Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2 - Gao Zitong (2)

“Han laoshi.” At this moment, someone opened the door and called.

Many people got up to say hello, even Gao Zitong, who had been angry with Su Jinbei, retracted her sharp look. She smiled and said hello to Han Wenbin, “Han laoshi, I have waited for you for a long time, how come you just arrived.”

Su Jinbei felt nauseous, she changed attitudes faster than flipping a page in a book.

Han Wenbin smiled, “There was a little traffic jam on the road.”

“Is that so, Han laoshi, please sit down.”

“Thank you.”

Han Wenbin sat down in another makeup chair. A makeup artist came to put on makeup for him. He waved his hand and took out the script. “No rush, let others finish first, I’ll just read my script.”


Han Wenbin was sitting on the other side of Su Jinbei. The two met each other’s eyes and only nodded, no extra words.

Su Jinbei respected Han Wenbin very much. He had been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years and relied entirely on his own strength. Furthermore, his acting skills were notoriously good, and all the movies he starred in became a success. Him becoming the male lead of “Crisis City” this time around was a sure-fire guarantee that the movie will be a box office hit.

After the arrival of Han Wenbin, Gao Zitong finally stopped acting out.

Su Jinbei finished her makeup and went out after putting on her costume. Sitting in a chair in the corner of the set, she still couldn’t understand Gao Zitong’s stance against her.

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai was also done with her makeup, “Su jiejie, are you okay?”

“Me? Why wouldn’t I be?”

Chen Xinai puffed her cheeks, “The air between you and Gao Zitong just now didn’t feel right, she obviously wanted to bully you.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “What’s wrong, do you think I was bullied?”

“No, no.” Chen Xinai waved her hands no, “I just think she was too much, just because she was famous doesn’t give her an excuse to do this.

Su Jinbei squinted through her script and whispered, “Eh… she was a little over the top, could it be she’s in that time of the month?”

Chen Xinai, “Eh?”

Su Jinbei looked up and patted Chen Xinai’s shoulder, “Okay, don’t worry about her, concentrate on filming. She doesn’t seem to be someone to provoke, just stay away from her a little.”

Chen Xinai looked at Su Jinbei earnestly, “Su jiejie, you are so nice.”

The outer corners of Su Jinbei’s eyes wrinkled, “Of course, you’re such a cute little sister.”

The two people sat down and chatted. After a while, Chen Xinai was called away by the director. Since Su Jinbei’s scene hadn’t started shooting, she just waited where she was.

As a result, she waited until Zhou Shiyun called. It was rare for Zhou Shiyun to call her. Su Jinbei was very happy when she saw the name displayed, so when she picked up, her voice was lighter, “Hello~ why did you think of calling me, miss me?”

Zhou Shiyun was already used to Su Jinbei’s tone and asked directly, “Where are you.”

“I’m filming, are you back in the hospital?”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun said, “Forget it since you’re not here.”

“Eh, what’s the matter?”

Zhou Shiyun, “It’s nothing.”

“This isn’t like you.” Su Jinbei’s curiosity was piqued, “People who don’t finish talking are the most hateful.”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun was unmoved, “I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, you’re hanging up like this? You’re really not saying?”

“We’ll talk about it when you come back.”

Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, and her beautiful eyes suddenly smiled and bent, “So you’re going to wait for me to come back. Okay, the two cities are not far away anyway. When I’m on break, I’ll sneak out to find you. “

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, “It’s not a big deal, don’t need to rush over.”

“Hush, don’t say one thing and mean another, I know you want to talk to me face to face.” Su Jinbei looked at the assistant director who beckoned with her in the distance, “I’m going to film now. If you miss me too much just look me up on the internet, I’m always there.”

Zhou Shi twitched his eyebrows slightly and hung up the phone resolutely.

Su Jinbei smiled and stuffed her cell phone back into her bag. Suddenly she felt that Zhou Shiyun’s phone call lifted her mood that was destroyed by Gao Zitong.

Gee, beauty was really a good thing.

Su Jinbei had not accepted acting roles for a long time. The schedule of the filming was really tight. She also had to be suspended with wires and fought in several scenes these past few days. Because there were many closeups, she had to attend in person. So because these scenes were filmed one after another, she felt a little tired. On this day was another wire scene. After falling down, Su Jinbei couldn’t stand firmly. Fortunately, Han Wenbin who was around her helped her, and then, like the gentleman he was, took her to the side to rest.

“Young lady, don’t push yourself too hard, remember to speak up when you can’t hold it.” Han Wenbin handed her medicine for her wounds and reminded her kindly. Han Wenbin was actually about thirty-five years old, but because celebrities had to maintain themselves well, there was no visible age gap between them. But he had called her young lady, Su Jinbei could only restrain herself. He was still her senior after all.

Su Jinbei thanked him, “Han laoshi, you have it worse than I do. This is nothing.”

“How can that compare, you are a girl.”

“As actors, we should not lower our standards just because we’re girls, don’t you think?”

Han Wenbin smiled heartily, “Okay, okay. Working hard is good. Jinbei, you’re not too shabby.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “Thank you, Han laoshi, for your praise.”

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