Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Heaven or Hell

     "I am resigning," Jiang Jun said, DU looked at Jiang Jun with a smile, his expression unreadable.

     "I am better than everyone in the IBD department" was the sentence he said to DU 4 years ago when she was still an innocent little girl, with neat short hair, pink and upturned ingot-shaped lips, clear eyes, and a clean looking face. What a pity! He amusedly looked at her pointed ears protruding from her black hair.
    They chatted for a few hours, not about her academic qualifications, but her reactions to situations, understanding of things, and clear expression all surprised him. How old is this girl again?
    She is excellent, but what he wants is the best.
     She is a beautiful diamond, and he is the best diamond cutter.
    He kept suppressing her, moulding her impatience away, training her endurance with the most boring and trivial work, and letting her work overtime until late at night. He secretly watched her from behind, listening to her crying in the stairwell, viciously cursing him. He laughed while thinking that the venting mechanism of this little girl was so simple and direct.
     He likes to listen to her Beijing accent she inadvertently brings out, so delicate, crisp and sweet.
     He likes to see the brilliance of her eyes, even if her eyes are red and swollen, they still showed confidence and persistence.
     He was bewildered and broke the rules for her time and time again, giving her strength but at the same time looking forward to her improving. He longed that one day, they can stand side by side together on the highest peak, smiling at the achievements they made.
     At the moment when she was promoted to the President of IBD Asia Pacific, he felt unbearable excitement. He knew that her wings were already fully grown and their dream was about to be realized.
     But she just said "I am resigning"
     "Little kid Juno! What do you want?" He has never felt so powerless. "I... I really need a rest, I feel exhausted." Jiang Jun anxiously looked away. "Okay, rest! Half a year? A year? Turn off your phone, don't think about anything, leave it alone. Rest enough, then come back!"
     She looked at him in amusement, "I will lose my position in MH in just 2 months if I rest like that, let alone half a year."
     "As long as you take a good rest and keep your body healthy, don't worry about the rest, I will take care of it." He held her hand and his eyes were firm, "If I am here, no one can replace you.”
     "DU, actually I..."
    He placed his fingertips on her lips, "Stop, Juno, stop saying things like that... Please"
     He gave her wings but she was about to fly out of his sky.
    Where is she going to fly to? GT? There has been news in the industry that Juno will become the vice president of GT China.
     After the management shifts in MH, many of the employees who have left MH are all working in GT, which resulted in MH losing a lot of business. Now, a new rumour about Juno leaving MH spread. She will also resign and go to GT. Even the president has personally approached DU and asked him to investigate the matter carefully. He knows the whole story well. He believes in Juno. Even after seeing the letter of recommendation she wrote to Zeus, she still trusted her. She just couldn’t bear to ruin SALLY’s future. She helped SALLY while pushing herself into the storm. If MH is going to put the blame on her, her future might be ruined.
     The man with a pleasant appearance and cold dark eyes appeared in his mind. Why is it Zeus? They battled against each other in the past, this man is unreadable and shady, the means he took to win was way unexpected that even he needs to call defeat. How could Juno fight him?
    Jiang Jun looked at DU, and felt his anxiety and fear. She remembered DU standing at the door 4 years ago and telling her, "It’s up to you to decide if IBD is heaven or hell"
     2 years ago, DU opened the door for her, smiled and stretched out his hand "Welcome to heaven"
    The current DU standing in front of her became so lonely and sad. He said, "Stop saying like that... Please"
    He picked her out of the 400 interns, and forced her to become strong in the shortest time and trained her like a devil. He arranged everything for her. The only thing she had to do was work hard and persevere. Without him, there would be no Juno today. He drew her a barrier and he is her shield.
    DU her boss, teacher, and a friend.
     There were tears in her eyes, she bit her lip, and nodded, DU took a long sigh of relief, and he knew she doesn’t have a heart of a stone. He knew where her weakness was. Hitting the snake seven inches below will result in a fatal blow.

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