Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19.2 - A Jealous Call (2)

Meanwhile in the Zhou Residence in the Imperial Capital.

Zhou Shiyun frowned slightly when he remembered what the reporter said over the phone just now. Collaboration, she and Xu Jiawei?

He took away the small snacks in front of Wutong with his profound eyes and silently felt that at that time, Su Jinbei’s various expressions towards Xu Jiawei was dazzling. That woman, every expression she made was bewitching.

And Wutong who lost his food for no reason suddenly exploded, “Meow, meow, meow!!”

Zhou Shiyun stared at it, and said quite imposingly, “She said you have to lose weight, did you forget?”

Wutong was aggrieved: You gave me the snacks just now! I haven’t even finished and you took it away! Who did I offend?!

“Okay, I will head out first. I will see you next time.” Su Jinbei said to Xu Jiawei.

Xu Jiawei nodded, his smile stiff, “Goodbye.”

The driver opened the door for her, and Su Jinbei waved to Xu Jiawei and got in the car.

The car moved away, Xu Jiawei stared blankly at the direction she left. Every expression she made during her phone call made its way to his heart. Her bright smile, her shy smile, they were all clearly meant for a lover. Who was the person on the other end… who could make her smile wholeheartedly like that.

“Jiawei, what’s the matter, get in the car.” The manager sighed as he looked at his preoccupied state.

“Jiawei, you really shouldn’t focus on feelings now.”

Xu Jiawei, “… I didn’t.”

“Don’t hide from me, I know you like Su Jinbei, but I advise you to forget this idea. Think about it, for a woman in the entertainment industry to grow like her, is it possible that there is no one backing her?”

“What do you mean…”

“You don’t understand what I mean?” The manager patted his shoulder with a heavy heart. “Unspoken rules in the entertainment circle can be seen everywhere. Didn’t the news two days ago say that there was a man spending thousands on her… Jiawei, don’t just casually think of ​​falling in love with people in the circle. “

Xu Jiawei turned his head, not wanting to hear his manager talk about this anymore, and sat in the car sullenly.

During the period when Su Jinbei returned home for the New Year’s, her Grandpa and parents seemed to treat her much better, more precisely, their impression of her was much better. She thought that this must be because of her relationship with Zhou Shiyun.

Sure, it would be strange if her relatives weren’t happy that her relationship with her fiancé was suddenly better, and this was the same fiancé she refused contact with this entire time.

On the 6th day of the Lunar year.

“Jinbei, are you ready? I will pick you up at your house in half an hour.” He Di said over the phone.

Su Jinbei was sitting in front of the vanity mirror and applying lipstick, “Okay, just hurry up and come.”

“En, okay.” He Di snickered and suddenly asked, “Oh, by the way, how’s it going with Dr. Zhou, you made a special trip to Beijing, did you go to meet the elders?”

“What do you mean I made a special trip to Beijing? He begged me to go to Beijing.”

“Oh~ he begs you and you actually go. You’ve never gone before, why the sudden change of heart?”

Su Jinbei put down the lipstick and rubbed her lips together, “He was so passionate in begging me, I couldn’t bear to refuse. After all, he was also the doctor who saved me, right.”

He Di rolled her eyes on her end, “Su Jinbei, drop the act, just tell me that you are in love with him.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, who was it who said she hated this kind of childhood engagement; that if you did get married in the future, you’ll mind your own business and he can mind his. You’re still going to be free as a bird, and you’re still going to like looking at fresh meat. You even said getting a husband was nothing. Su Jinbei, wasn’t this you? “

Su Jinbei supported her chin and thought for a while, “Yes, my philosophy has not changed a lot, but there is a small change, that is, getting a husband is now a thing. After all, my husband is so handsome, displaying him at home is bringing honour to my ancestors, no?”

He Di, “… Su Jinbei, does Dr. Zhou know that you are such a person.”

“He will know.”

He Di, “I suddenly pity Dr. Zhou.”

Su Jinbei sneered and hung up He Di’s call.

Displaying him at home? This was all talk, how could such a handsome husband only be kept for display at home!

Su Jinbei smiled and remembered the way he held her in the mall elevator that day. At that time, her heart was beating too fast, her heart had never beat that fast before.

Film and Television City, “Crisis City” crew.

Su Jinbei hurried to the crew after dropping all her luggage at the hotel. Because of time constraints, she couldn’t come to the booting ceremony, so she immediately joined the group now.

“Crisis City” was a new production by well-known director Zhang Xuecheng. The production team was excellent and it was an all-star cast. Su Jinbei was very happy to be selected as an important character in this drama.

Many actors competed with her for this role, even a few A-list actors, but in the end, she was picked by the director. Not because she was better than other actors in acting, after all, her main profession was not an actor, but because her temperament and face were most in line with the character in the movie.

Her character was a beautiful spy who had been trained since childhood and was finally chosen and sent to neighboring countries. Enchanting, charming, and smart, these were the things that this character needed to have, the smart part she needed to act, but the enchanting part… Su Jinbei was the textbook version of that word just by standing, it wouldn’t make sense not to hire her.

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