Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1 - Ruo River is Three Thousand Metres Long, You can Splash all you want (1)

Illa: The original is 弱水三千,只取一瓢饮, which means there are so many potential lovers to choose from, but you only pick one from among those potential lovers. But here it is 弱水三千,任你泼 which means there are so many potential lovers to choose from, but you can have your pick

Most of the double-degree courses are arranged on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Luo Zhi woke up late as she watched American drama on Friday till late night. She ran all the way to the teaching building, panting all the way, and the schoolbag was twisting behind her butt, making her feel like an old horse that could not run without a whip.

    Luo Zhi slipped in through the back door and closed the door carefully, for fear of making noise.

    Fortunately, it is a large classroom with a flight of steps. Although teachers nowadays have long got used to seeing students arriving late and leaving early, even when there is a roll call , they will still leave a time gap, so that students have enough time to send text messages to quickly call their friend to come, but she still feels embarrassed.

    Luo Zhi quietly pressed down the folding chair and sat in the last row. As soon as she looked up, she saw Sheng Huainan who was sitting directly in front of her.

    Before she could think of anything else, she smelled the smell of the Bilang washing powder slowly drifting. Luo Zhi laughed involuntarily.

    When she was in high school, she passed by Sheng Huainan and smelled it. She later stood in front of Carrefour's washing powder shelves, picked up every fragrance of every brand, and sneaked it up under her nose to smell it, just like a newly-made adult form crazy police dog.

    Later, she only used this smell of washing powder to wash clothes. But humans can never smell the scent on their own clothes. Those scents can only have one place of origin, and can only be polluted by chance encounters. It is meaningless for her to deliberately soak herself in it.

    For example at this moment.

    Luo Zhi stared at the back of his slightly drooping head. Turns out the story is not over yet. A simple joy rose from her heart.

    No one doesn’t want God to stand on their side, so does she. Since high school, she has given all coincidences a special meaning.

    This time, the big persimmon that fell from the sky, like the gong in 《Symphony No. 5》, heralds the beginning of everything.

    Now she met him again, and in this class, she will meet him again many more times.

    This introductory law course suddenly became extremely meaningful.

    The boy next to Sheng Huainan seemed to be the one who fled at the cafe door that day. The clean, three-dimensional side profile, dark skin, warm smile.

    "Why is this course material so freaking thick? I didn't think it was right so I went to the teaching material center yesterday----the final exam is actually a closed book exam. I can vomit blood!" The boy complained, but his voice is not very clear in the noisy classroom.

    Sheng Huainan did not speak.

    The boy complained a few more times, and then suddenly stretched his hand to strangle Sheng Huainan's neck and said, "Can you freaking stop playing! What is it this time?"

    Sheng Huainan's voice was very nice, that tone became more rugged than when talking to girls.

    "《Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney》, I only managed to play the first three series in high school. Let me have some feeling of nostalgia."

    "Nostalgic fart, you were totally not listening to me!" The boy still shaking his neck, his elbows moved back and knocked over Luo Zhi's drinking glass behind —--- fortunately, there were no books on the table, just a few sheets of calculation paper, which had just been taken out of the schoolbag. However, she herself was more miserable in comparison. The hot coffee that was prepared just before class, splashed all over her clothes

    The clothes don't matter, the point is, it's very hot.

    She gasped, and the girl sitting next to her shouted, attracting most of the attention of the people around her.

    The boy was obviously terrified and stunned. He couldn't even say "sorry", just stared at Luo Zhi with his mouth open. She hurriedly dug into her schoolbag, and suddenly a hand stretched out from the front row, handing a stack of paper towels.

    Looking up, it was Sheng Huainan. He was sighing and said, "I'm sorry."

    Luo Zhi smiled forgivingly, took the paper towel and thanked him, and then wiped her clothes while using paper to absorb the "fossil" on the table.

    She was more or less done cleaning up, and she looked at her light blue shirt with stains scattered like a world map and felt both funny and embarrassed. Luo Zhi raised her head and looked at the "fossil" boy. She raised a finger and shook it in front of his eyes, saying, "Wake up, don't be afraid, I won't cry and make you pay."

    The boy finally regained his consciousness and hurriedly said, "I’m….. I'm sorry." 

Probably because he was still in the psychological state she left him last time, and this time he was afraid until he stuttered.

    She was a little helpless, so she waved her hand and said, "I’m okay, really."

    Sheng Huainan frowned, his expression complex, and he said slowly, "Doesn't it hurt? The water is so hot.

    " Ah, kind of." She still smiled, "It's fine, I have thick skin, focus on the lesson." 

When sitting back, Luo Zhi gently rubbed her lower abdomen and thighs, it was really a bit painful, but before she could react, the neighbor had already screamed for her.

  It is good this way, at least she doesn't have to trouble over how to say hello to him.

    The old man on the podium is still talking about the course structure of the introduction to law and the necessity of learning, but every single sentence went in from her left ear and out from her right ear, meaningless.

    She stared dreamily at the projection screen above the blackboard, a smile slowly floating on her lips, sly and gentle, and her face turned honey.

    From the corner of her eyes she felt the sight of others. It turned out that Sheng Huainan, with one hand on his cheek, was knitting his brows while leaning on the table and looking back at her.

    Luo Zhi was a little embarrassed and tilted her head. She wanted to open her mouth to ask him what was wrong, but when he saw her, he smiled a little embarrassedly, and turned away quickly.

    Zhang Mingrui saw Sheng Huainan's fascination and turned back to look too.

    "Hey, Earth to Huainan!" he said to Sheng Huainan.

    Sheng Huainan glanced at him lazily, looking down at the contents of the textbook.

    "Do you like her? I think it's pretty good. Have both looks and substance, amiable and approachable, and the quality-price ratio is definitely very good." 

"Go away. You've seen too many ads in the past two days, do you think you are helping the boss save the computer right now?" Sheng Huainan said while putting on a fake smile.

   “Stop acting in front of your buddy. If not, what were you staring at?"

    Sheng Huainan was stunned and did not speak.

    Luo Zhi quickly learned the reason why Sheng Huainan stopped talking.

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