Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15.2 - Wu Tong (2)

    "Wu Tong probably ran out secretly. what a coincidence. It seems we are fated."

    Zhou Shiyun looked at Su Jinbei's who smirked with her eyes lowered, and suddenly became distracted. Wutong nestled in her arms obediently, just like how she nestled in mother's arms. The fact that Wu Tong even allowed her to hug it... Su Jinbei really is a special person.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" When Su Jinbei looked up, she met Zhou Shiyun's gaze, and she paused slightly. At this moment, Zhou Shiyun's gaze was not as cold and silent as usual, but rather there seemed to be an unspoken gentleness.

   Was she hallucinating because it is too late at night?

    Zhou Shiyun did not answer. He turned his eyes away, reached out and touched Wutong's back, and said, "Wutong dislike stranger, other than Aunt Zhai and my mother, it will not let anyone else hug it."

    "But it's so obedient in my arms." 

Zhou Shiyun exclaimed. "That’s why I was surprised."

    "Oh, don't be surprised. This just shows how friendly and approachable I am." Su Jinbei looked at Zhou Shiyun proudly. "Even your cat is in love with me. Zhou Shiyun, you are not far from it too"

    Zhou Shiyun, "..."

    "Second Young Master!" A woman in a cheongsam hurriedly ran up at the corner of the corridor. She looks well maintained, at about forty years old. She walked up and saw Su Jinbei holding Wu Tong in surprise, "This..."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded at her, "Aunt Zhai."

    "Greetings, second young master." Aunt Zhai quickly bent over respectfully, and then said, "Wu Tong suddenly ran out and I came out to look for it. I didn't expect to see it here. Second Young Master, Wu Tong probably came here only knowing you were back, but..."

    Aunt Zhai said, "Are you, Miss Su?"

    Su Jinbei nodded.

    "It's a miracle, Wu Tong is willing to be hugged by you." Aunt Zhai smiled.

    Su Jinbei, "Really..." How arrogant this big fat cat is, that willing to be hugged by someone is a miracle!

    "It's so late, I won't disturb the young master and the young lady’s rest. I will take Wutong home first."

    "Okay, sorry to trouble Aunt Zhai."

    "No trouble, no trouble." Aunt Zhai took Wu Tong from Su Jinbei's hand and left

    Su Jinbei looked at the scene of Wu Tong leaving reluctantly, "What has your Wu Tong been eating, it is so fat."

    Zhou Shiyun’s eye held some laughter as he replied, "It doesn't like to move but loves to eat, It is reasonable it will be fat."

    "It's not good for its health, don't you care?"

    Zhou Shiyun, "Wu Tong is my mother's favourite when she was still alive. It does whatever it wants, it is spoiled. When I am not at home, no one really cares."

    Su Jinbei turned back to meet with his slightly smiling eyes, she paused, raised her hand to her chin and smirked, "Zhou Shiyun, you look really good when you smile, Oh no, I like you more now. I’m gone."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her. She was narrowing her peachy eyes and looked like a full-fledged "playboy".

    "It's late at night, go back to the room and rest." Zhou Shiyun said and turned to go back to the room. Unexpectedly, Su Jinbei was quick and swift and put one hand on the wall to block his way.

    Zhou Shiyun had to stop, "What's wrong?"

    Su Jinbei shrugged her shoulders, giving off a charm mixed with mischief, "Fiance, I can't sleep alone, how about I go to your room so we can sleep together?"

    Zhou Shiyun paused. "You can fall asleep with someone beside you?" "

    Su Jinbei, "Maybe."

    "Yeah." Zhou Shiyun took her hand away, "but I can't." After saying, he calmly walked back to the room and closed the door tightly.

    Su Jinbei said, "... Hmph, you really thought I am such a casual person! Dream on!"