Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20.1 – Gao Zitong (1)

The scene they were going to film today was a prologue showcasing how she was trained. Su Jinbei asked He Di to manage other things and went to the makeup room by herself and the staff to apply makeup.

It’s still early today, and many actors had just arrived to put on makeup.

“Hello, Su jiejie, my name is Chen Xinai.” Su Jinbei was stopped by a young girl as soon as she entered the door. The little girl was pretty, about 163cm tall, wearing a down jacket and white shoes, her overall feeling was very fresh.

Because Su Jinbei was taller than her and wearing high heels, there was a cute height difference.

“Chen Xinai…” Su Jinbei couldn’t remember who she was, but she still reached out and shook her hand, “Hello, I’m Su Jinbei.”

Chen Xinai’s fair-skinned face blushed, and she said with some excitement, “Su jiejie, I’m an avid watcher of your show and I like you so much. I didn’t expect that the first time I’m filming it’d be with you. “

So she was a newcomer, no wonder she did not recognise her.

Su Jinbei thanked her and politely asked, “Who are you playing?”

“Zongzheng Peihan”

“Ah, it’s that princess.”

“Yep, yep, Su jiejie, you and I will have a lot of scenes together.”

Su Jinbei’s character was extremely vigilant when she reached the enemy country. She never trusted anyone but she made friends with the innocent and cute princess of the enemy country. As Chen Xinai said, the two will be in a lot of scenes together.

“En, I look forward to it.” Su Jinbei pointed to the dressing table, “I’m going to put on makeup first, what about you.”

“I’m going to put on makeup soon. Su jiejie, you go first.”


Su Jinbei sat on the makeup chair under Chen Xinai’s heart-shaped eyes. Her assistant Xiao Wai smiled and said, “Jinbei jie, do you prey on both male and female now?”

Su Jinbei mussed her long hair, her face was “helpless”, “Natural beauty is hard to live with…”

Halfway through makeup, a loud sound came from the doorway.

Su Jinbei stopped playing with her mobile phone and looked up through the makeup mirror. At the door of the dressing room at this time was a woman wearing a black coat and knee-high boots walking in.

Su Jinbei had seen her works but had never officially encountered the person in real life. Her name was Gao Zitong, and she was one of the Four Dan actresses chosen by netizens. In recent years, Gao Zitong was very popular. Although there were many fans and haters alike, it was because of this that she was regularly being talked about. Add to that the fact she had good backing, her resources in the industry were surely not lacking.

Su Jinbei motioned to the makeup artist to stop for a moment and felt that it was necessary to turn around and greet her.

However, she hadn’t even spoken a word after turning in her chair, and Gao Zitong in the blink of an eye had already sat down on the makeup chair next to her. She clearly had no intention of saying hello to her.

Su Jinbei raised his eyebrows, so cold… Forget it, they were strangers anyway.

“Where’s my makeup artist?”

“Miss Gao, please wait a moment, we’ll go to you after we finish with the actors over here.” Su Jinbei’s makeup artist said politely.

“Wait a moment? I’m going to make a movie soon and you’re letting me wait?” Gao Zitong sneered, “Stop working on the people who aren’t urgent, do mine first.”

The makeup artist was a little burdened, but she still called over the makeup artist who was applying makeup on Chen Xinai, “Xiaozheng, come and do Miss Gao’s makeup first.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Wait.” Gao Zitong crossed her leg and said to the makeup artist, although her eyes were turned to Su Jinbei, “I think your technique is better, you do my makeup.”

The makeup artist was stunned. “Miss Su hasn’t…”

“Do my makeup first, it should be no problem, right?”

The people around Gao Zitong quickly said, “Our Zitong is the main character, does the main character have to wait in line to get her face made up?”

The makeup artist frowned, but she dared not resist.

At this time, Su Jinbei, who had not spoken, suddenly chuckled lightly, but the sound rang clear, “Isn’t the problem only deciding who gets to get made up first, Miss Gao? We haven’t even begun filming, it doesn’t make a difference who gets their makeup done first. Why are you making it hard for the makeup artist? “

Gao Zitong’s assistant said, “What are you talking about, our Zitong is the main character, of course, she must be first, her makeup has to be flawless.”

Su Jinbei raised her eyes to her, and hidden in her enchanting eyes was a dangerous glint. “The main character? As far as I know, the movie’s main character is male, and we are all playing equal parts. Huh, didn’t you guys read the script carefully? “


“Shut up.” Gao Zitong stopped her assistant coldly. She looked at Su Jinbei. “Even if the main character isn’t a female, if we look at it closely, I still have the most important role. Miss Su, can’t you give me your makeup artist? “

Su Jinbei shrugged, “I’m sorry, you see my makeup is already halfway done and it doesn’t make sense to just stop here. Besides, what does Miss Gao mean by wanting my makeup artist? Didn’t they already assign you one just now.”

Gao Zitong hooked her lips, “But I just like yours more.”

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes slightly, damn, this lady was deliberately asking for trouble. Did she provoke her on purpose? But she didn’t remember them ever crossing paths before.

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