Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3 - 中蜜 Honey (3)

     She blushed strangely, and Li Jie said bluntly, "Miss Shen has been discussing the topic of my senior brother just now, could it be that you like my older brother...”
     She quickly shook her hand, "I, no, I just... I was curious, so I just..." The more guilty she was, the more she couldn't explain clearly, and her embarrassment was obvious in Li Jie's eyes. 
     Li Jie blinked, “It's okay, do you think my big brother is a very good person? Don't worry, he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. If you are interested, I can help you! ”
     Shen Xifan was a little puzzled. There is no reason why she would like a doctor whom she has only met a few times. In total, they have spoken for less than an hour. It's just because he is very handsome, very kind, and very good. Is this considered liking someone, she is a bit frivolous, right? 
     She had no choice but to explain, “Li Jie, I just think He Suye is very nice and wants to be friends with him, just as I also think you are very easy-going and nice, so I really want to be friends with you too. ”
     Li Jie was embarrassed, “I misunderstood, Miss Shen, don't be angry, so I will treat you to dinner as a gift? ”
     On the contrary, Shen Xifan secretly scolded herself for treating a gentleman with the heart of a villain, and laughed, “Just call me Shen Xifan. If you call me Miss Shen, I really don't know how to be friends. I'm hungry. Let's eat! ”
     The two looked at each other and smiled, and they both felt that they hit it off with each other, but as a couple, not a chance! 

    They went to eat northeast cuisine, as business in the shop was very good so there was no private room, they could only sit by the window near the door. Li Jie was afraid that Shen Xifan would mind. Who knew that as soon as she sat down, she pointed to the crowd coming and going outside the door, narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Li Jie, it feels really good to see that others are busy, but here we are eating leisurely. ”
     He found her very easy-going and comfortable. 
     She ordered three dishes, all of which were signature dishes. Although not a lot of dishes, they were of good portion and good taste. The two of them had a lot of fun. Halfway through the meal, Shen Xifan felt that someone seemed to be looking at her. She raised his head and blurted out, "Doctor He? ”
     Li Jie immediately raised his head and saw He Suye pushing the door, entering quickly. The first thing he said was to Shen Xifan, “Why didn't you go get the medicine today?" Did you forget it again? I just reminded you yesterday! ”
     Shen Xifan had no choice but to smile, “I forget, I will go tomorrow, it won’t expire right!" ”
     Seeing that the two people finished their meal, the waiter delivered the bill. The two of them reached out for their wallets at the same time. Li Jie was faster to pay the bill. Shen Xifan said naturally and generously, “I will invite you to dinner another day! ”
     She got up and went to the bathroom, and He Suye finally uncertainly asked, “How did you two meet?" ”
     Li Jie’s chopstick knocked onto the bowl and said, "Big brother, by the way, this blind date was planned out by my mother, and we met as a result. We hit it off quick well but there is no personal male-female relationship involved.
     After a pause, he added kindly, “I think I came on a blind date for you, what a strange feeling! ”
     He Suye was stunned, immediately said, “Me? Blind date, what nonsense! ”
    Shen Xifan and He Suye live in the same small neighbourhood. The three of them parted in Times Square. The two of them went all the way back together. Shen Xifan was in a very good mood today. He Suye saw her looking around non-stop, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, and he also felt infected. 
     People are coming and going about on the street, and it was Christmas in five days, and then the New Year. There are Christmas trees in the shops, colourful lights, and MerryChristmas and HappyNewYear sprayed on the windows. The musical fountain on the square was colourfully decorated. 
     Suddenly, he felt someone pulling the corner of his clothes, looking down, and a girl selling flowers said to him, “Big brother, buy your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers! ”
     He was a little at a loss, Shen Xifan laughed “puff”, "Little friend, he is my dad, you made a mistake! ”
     The little girl looked at them in disbelief and walked away suspiciously. He Suye looked at Shen Xifan and snickered. She was really helpless. She was wearing a red and black plaid cotton-padded coat, a ponytail, and big eyes with high spirits. She didn't look like a 25-year-old professional woman at all. I'm afraid some people believe that she is a high school student. He sighed, “Sure enough, I am old. ”
     Shen Xifan comforted him, “Dr. He likes to eat jelly, old in appearance but your heart is not old! ”
     When she walked to the supermarket in the community, she rushed in. He Suye waited for her at the door. After a while, she came out, carrying a large bag of things, Shen Xifan asked him, “He Suye, do you like sweet food?" ”
     This was the first time he heard her call his name. He couldn't tell the feeling. He just felt that when she uttered the word “Su Ye” with a soft accent, it felt special. It was a bit like the medium honey used by his grandfather when he made honey pills when he was a child. Sweet and sticky. 
     He nodded, “I like it, what's the matter? ”
    She took out a piece of Dove chocolate, “In return for the jelly, He Suye should decoct the medicine well, take this as a thank you gift from the patient to the doctor! ”
     He took it with a smile, Shen Xifan's face was a little red, and she probably regretted her boldness. With his clear eyes, he could see through this lass’s idea all at once. 
     However, this is the first time that he has not rejected someone's straightforward affection for him, he was not like this even towards Zhang Yiling.

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