Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 - 甘草 Licorice (3)

    Back at the hotel, Xu Xiangya came to the office and complained to her, "Porridge, there is a woman who is too troublesome! Saying that our steak is not well cooked, still has blood, and she obviously said she wanted a medium!"

    Shen Xifan glared at her, "Don't call me porridge!"

    Xu Xiangya sighed, " I'm not here just to complain to you about this, but I saw that there seems to be a very picky VIP guest today, I don't have any ideas for now so I came to ask you."

    Shen Xifan laughed, "There are still people you can't handle-- " took the information and looked at it. 

Suddenly, "Yan Heng, the CEO of Zhongyu, um----I don't have his information as well..." 

Xu Xiangya made a fainting action, "I am just complaining about it for a while, work is hard, getting a salary is harder, but it’s even harder to wait on people!” 

Shen Xifan waved the information, “Look at it closely if there is a mistake, but you’re going to lose your head!” 

Xu Xiangya fake laughed “haha”, “ We’ll see!"

    Five days later, "MT" President Ling Yufan moved in. Before this, Cheng Manager has repeatedly instructed that this is the VIP among the VIP, must not have any slight mistake. Ling Yufan is the third youngest member of the Ling family, responsible for the electronic field of the Ling family. Behind it is the full support of the Ling family financial group. "MT" seems to be the leader of the IT industry. Ling Yufan is also a talented person. He has a PhD in electronics and a master of business from Harvard.

    Later, she realized how hard to handle this person was.

    Not to mention the evildoer nature of this life, those peach-eyed, straight-eyed souls exuded an evil spirit all over his body. If she hadn't had a few years of cultivation, she would have regretted that she was not able to resist the powerful magnetic field.

    This young master has a lot of rules, which is simply overwhelming. It looks like he is deliberately looking for faults. From living in the presidential suite of Jingge to the villa, he constantly complains about the equipment and hygiene. Sometimes she wants to wrap him on the quilt and stifle him to death.

    Moreover, he seemed to be unkind to her, and she could feel that kind of alienation and disdain.

    On the last day, "Center Universe" President Yan Heng moved in. GM Cheng told in advance that Yan Heng is the son of his long-time friend, and he intends to set up a branch here and plans to develop cloth for new products in Ancient South China Hall. Yes, it is the great patron of Ancient South China Hall, and he must be properly hosted..

    This guest was personally received by Mr. Cheng, so she was overjoyed.

    She walked down the administration building and was about to inspect the regular maintenance of the Jingge villa area. Suddenly a girl ran over and shouted, "Supervisor, it's not good!"

    She was shocked when she saw Xiao Li from the senior suite. alarmed, she busily asked, "What's happened?"

    "A foreign guest suddenly collapsed in the guest room, the manager on duty has already gone, GM Cheng is now getting ready to receive the guest, saying you should go have a look."

    Fortunately, the foreigners only had low blood sugar and fainted temporarily, and everyone present was relieved. After handling this matter, Shen Xifan had to return to the villa area from the front hall.

    But when she was in the front hall, she saw a Mercedes Benz stopped and two people came out, one was GM Cheng, and the other was Yan Heng. She was looking at it with curious eyes, but she was stunned, standing at the front desk, unable to move half a step.

    Who is Yan Heng? He is Dai Heng!

    After three years of absence, he has become much more mature, his youthfulness faded, his face is still so handsome, his gestures have become extraordinary, and he is different from the past.

    Three years, can really change many things.

    Yan Heng was her first love. They broke up three years ago and then went on separate journeys. She originally thought they would never meet again in this life, but meeting him here, isn’t her life a bit ironic?

    He also looked at Shen Xifan, and cast his gaze slightly to the side, her eyes met, her head "booming" completely blank, GM Cheng seemed to be aware of something, looked at Shen Xifan, then Yan Heng. That's our room manager, Manager Shen."

    He toned his tone and didn't cover it up deliberately. "Just think she just looks familiar. Uncle Cheng, let's go first." 

When he left, he didn't forget to take another look at Shen Xifan and then went in the Elevator, when the door closed, the two of them passed by again.

    Shen Xifan sighed softly and returned to the villa area, but she did not notice Lin Yishen standing on the stairs not far from her, curling her lips, smiling helplessly.

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