Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 15.3

Chapter 15.3 - Wu Tong (3)

In the room, Zhou Shiyun heard Su Jinbei's furious voice coming from outside the door. He hooked his lips and locked the door. No one witness the abnormal blush behind his ears.

    Su Jinbei has always had the habit of waking up late, coupled with the fact that she went to bed late last night, so the next day she slept in bed like a dead person. However, someone knocked on her room door at 7:30 in the morning.

    Su Jinbei turned around irritably, shouting, "Don't be noisy, be quiet!"

    The middle-aged woman outside paused and looked back at Zhou Shiyun standing behind her.

    Then, she still knocked on the door loudly, "Miss Su, you should get up."

    "Lin Auntie, I’m not eating breakfast, stop calling me..." It came from the room, Zhou Shiyun's eyes flashed with a smile, and reached out his hand to stop the middle-aged woman, "Forget it, let her sleep." If he remembered correctly, the Lin Auntie from Su Jinbei’s mouth should to the Su family’s maid, She must have turned dumb in her sleep.

    The middle-aged woman was embarrassed, "Second Young Master, it is the custom to go to Yi Hall for breakfast at 7:30. If Miss Su does not go, the old madam will be unhappy."

    Zhou Shiyun thought, "Then you go down first, I will call her. "


    "We will be there on time." The middle-aged woman had to bend down slightly, "Yes, Young Master."

    Eating breakfast together is the norm in the Zhou family. As long as there are juniors at home, there is no urgent matter,  everyone must go to Yi Hall on time, not just for breakfast, but more importantly, to pay respect to the old madam.

    After the middle-aged woman left, Zhou Shiyun stood outside the door, and then took out his phone to call Su Jinbei. The phone rang for a long time, and Zhou Shiyun vaguely heard the ringing of the cell phone inside the door. He seemed to be able to imagine a certain someone's frustration.

    "Hello, who is it!" Su Jinbei finally answered the phone, but her voice sounded very dissatisfied.

    Zhou Shiyun, "Get up."


    "Grandma is waiting for you to have breakfast so get up quickly." After Zhou Shiyun said this, the phone went silent, and after a while, he heard a voice coming from the room. The sound of ping-pong-pong...

    Ten minutes later, the door of the room opened.

    Su Jinbei finished washing, changed into a cheongsam, and stood in front of him reluctantly, "I say, why did you all get up so early?"

    "It's not early, it's almost half-past seven."

    Su Jinbei glared when she had work. She occasionally needs to get up early, but when she is not working, her beauty sleep lasts until 10 or 11. How is 7.30 not early?!

    "Come out." Zhou Shiyun said quietly.

    Su Jinbei couldn't help it. She yawned and said lazily, "Zhou Shiyun, I haven't put on makeup yet."

    "It's too late, no need."

    "How can I, it’s not pretty like this." 

"It’s perfect." Zhou Shiyun didn't want to wait for her to linger, stretched out his hand to clasp her wrist, and directly dragged her out from behind the room door.

    Su Jinbei was shocked first, and then smiled, "Hey, you took my hand."

    Zhou Shiyun paused, watching Su Jinbei's playfulness and let go resolutely.