Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 25


Chapter 25 - Resign

     She was early, and DU hadn't arrive yet, she felt a little lucky. . . She opened the purse and took out a cigarette, asked the waiter to bring the cigar cutter, and waited anxiously. She needed the comfort of tobacco to calm her down
     Hearing Yin Zhe’s voice, Jiang Jun stood up and knocked her knees to the coffee table, falling down with numbness and pain.
     "I haven't seen you in a few days, why do you greet me in such a manner?" Yin Zhe laughed and helped her up, "Is it all right"
     She pushed him away "What are you doing?".
     "DU was busy with someone, so I came and see you first." He asked someone to bring ice cubes and wrapped them in a towel to de-swell her knee. "Why are you still clumsy, you can hurt yourself even when you move." He stopped her from snatching the towel and raised his head and says "but your complexion is much better"
     "Okay, I'm okay." She moved her body away from him and said in an irritated tone, “Why are you here?"
     "I just want to see you" he put the towel that wrapped the ice cubes aside and said gloomily, "I miss you so much"
     "Okay, Yin Zhe. I don't have time to talk to you. Is DU in the office? I have something to talk to him about." She interrupted him, got up, and walked out. Yin Zhe blocked the door. "You want to resign and go to Yuan Shuai? ...Do not be silly"
     "Does it have anything to do with you?"
     "Jiang Jun, do you that he had taken so many cases that were supposed to be ours? Sally and the others are working under him too. Someone in MH is taking the opportunity to cause us trouble. If you leave, then what about DU and the department?
     "What does it have to do with DU?" She froze. 
     "Are you our of your mind?" He stared at her. 

     "Yin Zhe" She reminded, "I'm still your boss now, please pay attention to your attitude"
     He let out a soft cry, ignoring her struggle to embrace her, "Jiang Jun, stay away from Yuan Shuai, he is more ruthless than anyone else."
     "Have you met him?" She looked at him, finally understanding the situation. No wonder.
     "He will really hurt you, trust me."
    . . . . . . . . . .
     When DU arrived, Yin Zhe was in a heaty argument with Jiang Jun over her smoking cigar.
     He prepared a cup of tea for himself, "JAY, go back to the office and help me deal with those people, I have something to discuss with Juno"
     "Oh... okay" Yin Zhe hesitated to leave and shook his head at Jiang Jun before going out, suggesting that she should not act rashly. Jiang Jun ignored him and put the cigar in her mouth. "You just recovered, you can't smoke." DU smiled and took the cigar away, putting it in his mouth 

     "If I’m not smoking, don't think about doing it in front of me." She pulled the cigarette away from his mouth and tossed it in the bin. She continued, “Why are you making me wait for so long knowing that I am a patient."
    DU shrugged innocently and smiled, "You still have that bad temper, but you look better".
     "The doctor asked me to rest for 2 weeks. Don't even think about making me work." She raised her ears and said vigilantly. "Am I so unkind? Besides, I am the one who will be the most upset one if you died of exhaustion." He exaggeratedly and stroked his chest. 

     "Got you." She laughed, thought about it, and said "I want to take a good rest for a while."
     "Yes, don't tire yourself so much in the future, you said that your body is the most important asset at times of a revolution."
     She took a deep breath and said simply "I mean, I want to resign"

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