Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2 - Shao Suying Visit (1)

Shao Suying and Su Jinbei were far away from each other. Their faces were calm as if they were strangers.

At this moment, Gao Zitong looked at Su Jinbei with contempt, and when she came over, Gao Zitong said next to Shao Suying, “This is Su Jinbei who I was telling you about, the fox who stole Jiawei.”

“Oh, it’s her.”

“Yeah, didn’t you come here today to see with your own eyes the fox I was telling you about?”

Shao Suying leaned on the back of the chair, “Well, yeah. That’s it, huh. I can tell she’s not a good person at first glance.”

Gao Zitong was very happy in her heart and quickly said, “That’s what I’m saying, with such a charming face, she must have great seduction skills.”

Shao Suying looked down, thinking of how her second brother was unknowingly “wearing a green hat”, “Damn woman.”

Gao Zitong smiled when she saw this. It’s not a good thing to make the young lady of the Zhou family feel unhappy, Su Jinbei’s screwed this time.

“Drink.” Gao Zitong diligently handed Shao Suying a glass of juice. “No need.” Shao Suying’s eyes followed Su Jinbei’s movements.

Gao Zitong was not annoyed that she was treated coldly, and she still sat beside Shao Suying with a smile. She and Shao Suying met at a business party. She hadn’t noticed the little girl at first. Later, she heard that her identity was exceptional and deliberately approached her. Later, after they became friends, she finally knew how exceptional.

Although Gao Zitong had never been in contact with anyone from the Zhou family of the Imperial Capital, she heard from her family that this was a household that even her elders couldn’t touch. Being able to befriend the maternal granddaughter of the Zhou family was a great advantage to her family.

“Xiao Yao, I put my script here just now, did you see it.” Su Jinbei walked over to the rest area and turned a blind eye to Gao Zitong and Shao Suying.

The staff called by Su Jinbei pointed to Shao Suying, “I saw the script on that chair just now…”

Su Jinbei turned her head to look around and met Shao Suying’s hostile look. Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, naturally thinking, no wonder Gao Zitong was displeased with her, it must be Miss Shao’s instructions.

“Hello, can you stand up for a while, you might be sitting on my script.” Su Jinbei looked at Shao Suying from above and said politely.

“It’s not here, go look for it elsewhere.” Shao Suying said slowly.

Su Jinbei grinned, “But you might really be sitting down on it, can you just stand up and show me for a bit?”

Shao Suying, “No. Way.”

“She said it’s not here, Su Jinbei, don’t you understand?” Gao Zitong said happily.

Su Jinbei took a deep breath and slowly leaned down, leaning one hand on Shao Suying’s seat armrest, “I’ll say it again, you, stand up and show me.”

Gao Zitong, “Su Jinbei!”

Shao Suying narrowed her eyes, “Are you deaf, how many times I have to tell you that what you’re looking for is not with me… Ah!”

The room was filled with a scream, and everyone saw Su Jinbei with the speed of a lightning pull Miss Shao’s seat violently, and then threw it aside mercilessly. Shao Suying stumbled several times and was narrowly supported by a staff member.

Everyone froze. Su Jinbei had great strength and her courage… was also great.

Su Jinbei, who was stared at by everyone, picked up her script from Shao Suying’s chair. “Look, I told you it was here.”

“Su Jinbei, you dare make me fall!!”

Su Jinbei stared on with her big eyes, a pair of peach blossom eyes evil and charming, “Ah, I accidentally put too much strength, are you alright.”


“What’s going on here.” Director Zhang came from not far away, “Why is it so noisy, Miss Shao, what happened to you?”

“Director Zhang.” Gao Zitong ran over anxiously as she pretended, “Look at Su Jinbei, she didn’t control her strength and almost made Yingying fall. Weren’t you only looking for your script, we didn’t even know we accidentally sat on your script. “

“Oh, didn’t I sincerely ask for her to stand up.” Su Jinbei was helpless, “but she didn’t listen.”

Zhang Xuecheng gave Su Jinbei a glance, “Jinbei, she’s a guest, it’ll be over if you say sorry.”

Gao Zitong was beaming with pride.

Su Jinbei’s eyes narrowed dangerously and she stretched her hand in a “come hither” motion, “Come here.”

Shao Suying’s complexion changed, “What’s with your attitude!”

Zhang Xuecheng quickly said, “Jinbei, speak politely.” He was doing this for Su Jinbei’s good. Even he wouldn’t dare to offend this little girl. Where would Su Jinbei have the ability? She was a good actor, he didn’t want to find an actor suitable for this role all over again.

Su Jinbei didn’t care about the eyes of the people present. Shao Suying didn’t come over so she walked over. She slightly came closer and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “You still want to cause trouble, eh?”

Shao Suying, “You’re the one causing trouble, not me.”

Su Jinbei hooked her lips, “Well, since you insisted on saying so, I’ll have to talk to your Second Brother, and then let your Second Brother inform Grandma and Elder Brother, how you’re acting outside.”

“You dare!”

“Why don’t I dare, Suying, don’t learn bad things from others, or else, Grandma and them will definitely feel that the family has lost face, and will pull you back to relearn etiquette, hm… they would lock you up for a few months and have you copy scriptures, or lock you in your room, or maybe even send you abroad… “

Shao Suying glared, “Su Jinbei, you have the guts to threaten me.”

“Oh, no, I don’t dare, but you are Shiyun’s sister, after all, I don’t want you to be led down the wrong path.”

“You, you…”

“Okay, okay, stop talking. Be good, go home, don’t come out and make trouble.” Su Jinbei pushed her shoulders with a fake smile.

Shao Suying bit her lip and stared at her angrily.

At this time, Su Jinbei also justly said aloud, “I’m so sorry, Ms. Shao, I really shouldn’t have done that just now. I was just too worried about my script!”

Shao Suying waved her hand vigorously, “Hmph!” Then she turned away with a sullen face.

Gao Zitong was surprised for a moment, but she didn’t expect Shao Suying to be fine with just that. She quickly caught up, “Yingying!”

Su Jinbei waved her hand, “Goodbye, Miss Shao, come again to play next time.”

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