Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.5

Chapter 18.5 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (5)

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes and warned, “Stop pretending, that’s how you are.”

Wutong pawed its face, cuddled into Zhou Shiyun’s arms and didn’t make a sound.

Zhou Shiyun shook his head, slightly helpless, “If it doesn’t move next time just ignore it. Let it come back by itself.”

“That won’t do,” Su Jinbei squinted at him, “How about you follow us for a walk next time, Wutong will definitely listen to you.”

Zhou Shiyun was silent, “Alright.”

In the next two days, Zhou Shiyun really did keep his words and walked with them in the garden.

Wutong walked weakly in front, she and Zhou Shiyun followed behind.

“Don’t stop~ It’s only been five minutes.”

Wutong turned its head and gave Zhou Shiyun a sad look.

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth slightly ticked, “En, listen to her.”

“Meow!” Wutong turned back resentfully and continued to move reluctantly.

Su Jinbei proudly looked at its butt, “Sure enough, you’re the one with a deterrent effect. Zhou Shiyun, did you discipline it harshly before? Look, it’s so obedient with you.”

Zhou Shiyun, “It was really obedient with Mother before, too.”

Su Jinbei glared, “So, I’m the only one it bullies?”

Zhou Shiyun shook his head, “That’s not true, Wutong’s pretty disobedient in front of people other than Mother and I.”

“That’s too much.” Su Jinbei squatted down two steps forward, blocking Wutong’s road, “Fat cat, I have to remind you, don’t offend me. If you offend me, I won’t have anything good to feed you.”

“Meow.” It was extremely disdainful.

“You don’t believe me?” Su Jinbei grabbed its ears, “The Second Young Master you are afraid of also has to listen to me, do you dare not listen to me?”

Hearing this Zhou Shiyun was startled and looked at Su Jinbei as if he was a little puzzled. Where did she get her confidence?

“Zhou Shiyun, isn’t that right?”

She even dared ask him? Zhou Shiyun rewarded her with a cold look and walked forward indifferently.

“Hey, hey,” Su Jinbei caught up, “You shouldn’t give me that face in front of Wutong.”

Zhou Shiyun raised his eyebrows gently, “Wutong won’t believe your words either way.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

Su Jinbei lived well at the Zhou Residence, spending her time teasing Wutong and teasing Zhou Shiyun. Five days passed by quickly. Today was the day she returned to the Su Residence from the Imperial Capital.

Su Jinbei came with no luggage, but when she came back, she brought two large suitcases full of her recent loot. Some were sent by the Zhou family and some she bought herself.

“Wutong, remember to miss me.” Before getting in the car, Su Jinbei violated the big fat cat with reluctance.

“Meow.” Wutong was very intelligent. It could sense that Su Jinbei was about to leave, and its perpetually lazy eyes held a rare glint of emotion.

“If you like Wutong so much, tell Zhou Shiyun to bring it over to live with you next time.” Huo Wanjun said with a smile.

“Of course that would be great,” Su Jinbei’s eyes lit up, “Wutong, then I’ll see you next time.”


“Grandma, Elder Brother, then I will go first, you take care of your body.”

“Okay, be careful along the way.”

Su Jinbei nodded her head and finally looked at Zhou Shiyun. She didn’t say much, just gestured for him to give her a call. Huo Wanjun and Zhou Zhengxian laughed at this, and Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips. As always, there was no special expression.

Su Jinbei didn’t mind, anyway, she was long used to it. She got into the car, the driver of the Zhou family started the car, and gradually went away.

In front of the Zhou family mansion, Zhou Zhengxian stopped Zhou Shiyun who was about to leave.

“This time Jinbei came I forgot to give her this.” Zhou Zhengxian opened his hand and inside laid a teardrop-shaped emerald necklace, glittering and translucent. It was clear at first glance that it was valuable.

This emerald necklace was their mother’s. She had said that it was to be passed on to her daughter-in-law. Later, after their mother’s death, this object came into Zhou Zhengxian’s possession.

Zhou Shiyun looked at it with a faint smile. He didn’t think that Zhou Zhengxian would forget if he really wanted to give it to her himself.

Zhou Zhengxian looked at his expression and knew what he was thinking, so he said, “Give it to her this time when you go back, that’ll give you an excuse to see her. I know that you will definitely forget once you reach the hospital.”

“Keep it yourself.” Zhou Shiyun said.

“Why should I?” Zhou Zhengxian said, “I don’t have a wife.”

Zhou Shiyun choked.

“So I can only give it to you,” Zhou Zhengxian directly stuffed it in his hands, “Remember, give it to Jinbei personally.”

Without waiting for him to answer, Zhou Yan pushed Zhou Zhengxian inside.

Zhou Shiyun paused, looked down at the teardrop-shaped emerald necklace, he had to personally… give it to her.

Su Jinbei got off the plane and the person sent by Zhao Xueyan came to pick her up. She was dressed in low profile today, but she didn’t expect the cameras to flash waiting for her as soon as she came out.

Su Jinbei was surprised for a while. Today’s trip was quite confidential. How could there be reporters?

But the next second she knew why. Suddenly, there were screams at the airport, and Su Jinbei turned around and saw Xu Jiawei coming out with a crowd around him.

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