Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14 - Boyfriend x Girlfriend Part 2

     Her grandma asked her what she wanted to do about it? She instinctively replied that she wanted to go together with him!
     She pretended to not know about his plan to go abroad and asked him if he had any plans to continue his studies, Yin Zhe said let's talk about it later, but who is he planning to lie to?
   Yin Zhe used facts to tell her who his plan was. When she stroked his MBA coursebook with her fingers, she found Qiao Na’s name written in both Chinese and English. 

   She was naive to think that if she doesn’t mention or question him, no one would know. Everything will be just as usual, Jiang Jun, you are simply an idiot!
   She followed Yin Zhe and watched him receive a few books from Qiao Na with joy, watch Qiao Na fall into his arms, watch him wipe off Qiao Na’s tears with pity, watch him make funny faces to make Qiao Na laugh.
     Yin Zhe and Qiao Na. Her boyfriend and Yuan Shuai’s girlfriend. She walked up to them. Qiao Na stood up and smiled and said it was a coincidence. She ignored her. Yin Zhe's face looked so happy and bright. She remembered Yuan Shuai, who had come to see her not long ago, who had lost a lot of weight, dark circles under his eyes. He told her that Qiao Na might be seeing someone else.
     She tried to smile brightly, and she held on Yin Zhe’s arm and asked, "What are you and my sister-in-law talking about?"
     She and Qiao Na met frequently and held hands when shopping, showing the affection of sisters.
     They talked about everything. She managed to fish out information from her to satisfy her curiosity, and she also understood what she wanted to know.
     They went shopping, listened to Qiao Na talk about how Yuan Shuai loves her and watched Qiao Na spend a year's income an ordinary man makes without blinking.
     "Brother Yuanyuan treats you so well! You are so happy" Jiang Jun always said.
     Qiao Na gave her a silk scarf, Jiang Jun pretended not to recognize the brand and looked at the price tag dumbfounded.
     "This is Princess Diana's favorite brand. I give it to you on behalf of your brother."
     She received it, waited for her to leave, and threw it into the trash can. She doesn’t want the things Qiao Na gave, and Qiao Na should take her hands off hers.
   Yuan Shuai came to her, still frowning. She knew it was because of Qiao Na. She hugged him like before. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. "Are you happy?" He asked her. She looked at their shadows and replied "I was..."
     Qiao Na, you were so cruel!
     She and Yin Zhe quarreled for the first time in 2 years.
     Yin Zhe questioned her about her relationship with Yuan Shuai, he said, “don't think I know nothing”.
     She had a terrible headache and said without thinking, "You only know to care for Qiao Na!"
    He was stunned for a moment, and she rushed out, and ran on the field, like a spinning top, she wanted to stop, but the whip was in the hands of others.
     He found her, looked at her like a wronged innocent child, he said, "There is nothing between me and Qiao Na"
     She replied "I treat Yuan Shuai as my brother."
     She believed him. But what had he done?
     They began to quarrel a lot, for Qiao Na, for Yuan Shuai, and for her identity.
     She didn’t know what Qiao Na had said to him behind her back. He actually thought she was the child bride of Yuan Shuai’s family. After 50 years of liberation, a family of generals who had participated in the revolution for many years would raise a child bride? She didn’t know to laugh or cry.
     She asked Qiao Na to meet and told her straightforwardly that if she wanted to be together with Yuan Shuai, then she should learn some respect.
     Qiao Na sneered and asked her "Why do you think you are?"
     A fox will eventually show its tail, if it is a ghost, it must be afraid of the sunshine. It is not surprising that Qiao Na, a daughter who has a father embezzling public funds to buy stocks would behave like that.
     She took Yin Zhe to Yuan Shuai's house and introduced Grandpa Yuan, Uncle Yuan, and Aunt Yuan that he was her boyfriend.
     Yin Zhe begged her for forgiveness seeing her relationship with the Yuan family and strolled with her back for 2 hours.
     She urged her grandma to see him, and her grandma agreed to arrange a meeting.
     Yin Zhe was helping Qiao Na pay off her debts. He would never say no to others except to her(Jiang Jun). He helped Qiao Na sell all kinds of jewelry and clothes, and borrowed money everywhere for her.
     She stopped him, Yin Zhe said that they were friends, if Qiao Na asks him, he must help her. He said that even if others cannot understand him, she(Jiang Jun) should.
     Yin Zhe said that Qiao Na broke down because of her bastard “brother”, and Yuan Shai didn't even bother to ask.
     She coldly looked at the diamond pendant he held in his hand at least.
     She coldly told Yin Zhe that Yuan Shuai was not a bastard, but a fool. A rich fool.
     Yuan Shuai should have known that she was the one behind everything. 
     She wanted to tell Yuan Shuai several times about what kind of person Qiao Na was, but she could not say it out. She was afraid to hurt Yuan Shuai and Yin Zhe.
     Actually, she doesn't want to hurt anyone, but she has no other way.
     Her love seems to be fighting a tough battle. There is no winning or losing, only harm.