The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19.1 - Holiday Trip (7)

Zhou Xiao's temper came and went quickly. As soon as the water was flushed in the bathroom, most of the fire was extinguished. She calmed down and began to think about the condom. The book seemed to say that boys are animals with lower bodies. Does he really want it? What should she do? In fact, she believed him. If she didn't nod, he would definitely not dare to mess around. But is it inhumane for her to be like this? Will it cause him to go through a lot of turmoil? But she really didn't dare…….Why do you have to worry about this when you are dating? It's not easy to have a platonic relationship these days.

Zhao Fanzhou was frightened by the sound of the water. If he had known it, he wouldn't use anger to preemptively attack. It is like this now. This time he really doesn't know how to end it.

With a squeak, Zhou Xiao opened the door and walked out. Zhao Fanzhou, who was still half lying on the bed, quickly sat up. Zhou Xiao glanced at his nervousness, huh, he would be nervous, right? Don't expect me to give you a good expression. She chose the other bed with a blank expression and sat down and began to wipe her hair.

The atmosphere was weird and solemn, and only the "rustle" sound of the towel and hair could be heard...

Zhao Fanzhou dared not say anything, while Zhou Xiao didn't want to say anything. After she wiped her hair, she pulled the quilt and got ready to go to bed. Now she was too lazy to take care of his mood, so he better not mess with her.

He got out of bed and went to the door to turn off the light, and then approached her bed as softly as possible. Just as he was about to climb onto her bed, a cold voice came: "I dare you try to climb up!"

He paused, then reluctantly turned back to lie down on the bed just now.

He tossed around in bed, why couldn't he fall asleep, should he apologize to her? After all, he was the first to fierce her. "Sorry."

"..." She didn't respond. In fact, she is now more afraid of what he will do if he really wants to do something to her.

"I didn't mean to fierce you just now."

"Ok" he bowed his head to her first, so she had to give him face.

Then there was another ten minutes of silence.

"Then can I go to sleep with you?" He swears, he absolutely didn't mean anything, but... it's very comfortable to sleep with her, and... there are really not many opportunities for this.

"..." She heard footsteps and the quilt was lifted, and then she felt the other side of the bed sink. She wants to move aside, but she still understands the basic strategy of "I won't move."

Zhao Fanzhou rolled over, and Zhou Xiao was so scared that she almost jump from the bed. If the enemy moved, I would jump quickly.

He rolled his eyes in the dark, and deliberately moved to her side again.

"You enough!" She really jumped up from the bed and looked at him condescendingly with her arms akimbo. She couldn't see his expression in the dark, but could only see his eyes, shining brightly in the dark, as if sparkling stars, damn! Such clean, clear and shining eyes made her feel that she was really thinking too much and too evil.

Suddenly she jumped out of bed and ran to the door to turn on the light. The sudden light made them both couldn't help but narrow their eyes.

"Why are you turning on the lights?" Zhao Fanzhou block his eyes with his hands

"..." Well, she also forgot why she had to turn on the light, as if it was...because his eyes in the darkness seemed to make her...restless.

She stood stupidly at the door switch, not knowing what to do next. Zhao Fanzhou took a look at her stupidity, sighed, forget it, if this goes on, no one will sleep tonight. He lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. He also walked to the switch, glanced at her, turned off the light, and then went straight to the other bed and lay on the quilt.

She stood in the dark for a few minutes: did he sleep in another bed? He didn't want to do anything, she just treated him as a pervert, no right! Doesn't he just want to do what he wants with a condom in his wallet? But... they are boyfriend and girlfriend, even if it is what he wants, there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Is she too much? Is he really angry?

"Are you angry?" Zhou Xiao couldn't help asking.

He rolled over in the dark and turned his back to her, "No, go to sleep." How is that not angry? It is so obvious!

She wanted to walk back to the bed, but in the dark she seemed to have tripped over her sneakers. She yelled “Oops”, and finally stabilized her body, which was almost in close contact with the floor. With a ”pa" sound, the light turned on again, and Zhao Fanzhou had already sat up and stretched out his hand to turn on the light.

Yes, obviously there is a switch at the head of the bed. What kind of idiot were the two of them playing just now? Isn't it fun to climb up and down?

"Are you ok?" He made a gesture to get out of bed to see her, she shook her head quickly, and was mentally ready to be nagged by him, yes, yes, she does things so carelessly and haphazardly …. She waited for a while and found that he had no intention to nag at her. She looked at him strangely, did he change sex?

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