Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 24


Chapter 24 - Jiang Jun's choice

    (Sally called Yuan Shuai after speaking to Juno)
    "I see." Yuan Shuai subconsciously raised his head and glanced at the window at the second level. "SALLY it is okay, let it be first." He put down the phone and continued to smoke and sat on the stone bench. He checked his phone for missed calls or text messages from time to time.
    Jiang Jun stood behind the bushes in her backyard looking at Yuan Shuai with mixed feelings. The garden was full of gloomy and dull colors.
     Forget it, she thought, it’s just a new beginning for them to enter GT, it doesn’t matter.
     MH or GT, it meant the same for her. Even if others wouldn’t understand her, Yuan Shuai should. They are the same, aren’t they, otherwise, why did they both chose to abandon the great future arranged by their family and choose to work alone?
     She doesn't want to be a strong and independent woman, but life had made her this way. She has no friends, no colorful life, no other skills. She wants to stop but can't stop. If she stops working, she would be like a fish out of the water, struggling desperately and gradually drying up.
     It is not that she can't let go of everything, but she wanted and needed to be affirmed, and she wants to have a place where she can realize her own value.
    SALLY said: "Which financial institution is willing to use people who made a big mistake and got kicked out of MH? Who can trust them? Juno, if Zeus didn’t believe in you, how would he have taken us in? I know you shouldn’t be dragged into this. But how can we live without a job?"
     She knew this was true, and because of this, she recommended SALLY to Yuan Shuai. But why did he never mention it to her?
     She watched him smoking cigarettes one by one, fiddling with the phone back and forth, what was he thinking?
     At the age of 20, Jiang Jun went to the school that Yin Zhe applied to study for a master's degree. Carrying school bags to go to class or library during the day, washing dishes in restaurants at night as a trick. She laughed all day until she was exhausted and fell into a nightmare, woke up crying, and continued the cycle. Yuan Shuai came to visit her every month, sitting in front of her with bags and bags of necessities.
     She didn’t want to see him, just like she didn’t want to see her family. She will always remember that woman named Jonah, Yuan Shuai's girlfriend.
    At that time, he was like that too, sitting and smoking all night in the corridor of her dormitory, she would look at him through the door window. She would see him clean up the cigarette ashes before leaving, not leaving a trace of his scent. When she opened the door after he left, she will bring in the bags of food and daily necessities he brought for her without meeting him.
    Jiang Jun’s heart started to ache. So many years had past and he was by her side all the time. She believed in him, she must believe in him, and she can only believe in him. "What are you doing?" She walked towards him and he was answering the phone while patting the cigarette ashes on his clothes, "got some work-related stuff."
     "The meal is ready."
     "I have a date already." He said coldly, she stopped him and stood in front of him, hugged his neck abruptly, and kissed him brutally, "Who else do you want to date?"
     He stared at her and said "my wife”.
     She pulled his head down, her eyes wet, "Yuanyuan, shall we stop fighting?"
     They went hand in hand to BlockHouse to have dinner, sticking to each other intimately, eating the same steak, and kissing each other in the last row of the dark cinema. She said, "I'm resigning." His eyes shimmered in the dark. "I just want to be with you."
     DU arrived in Beijing and called Jiang Jun. They planned to meet at the teahouse next to the office. Before Jiang Jun got of the car, Yuan Shuai pulled her in his arms and wanted to say something.
     "Aren't you regretting that I called for a high salary?"
     "You..." He let go of her hand, she opened the door and got out of the car, and heard him say, "I'm sorry." She turned to kiss him again, "I am happy"

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