Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3 - 苏叶 Perilla (3)

    Fortunately, not all the windows have been closed. She looked around, but she didn’t dare to make a noise. She squeezed the bill in her hand, not sure of what to do. Suddenly, the doctor she met this morning came out of the pharmacy, he saw her and laughed, "I was just waiting for you, was about to end work at five-thirty."

    Shen Xifan really wanted to confess her guilt by banging her head on the medicine cabinet, but he didn’t have any dissatisfaction shown on his handsome face, so she was slightly relieved. The doctor pushed her a pack of the medicine and told her, “twice a day, three days later come to take the remaining medicine."

    He spoke, his dimples looming, and they looked----so small!

    She immediately understood something, if he did not act cool and cold, who would be willing to seek treatment from such a delicate looking doctor?

    Shen Xifan was late as expected, carrying a large package of Chinese medicine, without any makeup. After seeing her, her mother hit her on the head, and she angrily jumped, "Hey I am a patient!" 

When she arrived at the restaurant that day, Shen Xifan still thought that her mother had finally been enlightened, no longer praising home cooking and asked her to eat French food. Who knows a while later, she saw a smiling auntie!

    "How come there are others? Where’s dad?" she asked while washing her hands.

    "Your dad has something to do in school, so I made a last-minute appointment, an old friend, her home is nearby. By the way, her son will come later." Mother Shen smiled harmlessly.

    What else can she do?

    At the moment, a young man was sitting next to the aunt, sneezing loudly and clearing his throat. She frowned, she absolutely detest people who like to attract attention, not to mention that he looked nothing like a prince and his face looked like the white horse beside the prince.

    "Waited a long time?" she asked politely.

    He looked up, his expression changed, looked a little stunningly, she was secretly happy, Shen Xifan is a flower even without makeup!

    "Yes, I'm going to a dinner party soon after this. You, going for blind dates at such a young age?" He said looking pensive, but she caught a faint disdain and arrogance in his eyes.

    Shen Xifan didn't want to care about him at all. What’s great about a highly eligible bachelor, the hotel has a great deal of such people. She sulkily picked up a knife and fork to concentrate on eating her foie gras and cheesecake.

    "White Horse" was a little surprised. Shen Xifan's elegant and graceful manner immediately made him have a favourable impression. He started to talk eloquently, from the mother-child relationship to the Iranian nuclear issue, and ended with "What do you like".

    "Work!" She pretended to play it down. "No choice, to be a hotel manager, one’s heart and mind must be on the guests!" 

He was not only not embarrassed, but he also continued the topic, "Well, work is good, I also like work..."

    Shen Xifan quickly pretended to look at her watch, "Oh, I have to be on duty tonight, you guys continue eating!"

After talking, she turns and left abruptly

    Shen mother was very angry, she really fell in love with this "white horse", just wanted to stop Shen Xifan, but the "white horse" jumped up and caught up with her.

    "Miss Shen!" 

“White Horse" hissed, "Please date me!"

    Shen Xifan's face turned white and shook her hand, "I'm sorry, I don't plan to date yet!"

    "White Horse" said to himself, " Miss Shen is pretty, is good at work, and you are very motivated. Yeah, I appreciate this point alot, women should be financially independent, cute and helpless-looking girls who rely on others are the type I resent the most ...... "

   So he already had a plan in mind, she wanted to vomit blood, but still continue pretending to be pitiful, "Thank you, but I am sick!"

    "White Horse" was surprised, "What illness does Miss Shen have, is it serious?"

    "Gynecological disease!" She raised the bag of Chinese medicine, " You know it's inevitable when working in a hotel......"

    Before she could finish her words, ”White Horse" had already run away, Shen Xifan took two steps, stomped into the bathroom, saw no one around, and laughed irresistibly against the wall...
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