Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Jealousy

  Back in Hong Kong, their relationship seems to have changed significantly. Yuan Shuai calls her countless times every day, and he will send messages relentlessly asking her where she was or what she was doing when she missed a call.
     Every night he madly makes love with her, demanding it without a limit.
     She searched on the Internet, it is said that this happens for people who have just fallen madly in love. She smiled and secretly wanted to go home as early as possible and accompany him to do everything he wanted to do with her. She liked the way he was in her body, like a suckling beast, greedy and cute.
    She shifted the focus of her work to domestic businesses. The preparation of GT China branch reached a critical moment, and he needed to stay in Beijing very often. He begged for her accompany, so she kept going to Beijing for business trips but unexpectedly sealed deals with several big businesses there.
     The work in Hong Kong did not allow her to be distracted. The new employees were about to be brought in, and she must make sure that all the arrangements were well managed. Airplanes became her home as she travels back and forth between Beijing and Hong Kong.
    DU thought she was trying her best to help him conquer the world and depended on her even more.
     She felt guilty, she just wanted to stand behind Yuan Shuai as Juno to help him realize his ambitions. As for DU, she admired him, was grateful to him, and could only help him seal more businesses diligently, hoping to arrange everything as soon as possible so that she could leave MH with a peace of mind.
     Yuan Shuai asked her to resign several times. Even if she cannot work in GT, she can stay with him.
     She refused. She didn't want to be idle. Only work could enrich her and make her feel that she is a part of this society. She hated emptiness and loneliness, so she wanted to be a hardworking bee.
     She told Yuan Shuai that once the new branch is settled, she would resign immediately, but before that, she would continue her work in MH. She promised DU to help him form the best team. She is a person who keeps her promise.
     She didn't understand why Yuan Shuai had a cold war with her. He didn't say so she didn't ask. They had always been like this before. They gave each other space and respected each other's privacy.
    DU showed her gossip news of the title [GT executive and high-ranking beauty caught holding hands while dating, the first foreign branch in the mainland has a bright future] attached with photos of Yuan Shuai and a woman entering and leaving a restaurant.
     "What do you think?" DU looked at her.

                She replied, "why are you still sitting here? Hurry up and book a plane ticket to Beijing. No more girls will be left for you if you are late."
     "You are really a talent, how dare you force your boss into a badger game?"
     "On behalf of my colleagues at MH Future China Branch, I thank you. This is an honor. Not everyone has the potential to play this role."
     "Thank you and next! Okay, let's talk about real business, it seems like we have to take action soon. New employees will come in next week. The documents are here. You can look through it if you have time. If not, SALLY will help you confirm it."
                "Shall we have a meal together?"
     "Nope, I am meeting someone."
     She returned home and threw the magazine she bought on the floor. Yuan Shuai's smile on the cover page was disgusting. She cooked a bowl of noodles for herself, thinking that she hadn't spoken to him for 4 days, should she take this opportunity to vent?
     She dialed his private phone with a vicious smile. He only answered after a long time, and his background noise was noisy.
     "What are you doing?" She asked loudly.
                "Chatting with friends" he was also yelling. 

                "Are you coming back soon?"
     "I'm not finished yet, are you coming over?" He seemed to have found a relatively quiet place. "I can’t leave yet, will you be back on the weekends? I bought a lot of vegetables."
     "I try my best, have you eaten yet?"
     "No, waiting for you to eat together!"
     "Silly girl, you..." "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly?"
     Suddenly a woman’s voice sounded on Yuan Shuai's end, and Jiang Jun subconsciously matched her voice to the face in the magazine, "My wife, I will be back soon…” she heard Yuan Shuai reply. He continued, “... Let’s talk later. Have a good meal and I’ll call you again."
               She threw the phone down after hanging up, squatted by the magazine with the noodle bowl, and looked at the cover of the magazine again. "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly~" Jiang Jun pinched her nose and mimicked the way the woman talked. "We are sweet together so you better get lost."
       Jiang Jun lost her appetite.

        Yuan Shuai called her sometime later.
     "I still have some arrangements tonight, I will be back tomorrow." He said.
     "It’s okay, it's too tiring for you, I have to work overtime tomorrow too" She replied.
    "....... ."
     She continued, "focus on your work, don't worry about me."
     She hung up the phone, pondered for a while, and called the secretary in.
     It was almost midnight when she walked out of the airport and when she turned on her phone, a call came in immediately.
     "What's the matter with you, why did you turn off your phone?" Yuan Shuai was worried.
    "..." She didn’t reply.
     "What are you doing? Your background is noisy, are you still outside?"
    "........." She still didn’t reply.
             "Where are you?"
    "... Xiaoyunqiao please." He heard her say after she got in the taxi. 

                "You are here to find me, aren't you! The address is XXXXX." He laughed.
     She hung up the phone, looked down at the text message she had just received and was in a good mood.
                "Why are you wearing so little?" When the taxi stopped, Yuan Shuai greeted her, "let’s go in, hurry!" He paid the fare and brought her in. 

               "HI, Juno, haven't seen you for a long time" She was immediately recognized as soon as she entered the place with people greeting her.
     Yuan Shuai took her to the place he was at.
               "Even Juno is here. Zeus, you are influential..." LK's executive director said in a half-drunk manner. "Let me introduce some new friends to you." Yuan Shuai had an arm around her. "This is Liu Dan, the beautiful department head of the XX department."
     The woman smiled and hit him on the shoulder. The real person looks better than in the magazine. She looked at Liu Dan, "Liu Dan, this is Juno Jiang, the Juno they always mentioned."
                "Hello" she stretched out her hand, but Jiang Jun just nodded slightly and turned her face to take a drink and gave a pat to the LK director. "No wonder DU asked me to come over and help him reserve a seat. He won’t be left with any drink if he is late!"
     She smiled as raised a glass of whiskey at the two female accompanies who had totally different styles.
     "Who dares to snatch things with you..."
    Everyone was chatting happily, and Liu Dan suddenly asked "Yuan Shuai, let’s go dance."
     Who are you talking to so sweetly? It turned out to be her. Jiang Jun took a sip of her whiskey again, Red Label tastes good but the lemon flavor was a bit too much.
     She slipped to the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. When she came out, she saw Yuan Shuai standing in the safe passage diagonally opposite the door smirking at her.
     "You gangster!"
     She walked over to the sink.
     When she came back with her makeup done, she heard Liu Dan asking him, "Why don’t I see your wife here?"
     "She is in Hong Kong" He replied.
                  "She is not afraid of you finding other girls? She is so confident?" Liu Dan seemed to be slightly drunk, "they said you were "the beauty and the beast", how long have you been together." 

                Jiang Jun looked at them uncomfortably. She walked to him and Yuan Shuai put his hands on her shoulders, and glanced at Liu Dan, " I am afraid to bring her out as it can undermine your confidence." 
     After Liu Dan leave, Jiang Jun pushed him away as she said, "chatting with beautiful women is much better than chatting with you"
     "Seriously, just tell me if you are jealous." He showed his white teeth, reached for a match, brushed his arm across her chest, and looked at her brightly.
     "I miss you so much." He sucked her tongue and teased her with his fingers. The stairwell was dark and yellow, she stroked his raised desire, "me too..."