Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 6


Chapter 6 - I’m sorry to the one who loved me

                  "Put away your sinister grin. You are smiling like a Bauhinia. Who would even believe that you were beaten into the cold palace and forced to take a vacation."
     "I'm so happy"
    "Follow me to go to Beijing since you are on a vacation"
     "I have to go there to solve some problems.  Since your home is in Beijing, you should go back to visit your grandparents."
       "Is there a problem?"
     "No, you successfully made me unhappy now"
     "Why? I’ve made you over-excited?"
    She knew that she would have to go back eventually. There were her family members there, her home, and those who loved her. Everything they did was for her good. She has forgiven Yuan Shuai long ago, not to say those who were closer to her, her parents, and grandparents.
     She took out her phone and pressed the number she hadn’t dialed in 7 years. She accidentally pressed the number wrongly and dialed again. The number was wrong again. She continued to press, and someone picked it up. She immediately hung up. She took a breath and dialed another number and the phone was picked up. She said as calmly as possible, "I am Junjun"
     "Sorry, full name please?"
     She threw her cell phone on the floor with a bang. His new secretary didn't know who she was at all. His secretary’s thorough investigation made her lose her courage to answer her phone.
     Her landline rang loudly again but she was no longer in the mood to pick it up.
     "Miss. Jiang, Mr. Yuan from GT is calling our line. Do you want to pick it up?" Her secretary's sweet voice made her more frustrated.
     She took out a cigarette and stroked the match. Once...twice... "Shit" she cursed under her breath and smashed the matchbox onto the door forcefully.
     The cell phone kept ringing.
     "Miss Jiang? Mr. Yuan of GT Company is waiting on the line"
     "Transfer him to my line and help me find a lighter by the way"
     "Answer your cell phone!" Yuan Shuai said.
     "Okay, hurry up, grandma is waiting for you to pick it up, it's all decided, sooner or later you’ll have to talk to her."
     "You don't have the courage to pick up her call when you have the courage to dial her number? Coward."
     The secretary knocked on her door, came in with a lighter, picked up the cell phone ringing on the floor, and asked her if she wanted her to help her hang it up.
     "Thank you, it’s okay." Jiang Jun replied.
     She lit a cigarette and sat on the carpet looking at the string of digits filled with 0s. 0 In mathematics, it means either an "end" or a "start". Bur for her, what does it mean?
    The phone finally stopped ringing. She dialed back and it was picked up immediately.
     Jiang Jun didn’t speak, but tears formed in her eyes. "Junjun, grandma misses you so much"
     "Grandma,... sorry, sorry"
     "Grandma, I will come back tomorrow"
  "That’s great, be back soon. Tell me what you want to eat, I'll cook it for you, fried hooves? Your grandfather said that if you still don’t come back during this Spring Festival, he will ask your dad to find you and drag you silly girl, how old are you already and you are still crying..."
    After so long, JiangJun realized that life is actually like a number. It starts from 0 and ends with 0. After scolding that girl, Yuan Shuai went home feeling slightly anxious. When he entered the door, he was stunned.
     Clothes spread all over the table and floor and a strange aura filled the room.
    Was it a Feast at Swan Goose Gate or the Last Supper?
     He walked into the side hall and saw her in her Winnie the Pool pajamas, trying to pull an oversized suitcase desperately out of the storage room.
       Is she trying to flee?!
     "What are you doing?" He stopped her.

   "I’m packing up."
     "Why are you packing up"
                   "You want to run away again? How many years have you been avoiding this, don't you still not understand? Do you even have a heart? Do you know how many times your grandma cried for you? Your grandfather was so angry that he had a heart attack because of you. Your father and mother had so much more white hair than before because of you, do you know? Yes, you are always right and as long as you are infatuated with that guy, everyone else stopping you would be an asshole and a murderer for your love... How many years have I been following you behind your butt, but you only wanted to follow that bastard around every day. You have never paid attention to me and yes! I am cheap with wishful thinking, I…
     Yuan Shuai broke her hold and said, "what are you doing? Are you treating me like a dog? Kiss me when you wanted me to be here for you and kick me away when you...…..."
     "I stand on firm ground, your badger game would not work on me, don't even think about running away..." He uttered.
     "Stop your scolding! I’m going on a business trip to Beijing." Jiang Jun breathed.
     "Then why do you bring such a big suitcase for a business trip? As if you are moving house!"
     "I’ll stay for the Chinese New Year, and my annual leave was approved. Anyway, I will stay at my parent’s home and live there in the future. I thought I should just bring more…...."
  "Don’t you stand on firm ground? Kiss me for what?" She rolled her eyes, wiped her lips. He lifts her up and brought her to the bedroom, "I do stand on firm ground, but I'm wise too, I’ll debunk your badger game first"
    He threw her on the bed and started undressing.
     She rolled to the corner of the bed, wrapped herself in a quilt, and yelled out loudly, "You will not succeed. Let me tell you, I also stand on firm ground."
     He smiled and climbed next to her, holding her under him.
     "Bring it on!"

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