Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Uneasy

     Jiang Jun vaguely felt something was off and DU's attitude was too abnormal. \He was like an old mother repeatedly telling her to ignore the company's affairs and take a good break. She joked, "Then I will give you the phone to completely cut off contact with the outside world and be a primitive person."
     He was stunned, nodded. To her surprise, he said, "That’s good, then it won’t delay things."
     It's not that she thought too much, she clearly felt that the atmosphere was really weird.
     "What's wrong?" She asked anxiously, "No, I'm worried about your body." He smiled and asked, "Can you tell me your private number?"
     "Huh? How did you know I had one?" After asking, she regretted it secretly. Had her question clearly meant she had a private number?
     He knocked her head mockingly, "Ever since you accidentally left your phone with me last time, I haven't heard you made a private call on this phone"
     After telling him the number. She threw her mobile phone to him. "If something goes wrong with the case I handed you, you should be aware of my knife!" she made a throat slash gesture.
     "You are really generous," he muttered and put her phone away, "Shall we have dinner together? Recently, Ritan opened a new private restaurant, very authentic Huaiyang cuisine, I have already reserved a seat."
     She made a crying face, "No, I'm going home to take medicine."
     "Fine then, I'll send you home, we will go there after you take your medicine. They sell herbal and nourishing soup there." He called the driver to drive over, "I am not eating that. I am having chicken soup and fish soup every day. I can't stand it anymore. When I have rested enough, I will treat you instead."
     He picked up her purse "Alright, you rest early, I will send you back."
     "It’s okay, I live in a hutong(Beijing alley), the company car is too big to drive in. I can go back myself"
    She left the teahouse and went to wash her face in the restroom. DU called again. Maybe something really happened. She picked up the phone with wet hands, "HEY, forgot to warn you, but don’t play too wildly until you forgot to contact me. Phone , Email, MSN are all fine. Keep me up to date"
     "take care"
     "Well" she drew a tissue. Wipe off the water droplets on the chin "..."
     "I get it, I will"
     "Also" he paused and said hesitantly "Be careful of Zeus"
     "What's wrong with him?" She instinctively asked, "It's nothing, I'm afraid you will be swayed by him to resign, then I will lose you. Anyway, take a good rest and come back to work for me soon."
     "Okay, take care too." She knew that even if she continued to ask, he would not disclose any information.
     There must be something happening! She remembered Yin Zhe telling her, "Do you know how much business he has taken away from us recently? SALLY and the others are under him now. Someone in MH is taking this opportunity to create trouble. If you resign and go to them, DU will be in deep trouble."
     She leaned on the sink and thought about it, but decided to call Yin Zhe to ask for more information. She took out her mobile phone and found out that there were only a few phone numbers from relatives in the phone book. She regretted giving her work phone to DU so quickly. Forget it, whatever! Jiang Jun thought about calling Yuan Shuai casually, his voice sounded, "Done talking?"
     "Yea, come and pick me up"
     She sighed, looked at the mirror and mimicked how Yuan Shuai talked in an angry tone, "Wait and see what I will do when we get home."

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