Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.4

Chapter 17.4 - Shopping Mall (4)

“Miss Su, are you paying your card or…” At this moment, the attendant approached and asked.

“Card.” Su Jinbei was about to take out her wallet, but there was already a golden card in front of the attendant. The attendant took the card with envy, “Sir, please wait a moment.”

On the other side, Xia Lu looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise. If he was just an ordinary doctor, how could he be so generous? The high heels bought by Su Jinbei ranged from a few thousand to tens of thousands, and ordinary people would not pay for it without blinking.

Su Jinbei was not surprised, this money was nothing in the eyes of the Zhou family’s second grandson.

“Zhou Shiyun, you made a special trip to pay for me, how sweet.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her. He was the one who brought her over this time, he thought he had an obligation to ensure her safety, so he came to her.

Zhou Shiyun felt a little helpless. Did this person not understand that she was easily recognisable and was even easier to surround?


The bodyguard had two more bags in his hand.

Su Jinbei was in a good mood after buying her beloved high-heeled shoes, “Xia Lu, there is a new coat in the store in front, let’s go.”

Xia Lu coughed, “Uh, Jinbei, Mr. Zhou is here to find you, how about we stop shopping for today.”

Su Jinbei paused and looked back at Zhou Shiyun, with a look that says “I will be devastated if you don’t let me continue shopping”, “Can I still go shopping?”

Zhou Shiyun should have said she couldn’t. He came to take her back. But looking at her pitiful eyes, he suddenly lost the desire to say no.

Quiet for a moment, he averted his eyes, “Up to you.”

Su Jinbei’s face lightened immediately, and she patted Zhou Shiyun’s shoulder with satisfaction, “I just know you are the best.”

Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, ignoring the strange eyes of the bodyguard behind him, and went straight forward.



“It really is Su Jinbei!”

“This was the exact location the blogger mentioned. I told you it was right.”

Su Jinbei and Xia Lu had heard the whispers behind them before they could reach the clothing store. Xia Lu glanced back and whispered, “You’ve been recognized.”

Su Jinbei followed her eyes. Sure enough, there were several girls holding their phones up to take pictures of her. Su Jinbei silently put on her sunglasses. She didn’t wear makeup today…

“Jinbei jie, can, can I have your signature.” Finally, a girl came forward boldly. However, she was blocked by two bodyguards in front of Su Jinbei before she approached.

The girl was so thin and frail that the bodyguards nearly toppled her over. Su Jinbei quickly stepped forward to grab her arm, “Be careful.”

The girl looked excited, “Thank you, thank you, I really like you.”

Su Jinbei smiled at her, and her heart was always soft for such a cute little fan, “I didn’t bring a pen, do you have any.”

“Yes, yes!” The girl quickly took out a pen from the bag, and then handed over the notebook again, “Sign here.”

Su Jinbei nodded and signed quickly. The girls behind them quickly stepped forward, “I want a sign too!”

“Me too, me too.”

“Jinbei jie, you are so beautiful up close.”

“Thank you.” Su Jinbei coughed lightly. Her face was completely covered, how would they know.

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