Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14 - Boyfriend x Girlfriend Part 1

     When Jiang Jun was 18 years old, Yin Zhe had graduated and was studying for his ACCA exam at home. She was still an undergraduate. Each time after class, she would run to his house that he shared with his classmates, to clean the house and cook for him.
     Faye Wong (a Chinese singer that Jiang Jun liked) has married Dou Wei and gave birth to a baby.
  The gossip newspaper had a photo of them sitting in the restaurant looking at each other. 

     Yin Zhe’s family still dislikes her, because she does not have a strong family background and wore a cheap shirt.
     She cooked noodles for him, and he came home late. He complained to her, telling her that his parents forced him to meet a very hypocritical woman while eating the noodles that were no longer warm.
     She knows about their family. Yin Zhe’s mother is the daughter of a tax bureau chief in a northern city, and his biological father is the local deputy mayor in charge of economic affairs and his father was 15 years older than his mother. And he also has a stepbrother living with his father’s ex-wife abroad. His sister was born when he was 4 years old. His biological father was sentenced to jail for financial problems. His mother took all of his father’s properties and remarried another man, who was the culprit that sent his biological father to jail. It turned out that his younger sister was that man's biological daughter. Yin Zhe lived alone at his grandfather's house. His mother didn't pick him up until his grandfather and grandmother passed away. He was 15 years old at that time.
    He is a person who is extremely lacking in family love, although he tried his very best to pursue it.
     Yin Zhe told her that he likes to eat what she cooks, which tastes like “home”.
     She solemnly told him "We will have a home, I will be the mother, you will be the father, we will be loved, and we will have children"
     She told her grandma that she loves Yin Zhe and she will marry him after graduation. She let her grandma meet the boy she loves.
     Grandma smiled and told her not to rush the marriage, and asked her to wait until she graduated before making decisions.

     That year, Yuan Shuai graduated and returned to China. She and his driver went to the airport to pick him up.
     When they reunited, he waved at her, and hugged her. A slim girl was with him and she pushed the luggage cart and walked up to her.   
     The girl said to her "Hi I am Jona"
     She didn't know how she could still greet her happily, talking and laughing all the way home.
     She remembered a line of the poem: [Leave him to the wind and rain, I will stay still] This is a poem recited by her grandfather repeatedly.
     She did not tell Yin Zhe about Qiao Na's return.
     She didn't tell Yuan Shuai about the relationship between Yin Zhe and Qiao Na.
     She didn't say anything and treated Qiao Na as a complete stranger.
    Nothing has changed. Yuan Shuai became the head of GT's domestic office. All-day long, he would be in his office doing his work.
     Qiao Na entered a domestic bank under the arrangement of her father, who was the CEO of a certain branch. She didn't have to do much but had an enviable salary.
     Their lives have nothing to do with her and Yin Zhe.
     Life is carried in according to the original trajectory, without any deviation.
     She breathed a sigh of relief.
     Faye Wong had a concert in Beijing.
     She went to see it with Yin Zhe. She heard Faye Wong’s love with her own ears and saw Dou Wei playing drums behind her. Their daughter has Dou Wei’s eyes and Faye Wong’s lips. Her idol's love has blossomed. What about her and Yin Zhe?
     Yin Zhe attended the ACCA training class and met many new friends. He took her to meet them, blushed and hugged her and said that she was his girlfriend.
   She went to the disco with them and they vented their restlessness of youth like a group of beasts. Someone groped her ass in the process, she broke the bridge of the pervert’s nose with a punch. When she told Yuan Shuai about the incident, Yuan Shuai asked her, “why wasn’t Yin Zhe standing up for her? Why wasn’t Yin Zhe the one breaking that pervert’s nose?” She froze and didn't know how to reply. Yes, he was next to her during that time, even though that person was his friend.
     The newspaper disclosed that Faye Wong and Dou Wei quarreled.
    She participated in the debate contest and won the best debater. Yin Zhe stood aside excitedly waving at her with flowers. Her classmates screamed and cheered for them. He blushed and pulled her out of the auditorium.
   Yin Zhe passed 4 ACCA exams. He is getting busier and busier. He actively participates in training classes. He goes to bars and discos with his friends. But he stopped taking her out again though she wants to go to make new friends. She became a person living in closed doors, she could see and hear what was outside, but she could never touch it. Yin Zhe opened her doors but didn't want to bring her out.
     She participated in the debate contests and won the best debater. The classmates screamed for her in the audience, and she ran towards Yin Zhe holding flowers. He blushed and pulled her out of the auditorium.
     Grandma showed her a copy of the document, which was Yin Zhe’s newly submitted application for studying abroad. The applied school is the one where Yuan Shuai and Qiao Na were at.
    He was going abroad but did not tell her. She was nowhere in his plan.