Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2 - Shao Suying (2)

Shao Suying snorted without answering her, but said to Zhou Shiyun, “Second Brother, Grandma said you brought her back, but I have never heard you mention her before. Second Brother, did the elders force you to get married? “

Su Jinbei saw Shao Suying place emphasis on the word “force” and raised her eyebrows in amusement. “Suying, what are you saying.” Zhou Zhengxian glanced at her, his tone heavy, “Jinbei and your Second Brother got together naturally, what do you mean by force.”

“It clearly is.” Shao Suying grunted and looked at Su Jinbei with dissatisfaction. “She’s in the entertainment circle, so many scandals came out about her, she clearly didn’t care about Second Brother.”

Oh, so she was fighting for justice. Su Jinbei put her left leg on her right leg casually, and said slowly, “Miss Shao, how can you believe those unrealistic rumors, those are just careless reports by journalists.

Shao Suying saw that she was not panicking at all, and she became angrier and angrier. “Who knows if they might not be careless reports, there’s still a possibility they might be true.”

Zhou Shiyun listened and frowned, and there was a trace of dissatisfaction in his eyes. He didn’t like Shao Suying’s words.

Just as he wanted to stop her, Su Jinbei beat him to it and said, “You said yourself it’s a possibility.” Her languid voice carried a tinge of sharpness. Zhou Shiyun looked at Su Jinbei and momentarily got distracted.

And his gaze… it was hard to describe, thoughtful and tender.

The next second, Zhou Shiyun heard Su Jinbei said, “Miss Shao is better off not making such unnecessary guesses, after all, there is only your Second Brother in my heart.”

When she said the last sentence, her eyes were very serious, so serious it shocked Zhou Shiyun.

“Hmph, such sweet words.” Shao Suying turned her head away, “But it’s a one-sided marriage anyhow, Second Brother doesn’t care about you that much, right, Second Brother?”

Although Su Jinbei was Zhou Shiyun’s fiancée, the two had never met, and for so many years, Zhou Shiyun held no curiosity towards Su Jinbei. Shao Suying determined that Zhou Shiyun didn’t feel anything towards his engagement.

And Zhou Shiyun was cold, but he had always treated her gently ever since she was young, so she reckoned Zhou Shiyun would side with her.

“No.” Just as Shao Suying became proud of herself, Zhou Shiyun suddenly opposed her, “Suying, did you become worse as you grow older? Don’t you understand how to be polite?”

Su Jinbei shot Zhou Shiyun a surprised look. He said no, to what? He didn’t not care about her?

Shao Suying jumped, “Second Brother!”

Zhou Zhengxian, “Your Second Brother is right, you, you are spoiled to the point you do whatever you want.”

“You! You are all siding with her!” Shao Suying glared at Su Jinbei and ran out of Yi Shi Tang angrily.

Zhou Zhengxian shook his head helplessly, “Jinbei, don’t lower yourself to her level, I scold her thoroughly next time.”

“Thank you, but I don’t mind.” Su Jinbei smiled. “It’s just an insensible child.” Hah, if not for the fact that the setting was inappropriate, this sister would have already scolded this adult baby to hell and back!

“Brother, I didn’t have time to ask you yesterday, how is your body.” Zhou Shiyun didn’t pay attention to Shao Suying but was focused on Zhou Zhengxian’s health.

“It’s the usual. I just lied for you to come home. It’s actually nothing.”

Zhou Shiyun obviously didn’t believe him, and he looked at the man who was always standing behind Zhou Zhengxian, “Zhou Yan, you tell me.”

The man named Zhou Yan said directly, “Young Master often coughs at night, and gets tired easily after standing for a long time. His body is not as good as before.”

“Zhou Yan.” Zhou Zhengxian stopped him.

“Young Master, Second Young Master is a doctor, you don’t need to hide from him.”

“You talk too much.”

Zhou Yan was scolded and bowed his head in silence.

Zhou Shiyun frowned, “I will ask uncle yang... Zhou Yan, and push him.” Uncle Yang was the Zhou family’s family doctor, and he had always been in charge of Zhou Zhengxian’s health.

Zhou Zhengxian, “No need to go through so much trouble…”

“Zhou Yan, come with me.”

Zhou Yan quickly said, “Yes, Second Young Master!”

Zhou Zhengxian, “…”

Zhou Shiyun took a step and looked back at Su Jinbei. Su Jinbei quickly waved his hand, “You go, I’m a little sleepy, I’m going back to my room to make up for sleep.”


Su Jinbei returned to her room. Although this presence of Shao Suying made her a little unhappy in the morning, it was rare for Zhou Shiyun to speak up for her and that made her feel better… Who would have thought that her usually cold and indifferent fiancé was quite useful during critical moments?

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