First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (2)

   Xiong Yifan was taken aback, immediately covered her mouth and gasped in surprise, "was I too obvious?"

   Ding Ming smiled and blossomed, and her big smile was as bright as the sun, "because I can easily read your mind."

   Hearing Ding Ming's answer, Xiong Yifan was slightly uneasy and raised her hand to cover her face. Her cheek was burning.

   "Will you make a move?" Ding Ming asked.

   "Of course." The voice came from between her fingers, monotonous, but firm.

   "I'll help you get his phone number?"

   "Wait, I'm not ready yet!" She turned, "I will do it myself."

   Ding Ming continued to giggle and started teased Xiong Yifan.

   Loving and having a crush on a person needs bravery. One without a crush can soar and fly in the vast blue sky like a bird. However, Xiong Yifan became a bird who fell in love with the blue ocean, she could plunge into the sea, tear her wings and wet her feathers for him, and longed to be embraced by the dangerous waves.

   The two got off the bus, quickly walked into the school, and encountered Tang Tang carrying a bag of something waiting at the school gate.

   Tang Tang saw the two of them, waved and smiled. Her smile was like the dew in the morning, pure and flawless, smooth, and tranquil, attracting many students to look at her. She is always under the spotlight, in the center of everyone’s eyes. 

   "Hey, our class chairperson is waiting for someone?" Ding Ming asked Tang Tang in a strange tone, probably because of the chairperson election incident.

   Tang Tang wasn’t bothered about Ding Ming’s unpleasant tone, she just smiled and nodded, then walked past them and called, "Xiao Bai."

  Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan looked back together and saw Tang Tang greeting the teenage boy and handed him the bag she was holding on. The teenager took it over, said something inaudible, and they entered the school side by side.

  Xiong Yifan could not hear clearly what they were talking about but felt extreme jealousy throbbing from within. Yes, jealousy. The feeling was more intense than that when she lost her chairperson position to Tang Tang. Intertwined with jealousy was sadness. The mixed emotions invaded her limbs and bones aggressively, giving her chills that were hard to conceal.

  She looked at the pair walking in front of them and raised her hand to feel the hair on her. How ironic. Without a beautiful appearance, people lose interest in you and would never look at your inner beauty. No matter how beautiful and charming your personality is, it is pointless without good looks.

  Ugly duckling’s probability of becoming a white swan is too low.

   The most pitiful thing is that the ugly duckling might be delusional.

   Walking into the class, Xiong Yifan suddenly became the focus, a group of girls swarmed to her, praising how "handsome" and "cool" her new hairstyle was. Yet, none of the praises were related to her becoming more beautiful.

        Qi Xiaosong jumped like a monkey in front of Xiong Yifan and looked at her for a long time before reaching out to touch her hair, "You finally did a makeover? You are more handsome than me now. You’ve snatched my position to become the most handsome person in our class."

   The others in the class immediately talked back, "who says you are the most handsome guy! Shameless!"

   "Apart from being taller and having fairer skin, how did that make you handsome?"

   "That is, if you are the only guy left in the class, maybe would be the most handsome guy in the class."

  Qi Xiaosong is actually quite good looking. He can be regarded as one of the good-looking boys in the school cohort. But because he is cheerful and rarely gets angry, his classmates like to make fun of him and tease him.

  Hearing her classmate’s comment, he blushed and gestured defeat, "Well, I admit, Xiong Ge has always been the most handsome person in our class."

  Xiong Yifan was not in a mood today to make fun of Qi Xiaosong, she hadn’t recovered from her overwhelmed sadness.

  Qi Xiaosong noticed Xiao Yifan’s abnormality and asked, "What's wrong with you? Is it the time of your month?"

   "No, I’m not on my period." Xiong Yifan impatiently replied and started to prepare for the next class.

  Everyone in the class noticed Xiong Yifan’s bad mood and the crowd dispersed.

   Ding Ming knows Xiong Yifan best. She gestured to Xiong Yifan, and went to Tang Tang to inquire about the teenage boy. It took her less than ten minutes for her to get the information she needed, and she passed a note to Xiong Yifan. 

   The teenage boy is called Yan Ke, a prince-like name, but he also has a nickname called popular. The reason for that nickname is simple, that is, he will not get tan even if he is exposed to the sun. He and Tang Tang attended the children's literary class together when they were young and learned piano and swimming together. Because they always go to class together, the parents of the two also know each other. According to Tang Tang, Yan Ke’s mother was very beautiful and very kind. However, afterward, Tang Tang gave up learning piano because she couldn't keep up with the progress of the piano lessons. Instead, she learned dancing instead. Because of the conflict in the lessons, she stopped her swimming lessons as well. But in Tang Tang's words, according to her current swimming skills, even if she falls into the water, she would be able to save herself. It would definitely save her boyfriend the trouble when asked about who her boyfriend would save if his mother and girlfriend have both fallen in the water at the same time in the future.

  Yan Ke had been studying piano and had won many awards.