Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - DU’s little brother

     Jiang Jun was wearing a dark purple high-necked sleeveless dress and there were loose strands of hair behind her head. She walked towards DU and sat down beside him.
     "Are you okay?" Sally asked in a low voice.
     "What's wrong?" She subconsciously covered her neck, "You never wear such feminine clothes in the company."
     "You are so bossy, the meeting is starting" she waved awkwardly. She has to buy more turtlenecks in the future.
     "The newcomers have arrived, I will report later"
     "Got it, it’s hard work."
     After the regular meeting, DU called Jiang Jun to the office, handed her a document and she quickly flipped through "This Jay. He has very good qualifications

   “He is a newcomer?"
     "He is my younger brother… we don’t have the same mother...and he doesn't contact me that much."
     He coughed twice, and she replied "Got it."
    DU heaved a sigh of relief and cheerfully said, "We will have dinner together at noon. You can have a chat with him. I am going to let him take charge of things in Beijing. By the way, he was from your school..."
     "Hey DU, are you arranging a blind date for me?" She held her chin and interrupted his chatter "City gate (a restaurant name), a quarter past 12."
     "DU" Jiang Jun walked into the VIP room and saw DU lowering his head to order food. She looked around and saw no one else. "Where is your little brother?"
     He looked at her and laughed out loud.
     She was flustered, then blushed immediately, picked up her purse, and hit him.
     "Okay, I won't laugh anymore" He held her wrist and put a hand around her waist.
     "Sir, here" the waiter opened the door while DU and Jiang Jun looked at the person at the same time.
     Her facial expression instantly changed.
     She thought, why are there acquaintances everywhere?
     "When did you start smoking?" Jay frowned and gazed at her. DU also looked at her, with flames in his amber pupils. He slowly helped her light the cigarette and his actions were fluent and smooth. "Do I still need to introduce both of you?"
     "You better start the introduction. I know him, but it seems like he doesn't necessarily recognize me" She smiled extremely innocently. 
   "OK, Jay, this is my best Director, Juno"
     With a flick of her finger, a piece of cigarette ash broke in the ashtray, and she stretched out her hand "Hello, Jay"
     "Hello, Jiang Jun, I'm Yin Zhe" He held her hand firmly.
     "You and Jay, you guys..." Du said.
     "I dated your brother before, but he didn't like me, that's it"
     "Understood, but I want to assign him to you," DU replied.
           "Up to you."
                "Is that OK?" DU asked.
     "It's okay, just get over the embarrassment, I'm leaving"

     Yin Zhe stood at the door of Jiang Jun’s office, and she motioned for him to follow up.
     He sat on the chair, like a kindergarten child waiting for candy. He always acted like an obedient child.
    Jiang Jun leaned back in the chair and looked at him.
   "I only found out that you work here last year." He broke his silence. She replied, "Jay, this is MH, please remember that I am Juno Jiang, your superior. If you do well, the company will have rewards and promotions. If you make mistakes, I'll fire you. Understood?"
     "Sally come in."
     "My assistant Sally will explain what you should do later. If you have any questions, you can come to me or DU, but I would rather see you solve it by yourself. OK?"
     "Any questions?"
     "No more."