First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (1)

        On Saturday, Xiong Yifan was accompanied by Xiong Yifan for a makeover for the entire day. It was already around nine o'clock in the evening when they returned home.

   Xiong Yifan sat cross-legged by the dining table as she counted her remaining pocket money. She concluded: no more breakfast for the rest of this months and no meat for lunch.

   She was alone at home and her house was lonely and cold. She looked around the with a hand on her chin, and then her sight landed on the photos of her and her father. She stared at it for some time and stretched lazily and began to do house cleaning. When passing by the full body mirror at the corner, she stopped abruptly and started to stare at the girl in the mirror.

  The girl has neatly trimmed hair, slanted bangs, shoulder-length hair and it looked more voluminous than before. It complimented her slim face, looking sleek and at the same time added some carefree and cool aura to her. She felt that her new hairstyle was so-so. However, Ding Ming loved it more than her, and just now at the hair salon, she rushed to her and kissed her for a few times, holding her face in excitement when she saw it.

  For this reason, she then started to agree that her hairstyle was indeed better than before.

  After finish cleaning the house, she returned to her room and put on a facial mask. She was not used to skincare and such a simple task seemed like a challenge to her.

  She worked on her homework but started feeling slightly unrested. She looked at the small mirror on the table from time to time, tugging it up and down to find out if the whitening mask is working on her face.

Time ticked by and she barely moved her pen. She took out her phone, searched for the name "Xuan" on her contact list, and texted: "How do I make myself as fair as you? Do you have any whitening product to recommend?"

  The message was sent successfully.

   There were hundreds of text messages lying quietly in the message box, all of which were unilaterally sent by her with no reply. Xiong Yifan bit her lip knowing that she would never receive a reply. She put away her phone.

   She heard the sound of the door opening, her dad is home. In the past, she would always go out to greet him, but today she didn’t. She was embarrassed to let her dad see her using a face mask.

   "Xiao Xiong, have you eaten dinner?" Mr. Xiong asked while changing his shoes, wondering why Xiong Yifan never came out and greet him.

   "I ate dinner with Ding Ming. I am busy with homework today, so I am staying in my room."

   "Okay, do your homework then. If you are busy with school work next time, then don’t bother the housework, I'll do the house cleaning."

  Xiong Yifan didn't reply. She sat at the desk and turned her pen as she immersed in her thoughts.

   Her father, Mr Xiong, works hard to make a living every single day, yet she is bothered with that boy... is it...

  With the sound made by the pen falling down between the pages of the book, it pulled her out of her thoughts. She bit her lower lips again and force herself to concentrate on her work.

  On Monday morning, when Xiong Yifan saw the boy at the bus station again, she could feel her muscles becoming tight. She raised her hand unnaturally and styled her hair. She deliberately stood under the bus signpost. She has clearly totally forgotten about her previous encounter with him at the bus stop previously. In fact, she did not notice the appearance of the boy when pulling him up the bus.

  Why was she so nervous when he did not even notice her?

        Ding Ming was late, she came to her, raised her hands and helped Xiong Yifan tidy up her hair, then poked her face with a finger, your skin feels tighter, and the pores are smaller. You look fairer than before too. The mask worked well on tan girls. Next time you should get some sleeping mask too, those that can be applied on your neck as well so that your face and neck will have the same complexion."

   Xiong Yifan nodded lightly, but her eyes glimpsed at the teenage boy.

   Ding Ming followed her sight and noticed Xiong Yifan blushing. She understood her feelings immediately. Ding Ming was surprised at first but her lips turned to a grin and she laughed gleefully. The Xiong Yifan who has never fallen enough was finally attracted to someone. No wonder she suddenly wanted to improve her appearance. That boy did look handsome and should be the type of boy that Xiong Yifan likes.

   Some girls liked muscular men because they themselves are too weak. Some girls like cute boys because they themself can be domineering and those boys can complement each other.

   Xiong Yifan took out a box of pastries from the bag and handed them to Ding Ming: "My dad brought them back yesterday. They were leftovers from the pastry store."

        "Ooooo, it's good to have a pastry store at home. Why do you not get fat despite the amount of sugar you eat? Even the smell in your pastry store makes me feel like I’m gaining weight!" Ding Ming, though complaining, started to gulp the pastries down, "Why aren’t there leftover egg tarts?"

   "our egg tarts are always short in supply. It’s my dad’s special recipe and is his bestseller!!"

        The two tweeted as they entered the bus, and Xiong Yifan turned casually and saw the teenage boy getting on the same bus as her. His face was blocked by the crowd and she could not see his face. But his white and slender fingers holding on the bus pole and his fair wrists made Xiong Yifan blush. Though she had never touched that hand before (she thought she didn’t), she could still imagine how tender it would feel on hers. 

   Ding Ming poked Xiong Yifan on her belly with a finger, "Do you fancy that kid?"