The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2 - Holiday Trip (6)

The two people looked at each other as if they were struck by lightning, and didn't know how to react for a long time.

"Um...can you give it back to me?" Zhao Fanzhou reacted first and swallowed his saliva after speaking. His face started to flush.

Zhou Xiao also started to react, and quickly threw the thing to him, rushed to the bathroom as if running away, slammed the door shut and locked it hard.

She leaned against the bathroom door, clutching her chest as if her heart was about to jump out of her throat. his...purse... unexpectedly... there is... there is a condom... ded, Her brain is like a paste, and she can't think anymore.

Zhao Fanzhou held the condom she threw to him in his hand. He was at a loss. Heaven and earth can vouch~~ That was just thrown to him jokingly by his roommate before he was about to go out. At that time, he didn't think so much and just put it in his wallet., And since the incident with her roommate, he has always felt that there are some things that boys should be held accountable for, and moreover ... no matter what he is also a man, and he is travelling with his girlfriend and even lives in the same room with his girlfriend. Isn't it human nature to prepare for emergencies? Why are these reasons so pale? What Should he do? Does she think he is a pervert? Would she think he had planned for a long time to do it to her? Will she ignore him? Looking at the tightly closed bathroom door, he had a headache. For the first time in his life, he felt inexplicable.

Zhou Xiao was sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She was really stuck in the middle, neither could she go out, nor could she not go out. I don’t know what do other people do when they find a boyfriend’s condom? But no one would rush to the bathroom and lock herself up, right? If she passes this level safely, she must write a book called "I Picked Up Boyfriend's Condom, What Should I Do?" A female compatriot who encountered this kind of thing lit a beacon... She really convinced herself, when has it been? What are you still thinking about?

Zhao Fanzhou walked around the room, stopped at the bathroom door for the thousandth time, and finally knocked on the bathroom door.

The sound of ”knock knock" sounded, which startled Zhou Xiao, who was thinking about it, and almost fell out of the bathtub.

"Why..." she asked carefully.

He still dares to ask what happened? She was obviously shocked by him! Otherwise?  Constipation?

"It's okay, I'm preparing to take a shower." Ah~~ She is must be crazy, her clothes are still outside, what shower?

"Your clothes were not brought in."

"..." She knows, no need for him to tell her!

"Will you come out?" Zhao Fanzhou said in a negotiating tone.

"No." Who knows if there will be no scum left when she go out.

"Do you want to stay in there all night?"

"..." That's right~~ It seems she can't stay in here all night.

"What are you trying to imply? I won’t do anything to you! Come out!" It's better to be fierce so that she will be fooled and be more obedient.

He still has face to be fierce to her? What even~~

She opened the door very aggrievedly, paced out slowly, and walked up to him, staring at her toes, without speaking, thinking: This man has such a shameless ability-he is clearly the wrong one. But he has a way to make the right person feel guilty.

Zhao Fanzhou saw her standing in front of him, looking like a little daughter-in-law. He stretched out her hand to hold her, but she shrunk her hand and did not reach it.

"Why are you doing this?" He didn't deliberately want to be fierce to her. Just following the tone just now, forgetting to turn his tone around.

Still so fierce to her? Are you addicted to being fierce? Zhou Xiao felt that there was a fire starting from the soles of her feet and rushing up. Are you still motivated after I show weakness to you?

"Otherwise? Should I go out and buy two more for you? Then lie down on the bed and wait for you, and tell you thank you, please use it slowly?" She has no temper and her head doesn't turn fast, but she thinks very clearly when she gets angry. The kind of person who speaks very calmly, whose speech content is particularly harsh, Xiaolu often said that if she was born in ancient times, she would definitely be an experienced female brothel keeper.

As soon as he heard her gloomy tone, Zhao Fanzhou knew it was bad, she was really angry.

"..." He also didn't know how to reply to her, so he could only change the subject, "You haven't bathed yet."

Zhou Xiao glared at him fiercely. Haven't taken a bath? Does she have to wash before she can lie on the bed and serve him? Of course, it's better to keep some words in her heart, as it won't sound good if she says it. She bypassed him and went to collect her clothes and take a bath. 

Zhao Fanzhou wanted to follow up and say something. She turned around and gave him a warning look. There was a strong feeling that this old lady was in a bad mood now, and she would kill him within ten meters. Zhao Fanzhou sat down on the edge of the bed obediently and watched her walk around to get her clothes again. It's just that he was watching in his spare time last night, and now he is watching in fear.

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