First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.4


Chapter 4.4 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (4)

        Yan Ke’s face showed displeasure as he stood on the side of the high jump field, and was urged by the physical education teacher continuously. He reluctantly got into the jumping position and stride across the pole, his legs inevitably hitting the horizontal pole.

   The high jump is not a 110-meter hurdle, he would never make it through and act handsome at the same time!

  Xiong Yifan trot towards him and stopped beside him, encouraging enthusiastically: "No, try this, you should drive your knee and late arm up for more height. When you're at the peak of your jump arch your back, look at my posture, it is done like that."

   She demonstrated the right posture, at the same time teaching Yan Ke how to fall on the mat without pain. Yan Ke looked at her with hands on his hips, pouted his lips, and scorned, "That mat... is too dirty."

   As soon as his voice fell, Xiong Yifan was in a lost for words, and then felt that she was stupid to even demonstrate the actions to him.

   Yan Ke squatted aside, watching other people practice.

   "That's how high jumps are, you just have to close one eye on the map, or do you try running before taking off? It will be better if you run."

   "The girls in our class nominated me to come for this. Otherwise, who would want to waste time participating in this kind of thing?" Yan Ke snorted impatiently, then glanced at Xiong Yifan.

  Xiong Yifan felt that she had said something wrong, bit on her lower lips like a child caught doing something wrong.

   "Why don't you go to the gym to teach the other students?" Yan Ke asked.

   "There is no shot put place in the gym."

   "Your voice is too loud, I can hear it in the teaching building, I can't study when I hear your voice. Also, your voice really doesn't sound nice."


   Xiong Yifan almost cried after hearing Yan Ke’s harsh comment. She was called out to the field by the physical education teacher to help the students train for the sport event. She responsibly did her job and coached everyone. She sacrificed several days of self-study time, but… not only was she not appreciated, but she also met Yan Ke’s harsh words. The anticipation and happiness in the heart after talking to someone she liked was transformed into ashes. Yan Ke could always easily play with her mood just with a few words.

        One who has fallen in love with someone unsuitable for them would never be sympathized even if she gets hurt a hundred or a thousand times.

  Just like how Yan Ke ignored Xiong Yifan even when she was crying.

  Ding Ming, who was standing not far away, could not hear what the two of them were saying, she went to Qi Xiaosong and asked him: "What do you think of the guy next to Xiao Xiong?"

  Qi Xiaosong just finished the long-distance running. He smelled sweaty, gasped, and looked up at Yan Ke, and the gesture of the two chatting with each other. His expression changed, and then he smiled and said, "He is my sister's boyfriend."

   Hearing this sentence, Ding Ming's expression changed immediately, staring at Qi Xiaosong seriously, with a horrified look.

   Qi Xiaosong was surprised by Ding Ming’s horrified gawk, and added, "80%...He is."

   "What do you mean by 80%?"

        "He is my sister's piano partner. The two of them grew up together. Their relationship has always been good. They also won prizes together. And he has been to my house as a guest before. My parents liked him very much and called him Xiaobai(bai 白 is white in Chinese, meaning his skin tone is fair)... "

   Ding Ming opened her eyes wide, pupils trembled slightly, and asked with her voice slightly unnatural, "Have your sister mentioned to you explicitly that they are dating?"

   "She didn’t explicitly say that they are dating. But they’ve always been with each other for so many years. They will probably get together when they go to university."

   He took out his mobile phone, opened his album and selected a photo, and showed Ding Ming. It was a photo of his younger sister and Yan Ke. They wore white short-sleeved tops and blue school uniform pants. At first glance, you can tell that they are junior high school uniforms. The two people were holding the trophy and certificate in their hands, with smiles on their faces, pure and flawless, pure like water.

  Qi Xiaosong, like her younger sister, is a slender person.

        Ding Ming saw Qi Xiaosong’s sister in high school before and she was tall and slender. Although she is not as good looking as Tang Tang, she is also quite a beauty, with long hair and big eyes, her dimples will show when she smiles, and she likes to stick to her brother. She even has a good relationship with Xiong Yifan. She and  Qi Xiaosong are twins but she delayed her entry to high school to specialize in piano.