My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 11.1

Chapter 11.1 - Going the extra miles to “save the country” (1)

Hearing the movements by the door, Rang Yi Rang and the couple looked up at Cong Rong and Cong Rong said softly, "Sorry, is Wen Shaoqing here?"

Rang Yi Rang saw Cong Rong and ran quickly to her happily, and was stopped by her a few steps away, "Don't! I know you know me, this is a kind of recognition for me, but really don’t
 be so close to me!"

Xiao Ziyuan stood up and said hello: "Wen Shaoqing is not here. I am his cousin, and this is my wife. He is quarantined and wants us to come over to help him take care of Rang Yi Rang."

Cong Rong was stunned. She thought he was just on a business trip. "He’s quarantined? Why?"

Xiao Ziyuan did not answer her question: "You are?"

"I am..." Cong Rong paused, and soon spit out two words, "His neighbor."

Xiao Ziyuan's eyes flashed a mysterious smile, "Neighbor?"

"Yes!" Cong Rong nodded firmly, she was indeed his neighbour who lived opposite him!

Fortunately, Xiao Ziyuan didn't ask any more, "His patient whom he performed surgery on the previous day had hepatitis B which would be infectious. He accidentally cut his hand during the operation. It was possible for him to be infected. He was vaccinated and needs to be observed in isolation."

Cong Rong frowned and said goodbye to the couple with a smile, but she was stopped by Xiao Ziyuan: “Hey, can you help us with Rang Yi Rang. We live far away from here and have to go to work. It's really inconvenient for us to come over everyday. If you are convenient, I’ll leave the key to you and you can come and feed it every day."

Cong Rong thought for a while and agreed to it generously, "Sure. But how do you know I am not a stranger?"

Xiao Ziyuan smiled and asked her, "Then why do you believe the two of us who you have never seen before? We said we were Wen Shaoqing's cousins but you believe us? But what if we are burglars?"

Cong Rong looked at the couple and Rang Yi Rang with a wagging tail. 
"People who are burglars don't wear hand-made wool coats." Cong Rong suddenly smiled and pointed to the couple's coats on the arm of the sofa, and looked at the woman who had never spoken. "This hairpin is a bride-price? Your husband must be generous. Is it more expensive than this house?"

The implication is evident. Burglary? These two are so rich that even if you are a burglar for life, you would still be poorer than them.

Before the two reacted, Cong Rong's eyes swept to the woman's engagement ring on the middle finger of her left hand, and she looked at Xiao Ziyuan's bare left hand. She confidently concluded. "It’s actually yet legal to call her your wife, right? But your engagement ring is quite unique."

The woman suddenly laughed and the man and the woman gave each other a glance. "Are you"

Cong Rong took the key from them and looked at herself. "How did you tell?"

The woman and the man looked at each other again, and soon the two smiled, "We guessed it."

Cong Rong felt that the two were looking at her strangely, but didn't ask much, and said goodbye to them quickly. She had the feeling that she has seen Wen Shaoqing's cousin before.

Seeing the door close, Sui Yi smiled and asked Xiao Ziyuan: "Is she...the one who likes doctors instead of lawyers?"

Xiao Ziyuan agreed, "Who would be so worried about a random neighbor when hearing about his possibility of being infected with hepatitis B? Wen Shaoqing asked us to feed Rang Yi Rang, and also pass the key to his neighbor. What do you think his intentions are?"

"What are his intentions?"

“Going the extra miles to “save the country”."

"I didn’t know Brother Wen liked this type of girl."

"Not only Wen Shaoqing, Lin Chen likes her too. Do you want to tell Lin Chen that the two of them are neighbors now?"

Sui Yi looked at Xiao Ziyuan's and couldn’t help teasing: "Xiao Shi Xiong (Male senior), you are so bad!"

Cong Rong didn't know that she was being discussed. When she got home, she called Zhong Zhen and asked about Wen Shaoqing’s conditions. He could hear Zhong Zhen's listlessness from his voice.

"It was an emergency operation, and the patient didn't mention that he had hepatitis B. It was discovered after the operation and fortunately there is vaccination for hepatitis B.

"Is it so serious? Didn't you brag about his skill all day long, how could he cut himself?"

Zhong Zhen's voice suddenly became serious. "Cousin, if you are in the operating room performing multiple surgeries for more than ten hours, it will be lucky if your hands are not shaking. It is normal to get cut with a needle or a knife. Every day, there will be medical staff who get stabbed during the operation."

Cong Rong suddenly felt a bit sad. Every time she saw Wen Shaoqing, he was so lively and energetic. She never thought that he would face so many risks every day.

Cong Rong's silence hinted at Zhong Zhen for comfort. "Actually, it's not that serious. Prof Wen lives alone so it's okay to go home. But it's more convenient to stay in the hospital. Don't worry."

Cong Rong wanted to refute that she was not worried about him, but also felt powerless. Remembering that she was being entrusted to take care of Rang Yi Rang, she asked Zhong Zhen: "Do you know that your Professor has a Samoyed? Does it have anything that it likes to eat?"

Zhong Zhen gave a snap of his fingers, took out the notebook at hand, turned to one of the pages and began to read the pet chapter from the booklet “Basic Information of the Shaoqing Wen of the X Affiliated Hospital”, “Species: Samoyed; name : Rang Yi Rang; nickname: get lost; age: 2 years old; favorite food: yogurt; favorite fruit: cantaloupe; favorite game: throwing a ball; favorite toy..."

Cong Rong interrupted him: "Okay, okay, stop reading. Where did you get these things from?"

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