Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Gain and Lost

   At 10 o'clock in the morning, the phone was ringing like crazy. The doorbell too.
    Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai looked at each other sleepily... "Oh crap, oh crap" Yuan Shuai draped a towel across his shoulders and whirled at the door with his phone by the door. "Shit, shit" Jiang Jun walked around barefooted looking for her clothes that were left everywhere. She jumped into her pants and mouthed, "who is it?" Yuan Shuai mouthed back," the secretary". She jumped into the bathroom and threw Yuan Shuai a bathrobe as she murmured"don’t say I'm here, I'm not here..."
     Soon, she heard a sound the sound of the lock "open the door, they are gone."
     She opened a tiny gap of the bathroom door and peeked her head out "What's the situation?"
    He hung her bra around her neck. "The important members of the government are waiting to meet us at the villa, let's go hero!"
     "They for sure will force us to get married" She twisted her fingers hard and he glanced at her. "Then we shall get married, are you not happy with that?"
     "Then what about your Beijing branch?"
        "Who cares"
     "But not now, let’s settle the branch first."
    "..." He didn't speak and tightly held his hands on the steering wheel.
     He wants to ask her if she love him.
     But he dare not because he is afraid.
     Even when she shows a slight hesitation.
     He can't afford to lose… He really can't afford to lose.
     At the gate of the villa, he kissed her, "Don’t be afraid, I’m with you."
     She smiled reluctantly, held his hands firmly, and walked into the door...
     She carefully helped Yuan Shuai soothe the bruise around his eyes.
     "Uncle Yuan was too ruthless, even your eyes are red"
     He chuckled, and gently touched her face, "He hit me on behalf of your grandfather, didn’t I ruin your innocence? Tss… softer."
     "I think they did it on purpose. Why did they ask us to sign the blank form? It won’t make us legalized."
     "In case you get pregnant, we would be able to shift our marriage in advance for a year or half, once there’s the official stamp on it, they won’t lose face."
     "Jun, we will be couples in the future..."
     They took turns to accompany their family members like a newly married couple. When he went back to the city to work, she stayed in his apartment in the city, helping him organize his documents, complete her own work, prepare a meal and wait for him to return. After the meal, they would either go for a walk or a movie, make love at night until they are exhausted, hug and fall asleep together.
     Jiang Jun has never lived such a leisure life. She has always been busy, busy studying, busy working and socializing. When the pace of her life slows down, she suddenly finds her private life very boring. She has no brothers or sisters, and she no friends that she can talk in a heart to heart manner, even her relationship with her family members drifted slightly apart after the incident years ago.
     She picked up the phone, there were thousands of contact numbers in the list, none of which she could call. When she walked on the street, watching other people in pairs, or in gangs, she could only think of Yuan Shuai.
     He is her brother, her close friend, and her lover. There is only him in her world.
     She suddenly panics. . .
    When DU called her, she was staring at the phone in a daze.
     "You didn’t have a good rest, you sound so restless. You partied with your friends too much." He commented
     "SALLY asked to be assigned to your group, what do you think of that?"
    "Are you ok?"
     "I’m fine, DU, I found that I am really suitable to be a workaholic"
     He laughed, "Okay, then when you come back to work, you'd better work for 24 hours."
     "You are insulting me, I am Banker, more cold-blooded than capitalists"
     "If you are not happy, come back, shall we go skiing in Davos?"
     "In your dreams, I will be doing labor for you again."
     "Hehe, go to the mailbox to see our photos in Beijing, you were beautiful."
     She chatted with DU for a while and was in a good mood. She turned on the laptop and went online to look through the photos.
     When Yuan Shuai came home that night, he saw her lying next to the laptop sleeping soundly, with a smile on her mouth. He walked over. He wanted to carry her back to the room but when he accidentally pressed onto the keyboard. He saw Jiang Jun and DU's happy smile on the screen.
     He coaxed her to go to bed and went back to the study. He looked through the pictures one by one. DU had an arm around her waist and they leaned into each other tightly. They looked at each other and smiled. It’s all about them, them and only them.
    Where am I? Yuan Shuai asked himself, what am I in her heart?
     She once said to Yin Zhe, "It turns out that this is love, then I will never love again."
     She was lying in the snow, the wound on her head was bleeding with the blood of bright red oozing out from her wound, seeping into the snow. She pushed Yin Zhe baway and looked at Yuan Shuai, "Brother Yuanyuan, take me away"
     She never wants to love again.
     She never loves again.
     Is this God's punishment for Yuan Shuai?
  On the early morning of the New Year’s Day, Yuan Shuai took her to an ancient house in Nancheng. Under the century-old ancient tree, he knelt on the bluestone slab and worshipped devoutly. She didn’t know what he was praying for. She looked at the red silk thread hanging on the trees and kneeled beside him, begging for happiness, they must be happy.