My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 9.1

Chapter 9 - Showing the true colors (1)

"Shi Xiong (male senior)!" Cong Rong called Tan Size to stop him, "I plan to turn to non-litigation after two years. Since you took over some cases for the IPO companies, take me with you."

"Why? The female lawyer who does criminal defense is awesome. Every time you go to court, even the presiding judge looks up to you."

Cong Rong glanced at him, "I bet you want me to continue as a criminal lawyer to be your money-making machine. Actually, there are many non-litigation cases in the criminal business, such as the corporate criminal law risk prevention project you took up last year, that earned you a lot of money."

Tan Size plunged into her trap, "You are also one of the business partners, okay? I earn money for the company means you also get the money!"

Cong Rong slowly closed her trap, "you still remember I am your business partner?"

Tan Size was speechless. "You are the gold signboard we are defending. We cannot afford you not taking criminal cases."

"Come on, you took a lot of criminal cases in the past too."

"No, Cong Shi Mei (Shi Mei: female junior), my heart is very fragile. You can't let me touch too many shady things. It will make me want to become a monk!"

"You can."

"But I like women."

Cong Rong is too lazy to continue.

"Do you really want to turn to take non-litigation cases?" Tan Size shook his head and sighed out after getting an absolute answer from Cong Rong. "Alas, one less female lawyer doing litigation..."

Cong Rong’s office door closed as Tan Size walked out. Cong Rong glanced at the document at the corner of the table again. She has not handled medical disputes since she joined the industry. Everyone in the industry knows. In fact, medical disputes are the easiest cases to settle and win. In the face of the existing laws and social reality, this made the medical personnel a vulnerable group. 

Whether it is a medical accident or not, most patients will win the case, and the hospital will lose money. She can't stop others from taking these kinds of cases, but at least she can keep herself from handling them, because... Wen Shaoqing is a doctor. He is also a person who lives under such a circumstance. If something really happens to him... From the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want to see any medical disputes happening.

Cong Rong worked overtime in the office until the peak hours had passed and drove home. When she parked her car in the parking lot, he found that Wen Shaoqing's car which was parked diagonally opposite her. She sat in her car and stared at his, and suddenly felt she had no way to run.

Cong Rong decided to visit the supermarket, and encountered Wen Shaoqing which was no longer a surprise.

He was looking down at the manufacturing date of the yogurt in his hand, and there were a few bags of vegetables and fruits in his shopping cart.

Cong Rong has seen a lot of talented young men before. Most of them are powerful figures at work. She has seen very few homely ones like him.

He probably just got off work too, and his clothes weren't those home wear.

Cong Rong stood there, hesitating whether to walk away or say hello to him but Wen Shaoqing looked up.

She had no choice but to walk ever. "Hi..."

Cong Rong raised her hand and waved, then she wondered how she should address Wen Shaoqing.

Professor Wen? But it makes him sound so old.

Follow Zhong Zhen’s way of calling him boss? But it's a bit strange too.

Called Wen Shaoqing directly? It seems not so polite.

After a few seconds, she decisively called him: "Dr. Wen."

For this title, Wen Shaoqing's eyes flashed with amazement, and was soon replaced with a smile, and learned the title she gave him and replied, "what a coincidence, lawyer Cong."

Cong Rong was a little ashamed when she heard how he called her, he must have imitated her intentionally! Lawyer Cong... It was true that she is a lawyer!

Cong Rong turned her head to choose some yogurt. It seemed like there was only one bottle left from the brand she likes, and it was in Wen Shaoqing’s hands.

In addition to being a control freak in minor details, Cong Rong had a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She would not drink other brands of yogurt other than that brand. 

She picked up a random bottle of yogurt and handed it over to Wen Shaoqing and tried to suggest to him, "this brand is also delicious."

Wen Shaoqing looked at it, took the bottle of yogurt from her hand, and put it in his shopping cart along with the one he was originally holding.

Cong Rong stopped him, "you shouldn’t buy too much of it or it would not be fresh to refrigerate it for too long. So just take one bottle."

Wen Shaoqing handed back the bottle she suggested, and Cong Rong shook her head.

Wen Shaoqing felt her reluctance, "What's wrong?"