Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15.1 - Wu Tong (1)

 It was late at night after leaving "Fish Viewing Platform".

    "Second Young Master, Miss Su, the rooms are ready, please go there together to rest." The butler said.
    Su Jinbei was surprised, "Together? I’ll be using the same room as him?" 

The manager stuttered, "No, I arranged for Miss Su to be in the room next to the second young master."

    "Then don't call it together," Su Jinbei said seriously, "Don't mislead me." The manager felt sweaty, "...Yes."

    Zhou Shiyun's eyes fell lightly on Su Jinbei's face, "Obviously you’re thinking too much."

    "I think too much?" Su Jinbei looked at him from the corner of her eyes, " I just thought that since grandma is so anxious to have a great-grandson, so it is possible she will arrange for us to stay in the same room. "

    Zhou Shiyun," Grandma knows very well, arranging us to be in the same room has no use. "

    Su Jinbei was surprised for a moment," What do you mean!? "

    Zhou Shiyun walked forward and stopped talking.

    Su Jinbei watched his back, and turned sharply to the unlucky butler, "What does he mean? He meant that he is not interested in me at all?" 

The butler, "...Second young master, the second young master should not mean that."

    Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes, "I think he does!"

Butler: I really don't know anything…

When she arrived at the room specially prepared for her, the maid brought pyjamas and a set of daily wear: cheongsam. Do people here prefer this type of clothing?

    Su Jinbei went into the bathroom to take a shower and put on her pyjamas. The pyjamas were made of excellent materials and felt silky on her body. Su Jinbei was very satisfied and lay in bed ready to sleep.

    Maybe because she was not used to the change to an unfamiliar environment, she tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Finally, she stared at the ceiling. Today is really a bit inexplicable. She went to the Imperial Capital with Zhou Shiyun without saying a word. She was always opposed to coming here before, Su Jinbei shook her head, it is indeed true that beauty can make one blind…..

    In the end, unable to sleep, Su Jinbei got up and went out of the room. Zhou Shiyun's room is right next to her, but it's so late now, he probably has already fallen asleep.

    "Meow." There was a slight sound. Su Jinbei was confused and followed the sound.

    Su Jinbei did not expect to see a light coffee brown cat in the corner, it has very long hair, he looked particularly soft, coupled with its fat body, it looks very dumb and cute at the same time ......

At this time, the cat was looking at her lazily.

    Su Jinbei squatted down and tentatively reached out and touched its back. It did not hide but opened its mouth comfortably like it is yawning.

    Because she was always flying east and west, Su Jinbei has never had a pet, but she still loves cats and dogs in her heart. Seeing such a cute cat in the middle of the night, her love was suddenly reignited.

    Su Jinbei cautiously hugged it in her arms. After adjusting her position, she couldn't help frowning. "You're heavy." 

"Meow~" It raised its eyes and seemed dissatisfied.

    Su Jinbei chuckled, "Who raised you and where did you come from?"


    "What's your name? Tsk, what kind of expression is that?" Su Jinbei touched its head, teasing it.

    At this moment, a low and cold voice suddenly came from behind "Su Jinbei?". Su Jinbei turned around and looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise, "Why are you still awake?"

    "You..." Zhou Shiyun was even more surprised than her, "Are you hugging it?"

    Su Jinbei looked at the cat in her arms, "Oh, this cat, I just couldn't sleep and saw it. You know this cat, who does it belong to?"

    "My mother raised it before she passed away."

    Su Jinbei Suddenly, "Before she passed away?"

    Zhou Shiyun nodded. "Mother left five years ago, but Wu Tong has been taken care of by my mother’s previous attendants. How did it get here today?"

    Su Jinbei, "Wu Tong? You said it is called Wu Tong?"


    It is big, lazy eyes are black, Wu Tong is indeed a perfectly suitable name for it.