanjun smiled faintly, “Suying this rascal jumps all over the place, how unruly.”

“Grandma, what are you saying about me, I can hear everything~” The voice was heard before the figure was seen. The crisp and pleasant voice came from outside the hall, causing everyone to look outside.

Su Jinbei, of course, followed everyone’s line of sight. She saw a girl around twenty wearing a lotus pink coat come in from the outside. She had fair skin, intelligent eyes and a pretty face.

“She’s saying you’re not punctual. Do you know what time it is?” Zhou Yueqian pretended to be angry.

“Come on, Uncle, I was only late for a bit. Grandma won’t be mad at me, right, Grandma.”

Huo Wanjun glanced at her, “Oh, you, hurry and sit down.”

Shao Suying sat down happily. After sitting down, she suddenly found that there were two more people at the table. She was surprised, “Eh, Second Brother, you’re back.”

Zhou Shiyun nodded to her.

“Second Brother, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Shao Suying said while looking at Su Jinbei, slowly smiling, “Are you… Su Jinbei?”

Su Jinbei smiled politely, “Hello, I am Su Jinbei.”

Shao Suying stared at her suspiciously, “Why are you suddenly here?”

“Suying.” Zhou Zhengxian smiled, but his tone was serious, “Miss Su is a distinguished guest of our family.”

Zhou Yueqian said, “What distinguished guest, she should be considered family, Suying, this is your future sister-in-law.”

Shao Suying pouted and suddenly stopped talking.

“Okay, let’s eat quickly, Suying. You can say hello to Jinbei after.” Huo Wanjun said.

Shao Suying replied with an ‘oh’, her face lukewarm.

Everyone became quiet, there was only the sound of the chopsticks against each other. In the dining room, Su Jinbei gave Shao Suying a few more glances. This lady didn’t seem to welcome her very much.

After breakfast, Old Madame Huo left first, then Zhou Yueqian and his wife also left. In the end, there were only four juniors: Zhou Shiyun, Su Jinbei, Zhou Zhengxian and Shao Suying.

Old Madame Huo had two sons and one daughter. Her eldest son died early, leaving Zhou Zhengxian and Zhou Shiyun. Her second son, Zhou Yueqian, had one son and one daughter, while the third daughter married to a high-ranking politician in the Imperial Capital and only had Shao Suying.

From the way the elders talked to her, Su Jinbei could tell that Shao Suying was pampered in the Zhou family. “You keep looking at me, is there a problem?” At this moment, the pampered lady staring at her was not very friendly.

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