Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Yuan Shui & DU

Yuan Shuai had expected such a result a long time ago, how could DU let go easily?
     The origin of his relationship with DU. When he and DU were still in the GT IBD department a few years ago, he and DU were both fledgling and struggling to fight.
    His subordinate LINDA, when he was about to be promoted to DM, took his big client to DU. He was implicated and became hostile. He tried his best to disrupt those businesses and attacked LINDA through various channels. Until she was forced to turn to be behind the scenes, she never dared to show her face and swagger publicly.
     Even though his boss persuaded him tactfully at the time, don't do things too hard, LINDA is DU's mistress after all. He was too lazy to pay attention to it. To be kind to the betrayer is to be cruel to himself. He firmly believes that. The most important thing is that he wants to give DU an unforgettable memory.
    Until DM was officially appointed, the next day he was in charge of FID's business, he called DU to play ball, and DU invited him back to dinner.
     Since then, he has worked with DU several times in private. After all, the two sides have different business concerns, and there is no direct conflict of interest. Instead of using multiple powerful opponents, it is better to use each other and get what you need.
    DU is an old fox who has only a thousand years of knowledge. He knows the rules of the game well, so he can decisively and calmly overturn in MH.
     They are very similar in some respects. They are unscrupulous about what they want. There is nothing that cannot be used or sacrificed.  
    Apart from. . . . . . . Jiang Jun has long been rumored about the ambiguous relationship between DU and Juno. There is a serious imbalance between men and women in this circle, especially the few people who have seen it are pitiful. Although she is deliberately low-key, she is a charming and charming beauty. The appearance attracted the attention of interested people in the Quartet. Coupled with DU's undisguised special care. Rumors spread. . . . . .
    At the beginning, Yuan Shuai suspected that DU was deliberately provoking the fight between Jiang Jun and LINDA. As long as the mediation is wise, the disagreement between employees will always be the most desirable thing for the boss to see.
    Neither DU nor LINDA would think of it. Jiang Jun is a person who has always struggled with evil forces to the end. This little girl's surging means is beyond ordinary people's ability to deal with, coupled with his deliberately raising points and provocations nearby, the situation is far beyond DU's control.
     "There is her without me, there is me without her." Jiang Jun angrily stuck his waist like a two-ear porcelain vase.
     Yuan Shuai knows that Jiang Jun does not care about this job and salary, just want to fight for his breath.
     Although LINDA can't beat Jiang Jun, after all, he has years of investment banking experience and has been desperate to help DU fight the world. How can DU not help her? But if DU helps LINDA, Jiang Jun will resign immediately.
     Her aptitude is very good, but her personality is too stubborn, such a person will not be manipulated willingly.
     If he is DU, he must choose LINDA. It is not easy to support a confidant. Every step on their chessboard is set after careful consideration. The uncontrollable pieces must be completely abolished. DU understands this truth earlier than he, and is familiar with it.
     When he was shocked to hear that DU had destroyed the woman who had been with him for many years for Jiang Jun’s time bomb. He began to doubt DU's motives.
    Unless DU knows about Jiang Jun’s real family background and wants to use her to do something, the probability of this is zero. So what could be the reason why a man is willing to take such a big risk for a woman?

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