My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - Going the extra miles to “save the country” (2)

Zhong Zhen replied, "Every female staff in the hospital has the booklet! Those female doctors, nurses, and those who want to chase Prof Wen all have it. Of course, they would want to know about Rang Yi Rang to get to know about him!"

Cong Rong took note that Rang Yi Rang liked yogurt. It seemed that she and Rang Yi Rang really had similar tastes.

Zhong Zhen asked: "Cousin, do you plan to “save the country” by going a further mile?"

Cong Rong was speechless to Zhong Zhen, and broke his imaginations bluntly, "No, I plan to abandon the country and flee."

Unexpectedly, Zhen Zhen replied approvingly: "True, protect yourself so you will have more chances to save the country in the future."

Cong Rong hung up the phone, opened WeChat, hesitated whether to contact him but stopped. At night, when she opened the door to feed Rang Yi Rang, she saw it squatting at the door, and when Rang Yi Rang saw the door opened, it suddenly ran out and squatted in front of her. It stared at her with cute puppy eyes.

Cong Rong asked, "Do you want to go out to play?"

Rang Yi Rang was still staring at her, Cong Rong said: "It's so late already and It’s cold outside. Shall we stay at home instead? You are from Siberia, but I'm not, I'm afraid of the cold. "

Suddenly, Rang Yi Rang ran back home, rubbed against the cabinet near the door and ran back. It crouched in front of Cong Rong with a collar and a traction rope in his mouth, and placed the things on the ground. It stuck out its tongue and watched her insistently. It was not giving up.

Cong Rong didn’t know what to do. She took out his phone, took a picture of it and asked the dog owner what she had to do. When she was taking the picture, Rang Yi Rang suddenly crooked its head while looking into the camera.

Cong Rong looked at the cute thing with a smile on the photo, and it touched her heart. She used WeChat to send it to Wen Shaoqing with a sentence attached: "Your cousin has entrusted me to take care of it. Do I have to take it out for a walk?"

Wen Shaoqing replied quickly, it was a voice message, "It has grown into a habit and needs to go out to solve physiological problems. There is a newspaper in the cabinet of the entrance. If it shows signs, you can put the newspaper on the ground and then throw it in the trash. "

Hearing this, she imagined how she was going to clean its poop, and Cong Rong's softened heart hardened again. She typed angrily.

"Why don't you train it to use the toilet?"

"I’ve tried, but it couldn't learn."

Cong Rong treplied.

"I will charge you hourly, pay me according to the standard lawyer's consultation fee!"

In the winter evening, the temperature was low, and the wind was blowing again. Cong Rong opened the window and felt the outdoor temperature. Wrapped in a huge jacket and scarf, she went downstairs with Rang Yi Rang.

When she stepped out of the building, Cong Rong immediately regretted it. It's not her walking the dog, it's the dog walking her. It hadn't come out to play for a long time and it ran for three rounds in the neighborhood. Cong Rong was so tired while holding the leash. She took out her phone and sent a voice message breathlessly.
"I was wrong, you will pay three times the consultation fee!"

After hearing the voice message, Wen Shaoqing smiled. Her voice blended with wind, unlike her usual calm and reserved tone, but she sounded like she was saying with clenched teeth. At the end of the voice message, he can hear Rang Yi Rang barking happily. They seemed to get along well.

Xiao Ziyuan put down the fruit and glanced at him, "Why are you still laughing at this time?"
Wen Shaoqing put down his phone, "Why are you so free to take care of me?"

Xiao Ziyuan chuckled twice, "Don't overthink, Sui Yi is on night shift today. I brought her soup and thought of checking on you."

Wen Shaoqing rolled his eyes: "hur hur."

Wen Shaoqing held the fruit knife and played it in his. He suddenly asked, "What do you think of her?"

Xiao Ziyuan's eyes turned from the TV screen to his face, "Who? Your neighbor? Didn't pay much attention, my attention is only on Sui Yi."

Wen Shaoqing was so sour that he threw an orange over, "You knew who she is."

Xiao Ziyuan took the orange, but this time he tried to recall the girl he met in the morning very seriously. "She is a judiciary, intellectual, independent, objective and rational, and cool. Her way of viewing things is different from ordinary girls. Is she a litigation lawyer? She has a smart mouth. You will have a good time quarrelling in the future."

Wen Shaoqing smiled, "We will not quarrel."

"Don't be overconfident." Xiao Ziyuan glanced at him. "Does Lin Chen know that she is your neighbor now?"

"I want to tell him but he doesn’t give me a chance." Wen Shaoqing frowned, "Why do you always mention Lin Chen to me?"

Xiao Ziyuan peeled the orange and he replied slowly: "Lin Chen and Sui Yi have known each other since they were young. Sui Yi always misses the good old days. Although she knows that feelings could not be forced. But Lin Chen has been abroad for so long already. She is a bit worried."

Wen Shaoqing wondered, "Your wife misses other men and you are okay with it. You are so generous."

Wen Shaoqing was pure and harmless when he was a child, but unfortunately, he was influenced by his cousin. At a glance, they seem to be kind and elegant people. But if you got to know them, they definitely are devilish at heart.

Xiao Ziyuan was not annoyed when he heard it, and smiled slightly, "Yeah, my wife has always treasured friendships. Not sure if your neighbor and Lin Chen have a friendship between them. Take note. She is a neighbor, not your wife, or your girlfriend."

Wen Shaoqing squeezed a fruit knife in his hand and shut his mouth.

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