Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.3

Chapter 17.3 - Shopping Mall (1)

Xia Lu, “Who is it?”

Su Jinbei mysteriously replied, “A really cute guy.”

“Oh.” Xia Lu rolled her eyes at her, “Which one is it, is it Xu Jiawei?”

“Tsk, why are we talking about Xu Jiawei now?”

Xia Lu laughed hard, “I’ve been keeping up with the news lately.”

Su Jinbei shook her head helplessly and continued looking around. What she didn’t know was that Zhou Shiyun asked the butler for her bodyguard’s phone number after hanging up her call.

“Just these three.” Su Jinbei gave the bags to the attendant, and the attendant happily went to get the bill. These bags were exorbitantly expensive, the attendant treated customers who bought them like they were gods.

After paying the bill, Su Jinbei politely handed the bags over to the bodyguards standing outside, “Sorry to trouble you.”

Then, she turned around and took Xia Lu into another store.

When Zhou Shiyun arrived, Su Jinbei and Xia Lu were eagerly trying on high heels.

“Su Jinbei.”

“Ah?” No one can pull Su Jinbei’s sight away from the high heels, not even Su Jinbei’s current beau. So she didn’t say a word, but pulled Xia Lu next to her and said, “This looks so good, this color is absolutely amazing, isn’t it?”

She asked for a long time yet Xia Lu didn’t respond. She depressedly followed Xia Lu’s line of sight and froze after realizing who had come. “Zhou Shiyun, why are you here.”

Xia Lu pulled Su Jinbei’s sleeve, “Who is this guy, you know him?”

Su Jinbei coughed slightly, “The really cute guy I was calling just now. Did you forget?”

Xia Lu was speechless, so there really was a cute guy… She had thought Su Jinbei was just joking.

But… Xia Lu seriously looked at the man in front of her, his face was clear and exquisite, and his height was more than 180cm. What’s more important was his icy aura, it was an ingrained coldness. People who didn’t gravitate towards it would be blind.

Who is this? Someone in the industry? Impossible, she had never seen or heard of him.

“Are you done, come back with me.” Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were faint, kept on Su Jinbei’s body.

“Of course I’m not done.” Su Jinbei wore different shoes on both feet and walked to Zhou Shiyun. “Tell me, which of the two pairs looks better.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced down casually, “Not good.”

Su Jinbei smiled, and suddenly stared right at him, “Oh, I forgot that you have bad taste, it’s no use asking you.”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Su Jinbei called the attendant over, “Excuse me, wrap these two up.”

The attendant hurried forward, “Okay, Miss Su.”

Su Jinbei changed back to her original shoes, and said, “Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is my good friend Xia Lu.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her and nodded politely.

“Xia Lu, this is my… friend, his name is Zhou Shiyun.”

Xia Lu smiled, “Hello, Mr. Zhou.”


Xia Lu pulled Su Jinbei and asked in a low voice, “Who is he.”

“An ordinary person.” Su Jinbei said, “He was my attending doctor last time.”

Xia Lu’s eyes widened, she silently gave Su Jinbei a thumbs up. She could even pull this off, Su Jinbei really was Su Jinbei.

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