Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 8.4

Chapter 8.4 - 沉香 Agarwood (1)

      Shen Xifan thought carefully, "Maximilian Hecker, Winter Pills, Lene Marlin, Cranberries, well, there are many good ones. I can't remember them right away. When I have time, I’ll share them with you. ”

He Suye nodded, “Well, I'll add you when I go back at night. Are you used to using QQ or MSN? ”

   Shen Xifan suddenly remembered the embarrassment of wanting to become a penguin and go offline incognito when she met him in a restaurant last time and burst out laughing. He Suye asked her with interest, "Don't you use either of them?" 

   Shen Xifan changed the subject, “He Suye, the prescription you mentioned today seems to have agarwood in it. Why? ”

   He Suye was taken aback for a moment and then blurted out without even thinking about it, “I think you are like this medicine. ”

   She was curious, turned to wait for him, and then asked him cautiously, “Why do you say that?" 

  “Agarwood is agarwood, also known as daughter incense. It is not only a kind of high-grade wood but also traditional Chinese medicine. Agarwood has a fragrant smell and is mainly used for detoxification and dredging. It enters the kidney, spleen, and stomach meridians. It is the finest medicinal material in Qi medicine. The mysterious and strange fragrance of agarwood gathers the aura of heaven and earth for thousands of years, fragrant, elegant, and mellow. I feel it is very similar to you, and your character. The longer it takes the human body to experience it, and the more he digs, the more he feels happy. ”

   When he spoke, He Suye's face flushed slightly. It might be because of alcohol. He spoke boldly. If it were normal, he would never speak so directly. 

   But in fact, he didn't drink much, and he was still very sober. It was just that when he saw Shen Xifan for the first time today, his heart jumped for no reason, and then he looked at her bright smile, the cunning smile when cheating with him, the helplessness and mischief when losing the game, and the unexplained heartbeat when singing, these make his mood infinitely good, like a balloon being blown up, full of joy and expansion. 
   The street light caged Shen Xifan's whole body in a halo, with white clothes and a white dress, and then a long windbreaker. She seemed to be very afraid of the cold. She kept exhaling heat on her hands, walking dishonestly and liked to jump around, letting her black hair flutter in the wind. 

   He Suye suddenly had a strange feeling. He was always in a comfortable mood when he was with Shen Xifan. Whether it was her shrewd and capable side or her confused and helpless appearance, he found it interesting. The deeper he got to know her, the more he felt that she was rare and valuable, full of surprises. 

   Christmas Eve was really sensational. 
   Shen Xifan hesitated for a long time and finally said, “He Suye, I find that I am very happy when I’m with you. ”

  He laughed. Unexpectedly, didn't he know whenever her dripping eyes were turning, she liked to glance at him casually and then retract as if nothing had happened. Talking to him would be a bit inconsistent with the preface. After only getting along a few times, she showed her affection for him. He didn't repel her, and sometimes secretly hoped to for it to be more obvious. 

   Tonight, it is obvious enough. 

   Sometimes when he go downstairs to go shopping, he thinks, he don't know if Shen Xifan, the little girl, will be in the supermarket. She should eat more fruits instead of biscuits and the like; sometimes halfway through writing a thesis, he will look up and look out the window. Don't know where the little girl lives and the community is so big. He only noticed her walking to Area F that time; will the little girl have insomnia again, or suffer from some other illness, and run to see the doctor again. 

   He was a little surprised, but then he was relieved. Why bother to think so much about whether he should hang her onto his heart? Since it is hanging, just let it hang it. 

   It's just that he's not sure what kind of feeling this is. 
   For Zhang Yiling, he was a little dependent, because she was the one who pulled him out of the abyss and gave him warmth. In this love, they are both used to accepting each other's kindness, although, in comparison, she does not love him. 

   It's strange that for Shen Xifan, for the first time, he felt that he had something called responsibility. 

   Just because she is younger than him, just because she used to be his patient?

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