Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.4

Chapter 18.4 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (2)

Yesterday, after she told He Di that the man who she was “holding hands” with was Zhou Shiyun, He Di stopped calling to harass her. When Su Jinbei logged onto Weibo to check on the development later, He Di had released a simple statement, “Just friends.”

After lunch, Su Jinbei and the fat cat Wutong took a walk in the garden. To be precise, Su Jinbei was taking a walk, and Wutong was in its own world resting in her arms.

“You lazy cat, when I tell you to walk, you stubbornly lay on the ground and demand that I carry you?”

Wutong yawned, its eyes squinted lazily, its face clearly saying, “You’re my appointed sh*t shoveler”.

Su Jinbei saw this and angrily grabbed its tail, cursing, “Arrogant cat, you’re exactly like your Second Young Master. Is the Zhou family only capable of raising people like this?”

Just as she finished speaking, a burst of low, pleasing laughter suddenly came from behind her.

Su Jinbei turned her head and found out that it was Zhou Zhengxian sitting in a wheelchair.

“Uh… Mr. Zhou.”

Zhou Zhengxian’s eyebrows were gentle, softly saying, “Just call me Elder Brother like Shiyun does.”

Su Jinbei nodded in embarrassment, “Elder Brother.”

“En.” Zhou Zhengxian motioned for Zhou Yan behind him pushed the wheelchair forward.

He reached out and petted Wutong, and said with a smile, “You are right, Wutong has Shiyun’s temper, they’re both unapproachable.”

Su Jinbei laughed drily, “Uh, I was just kidding, how can the Zhou family only have this one type of personality, Elder Brother is different.”

Zhou Zhengxian is gentle and refined and looks like a very polite man.

But… Su Jinbei also knew that it was probably a facade. The fact that Zhou Zhengxian was able to control a large enterprise such as theZhou family, it was impossible to do without some deep consideration and foresight.

“You are indeed a very unique girl, no wonder when Shiyun likes you.”

“He likes me?” Su Jinbei was happy, “You can tell?” I can’t even tell yet.

Zhou Zhengxian, “You and Shiyun have been fated since birth, he’s always held special regard towards you.”

“Since birth…” Su Jinbei raised his eyebrows, “It’s something the elders arranged so you could put it that way, I suppose.”

Zhou Zhengxian smiled slightly, “Whether it is arranged or natural, you’ve always been aware of each other’s existence. Jinbei, what do you think of him?”

Zhou Zhengxian asked straightforwardly, so Su Jinbei also answered very straightforwardly, “In terms of his character, he’s a little cold, but he’s still well-mannered. Of course, most importantly, he’s handsome.”

With this remark, even Zhou Yan behind Zhou Zhengxian couldn’t help raising his lips. This Miss Su was really too outspoken…

Zhou Zhengxian couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes, you are exactly right.”

Su Jinbei coughed, and on second thought what she said just now seemed to be a bit superficial and might be damaging to the image of the Su family and herself, so she added meaningfully, “Although to be honest, Zhou Shiyun is also excellent in many ways, for example, his medical skills are good. When he’s in his element rescuing people, he seems to be enveloped in a shining light. “

“Shiyun really loves medicine, so he resolutely went to the medical school regardless of the opposition of his family.”

Su Jinbei curiously said, “You all opposed it? Why did you object?”

“The Zhou family has never had a descendant in medical science, the rest of us tend to take high positions in business or politics.” Zhou Zhengxian’s eyes are distant, “Because Shiyun’s request was too special, no one supported him.”

“But he still insisted on studying medicine.”

“Yeah, it’s fine as long as he likes it.” Zhou Zhengxian said, “Although the elders didn’t understand, I chose to support him. He’s my only brother, I don’t want him to be bound by the Zhou family.”

Su Jinbei was a little shocked, bound by… the Zhou family… She didn’t expect Zhou Zhengxian to say such a thing to her. However, it sounded like Zhou Shiyun’s road was smooth because of Zhou Zhengxian’s support.

He really loved this younger brother.

“Shiyun’s natural disposition is quite dull, but he’s not a bad person. Jinbei, I hope you can understand and I hope you two can get along.”

Su Jinbei snapped out of her thoughts, “En, I will…”

Zhou Yan pushed Zhou Zhengxian away.

Su Jinbei did not continue her walk, she carried Wutong and walked towards her room.

As soon as she turned the corridor leading to her room, Su Jinbei saw Zhou Shiyun coming out.

“Zhou Shiyun, Zhou Shiyun, come here.” Su Jinbei hurriedly called.

Zhou Shiyun’s footsteps paused and he glanced at her, but he didn’t come forward obediently as Su Jinbei said.

Su Jinbei ran towards him when she saw that he didn’t move, “Quick, take over. I can’t hold on anymore.”

As soon as Su Jinbei arrived in front of him, she threw Wutong up in the air. An unsatisfied Wutong flew in a slight curve and fell accurately in Zhou Shiyun’s arms.

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Wutong, “Meow?”

Su Jinbei wiggled her arms, “F*ck, my hands are cramped.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Why didn’t you put it down and let it walk by itself?”

“Then you ask it.” Su Jinbei glanced at Wutong, “I originally wanted to take it to the yard for a walk so it could lose weight, but as soon as I put it down, it stopped moving. I could only carry it back.”

Zhou Shiyun listened and looked down at Wutong, “Are you that lazy?”

Wutong’s face was “innocent”, “Meow~”

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