Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18.1 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (1)

Su Jinbei harped on the entire way home, and finally sighed a breath of relief once she determined that the two bodyguards with her babies escaped successfully.

“Zhou Shiyun, the bodyguards of your family are so great, you must give them a raise.”

“This is their duty.”

“Or how about adding to their year-end bonus? Anyway, we have to remember their good work.”

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth hooked up slightly, and he didn’t say much.

Su Jinbei nudged him, “Hey, you won’t be so stingy, right, it’s just giving them a larger bonus.”

“They have their own rules, I don’t control them.”

“It doesn’t matter if the Second Young Master opens his mouth?”

Zhou Shiyun voiced an ‘en’ back casually.

Su Jinbei glared, “That’s too much! You’re all too stingy!”

Su Jinbei was a person who believed in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. These two bodyguards managed to protect her babies in such a chaotic situation! The Zhou family said that it was their duty, but she would like to thank them, what should she give…

Later, these two bodyguards were promoted and their salaries and year-end bonuses were greatly improved. Of course, Su Jinbei was not aware.

And the two bodyguards also felt confused and did not know what they had done to deserve this. But in fact, this was just an order from Zhou Shiyun ‘whose words didn’t matter’.

Back at the Zhou Residence, the two entered the hall together. At this time, a fat and chubby cat suddenly appeared beside them.

“Ah, Wutong.” Su Jinbei squatted down and hugged it hard.

Wutong obediently nested in her arms, and it seemed very comfortable.

Su Jinbei reached out and touched its head, “I miss you so much.”


“Okay, then, come back to my room with me.”

“Su Jinbei.”

“En?” Su Jinbei Bei teased Wutong tirelessly.

“Go back and change your shoes first.”

Su Jinbei paused, looked down at her high heels. Because she had run too intensely just now, the edges of her feet in contact with her shoes were red.

Huh, how did he even notice?

When Su Jinbei finally looked towards Zhou Shiyun, he had walked back to his room.

Su Jinbei unconsciously raised the corner of her mouth, she thought of just now when he grabbed her wrist as they ran, and when he pulled her into his embrace…

“Wutong, your Second Young Master is not so cold after all, right?”



Su Jinbei took Wutong back to his room.

“Come, lie on the couch.” Su Jinbei put it down, but Wutong had no intention to move at all, lazily resting in her arms like an entitled master.

“Oh, you, so fat and still want to be held.”

“Meow ~” Wutong pawed her arm, expressing that she was very dissatisfied.

Su Jinbei laughed, “You won’t let people say you’re fat, eh?”


“Fine, I won’t bother you anymore. I’m handing you over to Zhou Shiyun, I don’t care.”

Su Jinbei forcibly put down Wutong and took a new set of cheongsam off the shelf. “I sweated a lot running just now. Hold on, Wutong, I’ll go take a shower first.”

A certain cat pawed its face, “Meow ~”

Dinner at the Zhou Residence was at six o’clock.

Zhou Shiyun went back to his room for a while, and after seeing the time, he got up and went out.

He was about to walk in the direction of Yi Shi Tang when Zhou Shiyun remembered that Su Jinbei who was next door was still unfamiliar with everything, so he kindly turned around and came to the door of her room.

“Knock.” The door swiveled inwards with his knock, it was unlocked.

Zhou Shiyun hesitated for a moment before he entered.

“Meow.” At this moment, Wutong poked its head between the gap at the door. It looked up at Zhou Shiyun and stroked his shoe with its paw.

Zhou Shiyun squatted down and pushed the door open a little, allowing Wutong to come out.

“Where is she?”


“In the room? Did she fall asleep?” Although he knew that Wutong would not answer him, Zhou Shiyun was used to talking to it. Wutong tilted its head, its eyes wide open as if it understood.

Zhou Shiyun hooked his lips slightly, reached out and petted its back, and suddenly said, “Don’t always ask people to hold you, you are heavy.”

“Meow!” Wutong opened its mouth, and its chubby body jumped up. Its posture clearly meant it wanted to jump into his arms.

Zhou Shiyun also indulged it, lowering his body a bit to make it jump in. He held it up and muttered, “She’s right, you should exercise more.”

“Wutong, you must have waited a while, I’m sorry, I was washing my hair… eh?” Su Jinbei wiped her hair and looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise, “Why are you in my room?”

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