Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.6

Chapter 17.6 – Shopping Mall (6)

The two reached the elevator. Zhou Shiyun pressed the elevator and made sure no one was inside before taking her in.

Su Jinbei was panting, holding the railing in the elevator for support, “We left Xia Lu behind.”

Zhou Shiyun’s breathing at the moment was also unstable, “Did you not realize that they were all focused on you, she’ll be fine.”

Su Jinbei replied with an ‘oh’.

Just then, “ding…” The elevator stopped suddenly.

Su Jinbei’s head shot up. No way, someone wanted to come in?!

Zhou Shiyun gave her a soothing glance, took her hand, and pulled Su Jinbei into his arms.

Su Jinbei was momentarily stunned. At this moment, his warm breath surrounded her from all directions, he was so close that her breath caught in her throat.

“Bang, bang, bang…” Su Jinbei felt that her heart was beating too fast as if it was about to pop out. Was it because they had run just now? Or was it because the man was too handsome…

“Zhou Shiyun?”

Zhou Shiyun glanced down at her, reached for the back of her head, and buried her face into his chest.

Su Jinbei, “…”

“Don’t talk.”

The elevator door opened, and four women came in laughing and talking. They saw Zhou Shiyun’s bright eyes, holy sh*t, this man was so handsome!

The next second they saw a woman in his arms, holy sh*t, this woman must have saved the galaxy in her previous life!

The whispers were accompanied by countless peeks, and the four women were brutally abused by the couple embracing in the elevator.

After more than ten seconds, the elevator stopped again, and the four women walked out of the elevator with regret…

The elevators closed and descended slowly.

Zhou Shiyun released his hand, “They’re gone.”

Su Jinbei hummed and took a step back. Everything had happened quickly but when she was leaning on his shoulder, she felt that time was passing very slowly…

Su Jinbei blushed for the first time ever. She had worked with so many male celebrities. She never felt shy when the other person was handsome.

But this time, she was really… screwed.

“Where, where are we going next.” Su Jinbei bit her lip, f**k, why is she stuttering.

“Parking lot, we’re going home.”

“Oh.” Su Jinbei had her back turned to him in silence, very quiet, unlike her usual self.

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her. Today her hair was piled up in a bun on top of her head, exposing her fair neck, and because of this, her pink ears also appeared unusually obvious.

Zhou Shiyun raised her eyebrows, was she being… shy?

They arrived at the parking lot and Zhou Shiyun got into the driver’s seat

After Su Jinbei got in the car, she first called Xia Lu and confirmed that she was okay before she talked to the person in the driver’s seat, “How could there suddenly be so many people.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Remember to bring more people next time you go shopping.”

Su Jinbei replied with an ‘en’, and suddenly jumped up again, “I forgot about the two bodyguards.”

“They’re fine now that you left.”

“Yeah, but my bag, my high heels, will they be fine!”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

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