Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19.1 - A Jealous call (1)

The meeting of two parties at the airport was purely an accident. Xu Jiawei was stunned. Su Jinbei also felt it was bizarre. Were they going to make headlines again?

The reporters had originally come to cover Xu Jiawei and totally didn’t expect to find Su Jinbei as well.

“Jiawei, did the two of you come together for a special purpose, did you make an appointment?”

“Are the two going to have a meal together after this?”

“Where will you go next?”

“Jinbei, Jinbei, what do you have to say about being photographed with another man in the mall the other day, was he really just a friend?”

Xu Jiawei and Su Jinbei faced each other across the throng of reporters.

“Please make way, make way, our Jiawei just came to work, there was no prior appointment.” Xu Jiawei’s manager said.

“But can there be such a coincidence, the two people clearly came out one after another.”

“This is really just a coincidence, Jiawei and Jinbei are just very good friends.”

“So Jiawei, do you know the stranger with Su Jinbei?”

Xu Jiawei paused slightly, looking at the camera, “I’m not clear on that.”

Finally, he walked in the direction of Su Jinbei. The reporter was happy to see the picture of the two people together, so he tacitly agreed to make way for the two people.

“What a coincidence.” Xu Jiawei said with a smile.

Su Jinbei smiled back, “Indeed, where did you come from?”

“Hainan, how about you?”

“I’m coming from Beijing, do you have work here?” Su Jinbei didn’t feel embarrassed to see him at this time. This wasn’t her first rodeo. With so many scandals, how could she be afraid of fresh meat like Xu Jiawei?

“En, a commercial.” Xu Jiawei’s eyes behind his sunglasses were firmly fixed on Su Jinbei. If there were not so many people around him, he would really like to ask her, who was the man from the scandal before.

Su Jinbei nodded her head. When she wanted to say something, the phone rang. She pointed to the phone and signaled that she was going to leave first. However, Xu Jiawei did not leave, and only said, “I’ll walk VIP with you.”

Su Jinbei had already answered the phone at this time so she only casually nodded.


“You’ve arrived.” Zhou Shiyun’s light voice came through the receiver. Su Jinbei suddenly smiled like a flower, “Of course, how can my phone be on otherwise.”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun paused, “Why is it so noisy.”

“You forgot who I am. So many people came to see me at the airport, how can it not be?”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

At this time, the reporter’s microphone passed over the surrounding security personnel to Su Jinbei, “Jinbei, I heard that you snagged Director Zhao’s movie. Will you be cooperating with Xu Jiawei in the future?”

Su Jinbei smiled apologetically to the reporter, clutching the phone, “It’s a little noisy. Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”

Su Jinbei did not answer. The reporters had no choice but to turn to Xu Jiawei on the side. “Does Jiawei have plans to work with our goddess?”

Xu Jiawei’s manager blocked everyone, “Sorry, sorry, we’re not accepting any interviews at the moment, if there is news about work, we will inform everyone.”

“Eh, there is another question. Could you please answer it?”

Finally, the reporters were stopped outside, only Su Jinbei and Xu Jiawei entered the VIP passageway.

The surroundings became quiet, Su Jinbei no longer covered her cell phone, “Can you hear me now, hello?”


“Oh yes, what did you say just now, I didn’t catch it.”

Zhou Shiyun, “It’s nothing, Grandma just wanted to make sure you arrived.”

Su Jinbei cooed, “Only Grandma wanted to check on me, I thought you wanted to check on me too, I got excited for no reason.”

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, and suddenly said, “Is there anyone else with you right now?”

“Yes, my mother asked someone to pick me up, oh… I also ran into Xu Jiawei at the airport, you remember him?”

On the other end, Zhou Shiyun caressed Wutong’s soft fur. Of course, he remembered, she even wanted the man to feed her back then in the hospital.

Not waiting for Zhou Shiyun’s answer, Su Jinbei said again, “When I first got off the plane, I thought it was strange that reporters knew I was coming back today. It turns out they were here for him.”

“Su Jinbei.” Zhou Shiyun interrupted her.


“Go back early.”

“Oh.” Su Jinbei wiggled her brows and asked deliberately and coquettishly, “Is this what you want or what Grandma wants?”

Zhou Shiyun, “… I’m hanging up.”


“Beep beep…”

Su Jinbei glanced at the disconnected cell phone and muttered, “I can’t believe he really hung up, is it so hard to say it was what he wanted?”

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