Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21.1 - Shao Suying Visit (1)

After Han Wenbin left, Gao Zitong, who was sitting a few steps away, suddenly whispered coldly, “Hmph, what an expert at seducing men.”

Su Jinbei lifted her pant leg and looked at her sideways, “Are you talking to me?”

Gao Zitong’s eyes were full of contempt, “Does anyone else here have the skill other than you?”

Su Jinbei sat up slowly and looked at Gao Zitong with her head in her hands, “Look, do you have something against me or were you born mean?”

This was the only lounge in the studio. Although there were not many people sitting in it, the two of them definitely weren’t the only one there. At this time, the two of them were getting worked up, and the several actors present suddenly focused their attention on them.

Gao Zitong’s eyes were cold, “I’m just telling the truth so that everyone can see how you really are.”

Su Jinbei raised her brows, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen an uneducated person say something so tactfully. Miss Gao, I admire you.”

Gao Zitong stood up angrily, “Su Jinbei!”

“What’s wrong, flying into a rage out of shame?”

“Hah, the shameful person is you, only relying on men to climb up the ladder. To get to where you are today, did you spend a lot of energy?”

Su Jinbei shrugged, “I don’t agree with the first half of the sentence, but I agree with the second half of the sentence. I worked hard to get where I am today. Of course, people like Miss Gao, who has powerful backing and relies on their family to pay their way to fame, cannot relate to little people like us. “

“Who’s relying on their family!”

“Ah, is it wrong?” Su Jinbei smiled innocently, “Then Miss Gao should ignore it, I’m only relaying what others are saying.”

Gao Zitong clenched her fists and was speechless for a moment.

“Zitong jie, start shooting.” The assistant came over and pulled Gao Zitong.

Gao Zitong snorted coldly, glared at Su Jinbei fiercely, and turned away.

After Gao Zitong left, several actors present were admiringly looking at Su Jinbei.

Gao Zitong’s background was an open secret in the circle. Gao Zitong’s debut was really not memorable at all, but her family was willing to spend money for her to play, from movies, commercials, TV dramas… with every step, they bought her fame with money. With such a background, with so many resources in hand, people in the circle were generally not stupid enough to offend Gao Zitong, and nobody was willing to face her upfront.

And Su Jinbei, when she came to this circle, her family had opposed her decision. The Su family did not want the young lady of the Su family to show her face in public, so she completely covered up her background. The reporters could not dig out information even if they wanted to. If they did find something, most of the time it was fake. She had come to where she was today all by herself.

In the eyes of everyone, one was a lady with a background, and the other was a host without a background (although there may be a gold master behind). Although the two people were quite famous, you could tell which one to flatter and which one to be alienated at a glance…

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai came over and whispered while sitting next to her, “I just heard about it, Gao Zitong caused you trouble again.”

Because of her dispute with Gao Zitong, many actors were hesitant to approach her, but this Chen Xinai was an exception, she liked to stick to her after filming.

Su Jinbei patted her head, “What’s wrong.”

“Is Su jiejie angry, she insulted you.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “Xinai, why don’t you think that maybe she was right?”

“Ah?” Chen Xinai was startled, “I, I don’t believe that Su jiejie is that kind of person…”

“You are really naive and simple, there are so few of you in this circle.” Su Jinbei looked at her softly, “but thank you for being willing to believe me.”

“Then, Su jiejie, you…”

Su Jinbei looked at her in shock and chuckled. “Of course, I am not like that. Does being beautiful mean you have to advance by seducing people? I have told you, I already belong to someone, I’m not an immoral person. “

“Already belong to someone?” Chen Xinai was shocked and surprised, “Su jiejie has a boyfriend?!”

Su Jinbei smiled inscrutably, “This is… a secret.”

After some time, everyone knew that Su Jinbei and Gao Zitong were at odds with each other. The two often exchanged cold offensive remarks, and if one couldn’t stand the other anymore, she would turn away and leave…

And Su Jinbei, she no longer thought about why Gao Zitong was always against her, anyway, different situations call for different actions. If Gao Zitong insulted her with one sentence, she would reply with three until the other party lost her temper.

At noon on this day, everyone started to have lunch.

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai came to eat with her lunch box, “Did you just see the girl in pink.”

Su Jinbei heartbrokenly picked the braised pork out of her lunchbox, and said indifferently, “What girl in pink.”

“I don’t know who she is either, I only saw Gao Zitong linking arms with her intimately, and what’s even more amazing is that even Director Zhang is very respectful to her.” Chen Xinai sat down and continued, “She’s really pretty, not a person in the circle. Everyone’s guessing that she might be a young lady from a really good family.”

“Oh, is that so.” Su Jinbei felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart as she moved away half her rice. She had to maintain her figure!

“Su jiejie, are you listening to me?”

“I am, I am.” Su Jinbei finally began to eat, “Pink girl, right.”

Chen Xinai, “… Forget it, enjoy your meal.”

The entire time Su Jinbei never took what Chen Xinai said about the pink girl to heart. She didn’t even realize who the pink girl was until she finished her meal and walked to the studio with Chen Xinai.

Even Director Zhang treated her respectfully, and Gao Zitong was also intimate with her… so that’s who she was. She had met her several times at the Zhou Residence and she was someone who didn’t really like her very much, Shao Suying.

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