Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (2)

Because he was playing Wutong, Zhou Shiyun took a step forward unconsciously and was now standing under the door frame, so he could be considered to have… entered her room.

“It’s almost time to eat.” Zhou Shiyun looked down at Wutong, deliberately avoiding seeing Su Jinbei in her bathrobe.

“Oh,” Su Jinbei approached. “The hairdryer in this room is broken. I messed with it for a long time but it was still broken.”

The scent of jasmine became more and more intense as she approached, and slowly enveloped his surroundings. Zhou Shiyun couldn’t help raising his eyes, and for a moment, her fair-white neck and slender wrists jumped into his eyes.

A hidden charm, unintentionally bewitching.

Zhou Shiyun looked away quietly, “I’ll ask someone to send you one.”

“That’s so troublesome, you have one in your room, no? I’ll just go over?” It was next door anyway, very convenient.

Zhou Shiyun looked at her dripping hair and nodded lightly, “Okay.”

Su Jinbei saw that he nodded, threw the towel in her hand on the dressing table, and then sauntered into his room. Zhou Shiyun held Wutong behind her and reminded her, “In the bathroom cabinet.”

“I got it.”

Su Jinbei entered the bathroom, and Zhou Shiyun sat on the sofa outside and waited.

“Knock, knock, knock.” Someone knocked on the door.

Zhou Shiyun squeezed Wutong’s folded ears and said casually, “Come in.”

The door was pushed open a little, and a servant said respectfully, “Second Young Master, it’s dinner time.”


The servant took a step back and was about to close the door and go over next door to call Su Jinbei, but at this moment…

“Zhou Shiyun, your bathroom is so big, it is much larger than the bathroom in my room.”
The servant’s hand shook, she saw clearly that Miss Su was wearing a bathrobe, and very ambiguously appeared in the Second Young Master’s room. She hesitated for a moment, then, she didn’t have to tell Miss Su that it was time for dinner, right?

En, definitely not necessary, so she retreated silently.

Su Jinbei returned to her room and put on a cheongsam and high heels. However, after she came out, she was pushed back in by Zhou Shiyun, “Change your shoes.”

Su Jinbei glared, “What are you talking about?”

“You shouldn’t be wearing these now.”

Su Jinbei pondered, then remembered that he had previously said in the car to “go back and change her shoes”, “But I’m wearing a cheongsam, wearing cheongsam without high heels is a sin.”

“Then change your clothes too.” Zhou Shiyun was already used to Su Jinbei’s do-or-die attitude towards outfit coordination and allowed her to simply change her clothes entirely.

“That won’t do. Grandma likes seeing me dressed like this.” Su Jinbei looked at him, “Hm, why do you care so much about me, could it be…?”

Zhou Shiyun calmly said, “You are my patient.”

“Besides, I am also your fiancée, right?” Su Jinbei giggled and teasingly poked him twice, “Fine, I’ll listen to you, I’ll go change now.”

Zhou Shiyun’s eyebrows slightly twitched, looking at Su Jinbei’s expression of “You really care about me, I’m quite embarrassed”, he resolutely held Wutong and left.

It was not appropriate to stay longer by this woman’s side!

Yi Shi Tang.

Huo Wanjun arrived at her seat, looked around at everyone, and said, “Did you call Shiyun?”

The young lady who went to call them just now hurriedly stepped forward, “Old Madame, I did.”

“En, what about Jinbei.”

The little girl hesitated, “Miss Su was in the Second Young Master’s room, the two should be coming together.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the room was flustered.

“Oh?” Huo Wanjun’s eyes lit up, “Just the two of them?”

“Yes, Old Madame, Miss Su seems to be using the second master’s bathroom.” The little girl said frankly.

Huo Wanjun smiled with satisfaction, “Good, good, it’s good that they have such a good relationship.”

Zhou Zhengxian was puzzled. He chuckled, “Shiyun normally doesn’t like people entering his room, let alone his bathroom.”

Shao Suying grunted, and lowered her eyes and played on her phone in silence.

“Meow.” Finally, Master Wutong led the handsome man and beautiful woman to the scene.

Zhou Zhengxian saw Su Jinbei walking in holding Wutong, and was slightly startled. “Mother’s Wutong is very shy around strangers. I didn’t think it would be so obedient with Jinbei.”

Su Jinbei said with a smile, “Maybe because Wutong and I are fated. It’s very cute, I like it very much.”

“It seems that Wutong also knows that you are Shiyun’s future wife and knows to get closer to you in advance.” Huo Wanjun said.

Su Jinbei gave Zhou Shiyun a look, the latter’s eyes also fell on her, indifferent and calm.

Su Jinbei said, “Grandma, you’re joking.”

“I’m not.” Huo Wanjun beckoned her over, “The two of you come over for dinner, Xiao Zhai (Housekeeper Zhai), take Wutong first.”

“Yes, Old Madame.”

The two of them were seated, and the meal was finished in harmony.

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