Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.5

Chapter 17.5 – Shopping Mall (5)

Su Jinbei thought that these fans happened to meet her by chance, but in fact, this was revealed by the attendant of the store where she just bought her bag, because the attendant secretly uploaded the photos of her purchases on Weibo.

So, no matter whether they were near the mall or not, many people were eager to come.

The more she signed more people came, “Uh, don’t crowd together, come one by one.”

Zhou Shiyun stood not far away, watching Su Jinbei drown in the crowd…

“Jinbei, there are too many people, let’s go first.” Xia Lu said worriedly, even if there were two bodyguards, they could not stop so many people.

Su Jinbei nodded, “I’m sorry everyone, I still have things, I will sign again next time.”

“Jinbei jie, don’t go!”

“Su Jinbei, it’s Su Jinbei! Hurry, let’s take a closer look!”

“Ah, you stepped on me!”

“Jinbei jie, I like you so much, you are so beautiful!”

“Click, click…”

Bodyguard, “Please make way.”

“Excuse me, excuse me.”

Su Jinbei was guarded by two bodyguards in the center, and slowly walked forward, but the fans and the passers-by were busy squeezing over, and even moving was difficult.

Su Jinbei felt a hand groping her waist, she looked over in a daze, but she had no idea whether that person was harassing her or whether it was by accident!

“What are you doing.” Came a low magnetic voice.

Su Jinbei saw Zhou Shiyun appearing in front of her. She didn’t know when he squeezed in, or how he found the man. Anyway, when she noticed, he had already squeezed the man’s wrist, his face frosty.

The man was startled, “Who are you, are you crazy!”

Zhou Shiyun narrowed his eyes and squeezed harder. The man’s pained face was suddenly distorted. He looked at Zhou Shiyun and knew that he couldn’t win, so he struggled out of Zhou Shiyun’s hold and escaped from the crowd.

The pervert left, Zhou Shiyun turned to look at her, his voice was as calm as before, “Are you okay.”

Su Jinbei looked at him anxiously, “I’m fine, Zhou Shiyun, you…”

“Don’t speak first, follow me later.”

Su Jinbei stared at him in confusion. The next second, Zhou Shiyun lowered his voice to the two bodyguards, “I will take her away; you two, block them no matter what.”

“Yes! Young Master.”

The corridor here was narrow. Just now the two bodyguards were afraid of hurting people and had been overcautious while protecting Su Jinbei. Now that Zhou Shiyun had given orders, they relaxed their caution.

The bodyguard opened the way for Zhou Shiyun and Su Jinbei, and Zhou Shiyun pulled on Su Jinbei’s wrist, “Run.”


“What are you distracted for!” Zhou Shiyun dragged her forward, Su Jinbei reacted and quickly followed his steps.

Behind, two professionally trained bodyguards their best to fend off the crowd…

This was the first time Su Jinbei had to escape in such an embarrassing way, but she looked at the person who was pulling her in front of her and didn’t feel she was being wronged, instead, she felt quite excited…

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