First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.2


Chapter 4.2 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (2)

  When returning the mobile phone to Yan Ke, her hand was shaking slightly, and Yan Ke could easily feel her nervousness from deep within.

   He did not take his phone from her and gazed at her.

   In the quiet office, only the gurgling noise from the water dispenser could be heard. The two faced each other in silence. His eyes were scrutinising her, while hers was dodging his. She thought he was angry and finally couldn't help but explain: "If you think this is a prank, then I'm sorry, I just wanted to know your phone number."

   There was another silence.

  Xiong Yifan finally raised her courage to look at him but saw him turning his head to the side, rubbing his earlobe with one hand, and he seemed a bit embarrassed. He was very fair but he had a suspicious blush on his skin. He did not have many expressions usually but now, an uneasy look was visible on him. This made Xiong Yifan's heart skipped a beat.

   He is shy!

   "Since you gave me your phone number, then key in your name too." Yan Ke finally spoke and returned to his usual calmness in the very next second, as if the shyness was just a beautiful accident.

   After hearing this sentence, she widened her eyes in surprise. Her shocked expression was probably too obvious, and it made Yan Ke laugh. The smile resembles that when she saw him in the gym, his smile was enchanting, luring her deeper and deeper.

  Her finger tremblingly as she finished entering her name, she hesitated for a moment, and then entered her birthday and her home number. After typing, she glanced at Yan Ke's phone book and found that there were very few names in it, definitely not more than twenty. She was fortunate to be one of them.

   She handed the phone back to Yan Ke, and he reached over to take it. Their fingertips touched accidentally, and his fingers were cold. The moment their finger touched, it seemed to like a match stick, creating a burning flame on her hands, and the warmness traveled to her heart, bewitching her.

   "Xiong..." Yan Ke glanced at her name and couldn't help laughing, "Your surname is weirder than mine."

   "No, my surname seems a bit macho but your surname sounds very elegant..." She immediately regretted what she said as she realized that she had made it obvious that she knew his name.

   He looked up at her, his deep eyes burning into hers, making her guilty. Then, an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He nodded, said nothing more, and walked out of the office while putting his phone in his pocket.

   Xiong Yifan hardly remembers she even got back to the classroom, her head was dizzy, filled with erratic happiness.

   When she returned to the classroom, the class was filled with a repressive atmosphere, and Xiong Yifan felt it despite her dizziness. At this time, there is a weird situation in the classroom. Students were not allowed to leave the class, but they can chat freely, or go to the toilet if they need.

   Xiong Yifan first gave the medicine to Ding Ming, helped her take a cup of warm water, watched her take the medicine, and then returned to her seat. She turned to ask the student behind her, "What is the situation now?"

   "I heard there were people fighting outside, and they were chased around by the police. Some of them came into our school and the teachers were afraid that it would be unsafe for us to go out."

   Xiong Yifan nodded. She knew that the cell phones were returned to the students after seeing that there was another student holding her cell phone in the classroom. So she took out hers and immediately saved Yan Ke's number.

  The campus turmoil ended in the afternoon. On the first day of the exam, there were three subjects to be tested, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. After that, they would need to go back to their classroom for a self-study session.

   Xiong Yifan has been immersed in joy. When she was putting her head on the desk she scratched the desk excitedly and it attracted the attention of everyone in the class. Ding Ming still did not know that her cramps had indirectly helped someone.

  After school, she returned to her dorm. Xiong Yifan lay on her bed and put on a sheet mask. She was holding her mobile phone in her hand, staring at Yan Ke's phone number in a daze. She is really tempted to send a text message to Yan Ke but was afraid that she would disturb his night revision. She hesitated for a long time and finally pressed the send button.

   Her SMS was very random: "What are you doing?"

   She stared at the phone for ten minutes, her body fidgeted, but the posture of holding the phone had not changed as she waited for his reply anxiously. The phone has been very quiet, the screen went black but she turned it on again. Unfortunately, there was no incoming reply but her anticipation was not annihilated. The longer she waited, the more stressed she felt. Her time is like the sand gradually accumulating in the bottom half of the hourglass. Every sand that moved down meant an increase of frustration for her, to a point that almost made her cry.

   Humans are always hypocritical creatures, they always want to find some psychological comfort, even if they deceive themselves for their humble yet weak self-esteem. So she slowly sent a second text message: "I sent it wrongly."

   It wasn’t a question anymore. Even if he didn’t reply, it would be understandable.

  The very next moment, her mobile phone vibrated with an incoming text message, saying: "I'm reading your text message."

   Such a reply, though perfunctory, filled her heart with excitement. This is the first text message he sent her. It was worth commemorating and represents a big step forward in their relationships.

   She soon forgot about the second text message she sent him and replied Yan Ke "All the best for tomorrow's exam!" She didn't realize how lovely and abnormal her tone is.

   This time, the text message came back quickly, and there it was a short reply on the screen: "Der!" (slang interjection used to characterize a comment as stupid or obvious)