Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - 沉香 Agarwood (2)

   "Dongke" invited many dignitaries from the electronic software industry. She recognized several bosses who participated in the IT summit, and senior executives from Gunan Terrence were also invited to participate. 

   Compared to others, she is too quiet. Picking a corner and standing, she felt that the light was a little dazzling and felt a little daze. She suddenly remembered the sentence, Happiness is theirs, and I have nothing. 

  She has never liked to noise because she would lose herself in this way. 

   She always feels that she seems to be a bit out of place in the hotel. She does not have the courage and determination of Xu Xiangya, Ding Wei, and Lin Yishen. Some just have strength and ingenuity. 

   She really wants to go home, make a cup of jasmine tea, and then chat with her parents, or go out for a walk. Maybe she can meet He Suye again. Her uneasy mood is all revealed in those smart eyes, which are shining brightly. 

   The crystal chandelier scattered all the light, and the gold powder also spilled down and fell on her jet-black hair. This woman in white clothes and white dress stood quietly in a corner as if she had just walked out of an old ancient book, and she was so out of place with the laughter in the background. 

   A man looked back from time to time, but she didn't know it. 
   There was a commotion at the door, and Shen Xifan saw Cheng and other high-level officials immediately greeted him. Among the group, Yan Heng stood in the middle and politely shook hands, greeted, and laughed with them. 

   Did anyone tell her that Yan Heng was coming? If so, she would rather get sick and go home. 

   Mr. Cheng waved to her, but she had to bite the bullet and stepped forward, “Hello, Mr. Yan! ”

   Yan Heng was wearing a suit, no tie, and glasses. There was a hint of unruly civility in his manner. He stretched out his hand, “Manager Shen has worked hard. Thank you for your care these days. I will trouble you again sometime in the future.”

   His fingers were a little cold, as slender and powerful as she remembered. Once, this hand took her through the mood for love and blooming flowers, but she never thought that they would hold each other's hands again in such a manner.  

   She couldn't help but feel sweat oozing from the palm of her hand, and her face was still calm, “Mr. Yan is polite, I am happy to serve you. ” She wanted to take out her hand, but Yan Heng held it tightly, his posture seem like he would not let it go. 

  Shen Xifan looked at him generously, her gaze was a little stern, Yan Heng smiled slyly, and suddenly let go. She was calm on the surface and retreated safely, but something in her heart began to slowly disintegrate. After a while, it will collapse into an army. 

   Yan Heng, from last time till now, she has never been his opponent. 

   She thought of a sentence, “I can't afford to provoke or hide”, and she suddenly realized. 
   The bustling city is colourful and weird on Christmas Eve. Everyone's face is filled with smiles. Girls are holding their boyfriends coquettishly, parents are holding their children, children are clamouring for candy from Santa Claus, and little flower girls are shuttling through the crowd. 

   She slipped out of the cocktail party and was about to go straight home, but she felt a little lonely walking on the road. All the excitement around her seemed to be far away from her. Although she always liked to be alone, there would still be a lot of loneliness during such a happy holiday. 

   Suddenly, the phone rang, a strange number, but the voice was not unfamiliar, “Shen Xifan, guess who I am?" ”

   She was a little curious, “Li Jie, how do you know my number? ”

   There was an “oops” at the other end, “It's not fun, you guessed it so quickly, by the way, what are you doing now?" ”

   “On the way home. ”

   Li Jie sighed, “It's so boring, there is no activity tonight, so would you like to come over? My senior brother and I are playing in the tea bar, right at the 'erya‘ on Tianyuan Road. ”

   He Suye is also there? Shen Xifan thought for a moment, maybe there were other people, she didn't expect Li Jie to say first, “There are other people, but it's okay. I'll introduce you to the other later. Everyone gets along well. Don't hesitate, come here, we'll wait for you! ”

   She immediately agreed, “Okay, I'll be there right away. ”
   “Erya" is the kind of fresh bar that white-collar workers and petty bourgeoisie like to go to. 

  As soon as she entered the door, she saw a group of people sitting at the innermost carved wooden table, talking enthusiastically, and she recognized He Suye at a glance. He was elegant and handsome. He smiled with eyes like a crescent moon and deep single-sided dimples. It is really eye-catching in the crowd. 

   Li Jie saw her and beckoned to her, “Here here! ”

   She walked over and Li Jie introduced them one by one, “They are all the junior brothers of the big senior brother, and there is also a junior sister. ”

   Shen Xifan saw that there was only one girl among so many boys. She was very beautiful. She was the kind of publicity beauty. The beautiful woman stood up, “My name is Fang Kexin. I am the only junior sister here. I studied imaging and am now an intern Doctor. ”

   Shen Xifan was sitting next to Li Jie. She was familiar with herself and she even have a glasnost job at a hotel. She naturally spoke with humour and politeness. After a while, everyone became familiar. 

   He Suye looked at her, smiled slightly, and did not deliberately strike up a conversation with her, but his gaze never left her. 

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