Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.3

Chapter 18.3 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (3)

After returning to her room, Su Jinbei found that the phone that had been on silent was bombarded by He Di.

Thirty calls, was He Di crazy?

Su Jinbei quickly called her back, “What’s the matter? I gave you time off to rest, why are you calling me?

“Since you know I’m on break, don’t get in trouble!” He Di shouted spiritedly, “Did you see Weibo, did you see the news?!”


“Tell me, when those people filmed you in the mall, who did you run away with?”

Su Jinbei was stunned for a while, “This matter… did it break out?”

“Of course, it did! It was only a few days ago that you were involved in a scandal with Xu Jiawei, but now you’re photographed holding a man’s hand and running away! Jinbei, tell me the truth, which assh*le is it this time?”

“What assh*le.” Su Jinbei sneered, “That’s my Dr. Zhou. Dr. Zhou, do you understand!”

“Which Dr. Zhou! Ah? It’s Dr. Zhou…” He Di changed her attitude almost immediately, “Oh, you went to Beijing because of Dr. Zhou.”


“Okay, have fun, have fun, I will solve this matter.” He Di “sassily” hung up the phone.

Su Jinbei’s mouth twitched. She could practically see He Di’s smug eyes from thousands of miles away!

Su Jinbei logged into her Weibo.

She went to the trending page and saw that her name actually remained firmly in the first place.

#Su Jinbei Runs Away From Fans Holding Hands With An Unknown Man#

Holding hands… Clearly, Zhou Shiyun was dragging her wrist and yanking her along, okay?

Su Jinbei clicked into the hashtag, and the homepage immediately refreshed to show a video taken live from the scene by fans.

Because everyone’s shots were directed at Su Jinbei at the beginning, when a male figure suddenly appeared, everyone was caught off guard. When they reacted, only Zhou Shiyun’s back and vague side profile remained.

Su Jinbei was relieved after watching all the videos. Fortunately, it was okay. He wasn’t exposed.

Although his face wasn’t exposed, some netizens jumped out with the “truth.”

“I went to the store where Su Jinbei shopped and asked, the man came later, and according to the clerk, he came over to pay!!!! It was tens of thousands and he just casually swiped his card!”

“According to witnesses, the man was super, super handsome.”

“Ah, why wasn’t I there, I want to see it too!”

“So it’s another tall, rich and handsome man, Su Jinbei’s got moves.”

“That’s right. One moment it was Xu Jiawei, the next it’s a new person. I silently mourn for Xu Jiawei…”

“Hey, don’t drag my Weiwei into this, he has nothing to do with her!”

“They’re not necessarily a couple, all of you don’t spread nonsense. Anyway, I don’t care, I’ll wait for the official announcement, I believe my goddess.”

Su Jinbei turned off her phone, put on her slippers and walked out.

“Knock, knock, knock.” She stood in front of Zhou Shiyun’s door, “It’s me.”

The door opened, and Zhou Shiyun appeared behind the door, “What’s the matter.”

Su Gui pointed to her phone, “The thing this afternoon went into the news, you were photographed.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her for a while, “Oh.”

“Oh?” Su Jinbei said, depressed, “Just that?”

“I already know.”

“Someone told you?”


Su Jinbei nodded her head. Sure enough, it was related to the Zhou family’s Second Young Master, how could the people of the Zhou family know later than her.

“Then you’re so relaxed because you know that they didn’t get your whole face, right?”

“What’s wrong about getting my whole face?” Zhou Shiyun was slightly puzzled. “You have a problem with being seen together with me?”

Su Jinbei was stupefied. Reasonably speaking, with their relationship status, shopping together or him paying for her was no problem at all.

But! She was a big star! Did Zhou Shiyun not care at all that once he was exposed, his life would be affected?!

“Anything else? If there’s nothing, I am going to sleep.”

Looking at Zhou Shiyun’s calm face, Su Jinbei felt that her identity as a celebrity was nothing but dirt in his eyes…

Zhou Shiyun saw Su Jinbei not talking, so he politely and indifferently pushed her hand out so as not to get stuck in the door, “Good night.”

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