Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15.1 - The Secret That Can’t Be Told (1)

    In the afternoon at Tiffany's house, Luo Zhi explained to Tiffany's mother that Sheng Huainan was very busy, but would treat the two children as his own siblings and frequently come to play with them.

    She saw Tiffany looked disappointed, and Jake walked into his room angrily, ignoring her. Suddenly, the body and mind are filled with fatigue.

    She accompanied them for more than half a year, and he only shared one day at Happy Valley with them.

    He frustrated her in this way. Use superiority, use affinity, use his excellence and busyness, use his carelessness.

    Although she was inferior everywhere, she still loved him. He grabbed her hand, and she didn't even refuse.

    This situation is terrible.

    Luo Zhi finally couldn't laugh, nor did she conceal her fatigue, and sat at the table without talking.

    She was really tired.

    "Drink some tea. An old friend went to play in Yunnan and brought me some old Pu'er. He was afraid that I would not know how to make tea, so he specially brought me a purple clay pot. I used boiling water to make it first. After a while, I washed the dust and poured it out. I added honey and iced it. Although it's autumn, I still prefer cold things, do you mind?"

    Luo Zhi returned to life after the other person talked for a long time. "Huh? Oh, I don't mind, I like cold things too. Thank you."

    She took the glass, the maroon tea was a bit dark, she tasted it. It was bitter but not astringent, and it tasted unexpectedly nice.

    "Do you like tea?"

    "I don't know." Luo Zhi shrugged.

    "Do you like coffee?"

    "I don't know."

    Luo Zhi was a little embarrassed to see that the other party was looking at her with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

    "It is like this. if I drink tea, it is Lipton tea bags with hot water; as for coffee, it is always Nestle that I casually brewed when I stayed up late K-booking (reading), so I don't know if I make tea and make coffee seriously like you every day, would I like to drink tea or coffee."

    Tiffany's mother laughed.

    "You always look like you have loads on your mind and don't like to talk, but sometimes you are so frank, which makes it hard for me to accept."

    Luo Zhi didn't know when she allowed her to see through her. They don’t seem to meet often, and they rarely chat.

    After all, she is a woman who has lived ten years longer than herself and a woman who is not simple, it is probably normal for her to see through her in a glance.

    "I have loads on my mind?" Luo Zhi sipped the cup in both hands.

    "It seems that you have some secrets that you can't tell."

    Later when Jay Chou's new film "Secrets That Cannot Be Told" was released, Luo Zhi once again remembered her secret that was exposed. Although her secrets are not as beautiful as those described in Jay Chou’s narcissistic movie.

    "I think... it can be counted as it, but it's not impossible to tell." She did not refute.

    "Not impossible to tell, then what is it?"

    "No one asked, so I didn't told anyone." Luo Zhi remembered after speaking, someone actually asked. Just the questioner, one who was carrying a wine bottle like a witch with red eyes, and the other stupidly immersed in the sorrow of his girlfriend running away with the handsome boy, how could she tell them.

    When she finished drinking, the other party asked if she wanted another drink.

    "Sure, can I have another cup? I can answer your question now. I like drinking tea."

    Tiffany's mother smiled, and the sunlight came in through the French windows, tinting her smile golden. Luo Zhi suddenly remembered the photo on the coast, the short-haired woman in the soft sunlight. Even though her hair is very long now, she still looks like a pure and lovely girl.

    "Then drink something hot." She sat down in front of the tea tray and began to boil the water.

    "By the way...Is it okay if I don't call you "auntie" in the future?"


    "I feel a little guilty. You look only a few years older than me."

    "Really?" She blinked and when she blinked, she looked even younger, "Thank you. Then we shall ignore all the talk about generational matters. The two of them call you ‘sister', you can also call me ‘sister'."

    "Sure." Luo Zhi I feel that if she were a man, she would have fallen in love with her now.

    "But, do you know what my name is and what work I do?"

    Luo Zhi shook her head.

    "You're in Happy Valley, and you coaxed the kids well, but you didn't ask why they were throwing a tantrum, did you?" 

"I didn't ask, but Tiffany did said something. She kept crying, so I didn’t really understand what she said." 

    "Then how did you coax Jake?"

    "I didn't coax him. It was the brother he told you."

    "Interesting. The boy didn't ask what was going on from start to finish. You two really made me feel relieved."

    She put down the teapot: "Everyone who sees me as a single woman living in such a big house and raising two children will want to know who I am, why I am so rich, and where my husband is. Even if they don’t ask, they will also inquire about it behind my back. I will tell you that I am divorced, do you believe it? You don’t seem to have any interest in it at all.”

    Luo Zhi smiled calmly: “It’s not that I am not interested. If you are willing to say, I will naturally listen. But my interest is not strong enough till I need to inquire about it."

    "Only interested in wages?"

    She continued to nod frankly.

    Tiffany's mother smiled, poured the rest of the tea soup on the toad-shaped tea pet, lowered her head and said casually, "But...I know something about your family. The trustee told me a few words."

    “It doesn't matter, my background is not shameful."

    "If I was as clear-headed as you when I was young, many things might not have happened."

    Luo Zhi didn't speak but just smiled.

    "Have you ever wondered why I told you this?"

    Luo Zhi thought for a while: "It may be that I was in a bad mood, you are helping me solve it, or it may be that I was getting fired, or maybe because you... have nothing to do right now." 

Just idling.

    She didn't know why she was so unscrupulous today, maybe she was really stimulated by Sheng Huainan, so she had no qualms.

    "Except for the second point, you are right about everything else. Why should I fire you? And, needless to say, I'm really bored." The other party was amused.

    "Then are you really bored?" Luo Zhi grinned after speaking, and she became more and more presumptuous.

    "Yeah, I also have secrets, and I have no friends." Her voice lowered, "People with secrets feel lonely. It is normal."

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Workplace

    This time, the new recruits of IBM included elites from various domestic banks with strong capabilities, especially Yin Zhe and JOHN. They have adapted to the high-intensity work rhythm and managed to stand out from the rest.      "I have read your proposal and it is not bad. I have marked the parts that needs modification. Keep up the good work." Jiang Jun handed the folders to Yin Zhe and JOHN. "Next, your work focus will be to help Sally with the SLK's case. I hope to hear good news from you"     JOHN said: "We will try our best."      Yin Zhe said: "Yes, we can do it."     Jiang Jun smiled but said nothing, ‘you all better make it work! "She thought, "What's the matter with the SLK case?" DU glared at Jiang Jun. "What the hell did they do? And what are you doing? Collecting flowers and going on dates every day?" He glared at her with his hands on the desk." Juno, I will not interfere with your private life, but please don't let it affect your work!"     She looked at DU coldly. "First, you have no right to interfere in my private life. Second, you know exactly what was the reason behind this leaked information. Third, your plans didn’t work out. Don’t put the blame on others."     "Very good." He threw the document folders in front of her. "Take a good look. Do you think it will be fine just by convincing SLK to not sue SALLY? We had to take a $500K loss, I told you to watch them, what were you doing? "     Jiang Jun glanced at the file, "I'm working on this matter, it's only $500K. I'm filling up the loss for Sally. I will play the role of a bad person anyway. Those people deliberately set this trap for SALLY and it's impossible to avoid." She laughed and shook her head. "You assigned JOHN as a partner for JAY and asked me to hand the SLK project to them. You were waiting for this, aren't you? You killed three birds with one stone, why are you angry about it?"      "Forget it, do it as you want, but someone has to be the scapegoat and SALLY is inevitably the one. You try to find more evidence that JOHN is the one behind it."      "Got it."                 ......      "Juno, I’m sorry," SALLY said.      Jiang Jun smiled bitterly, "Not to me!"     SALLY handed her all the documents and said, "I'm sorry Juno, I caused you so much trouble. I really wanted to go to Beijing with you. I am so dumb aren’t I?"     Jiang Jun was speechless. She just gave the girl who had worked with her for more than 3 years a big hug. Although she tried her best to resolve the problems after SLK’s confidential information was leaked, she still caused a huge loss to the company. As the direct person in charge of the case, SALLY has to carry the blame. Jiang Jun really wanted to keep this lovely girl in the company. After all, this situation is directed towards DU and her, but still, SALLY must be responsible for her negligence.     She handed SALLY an envelope and sent her away.      "Let JOHN and JAY come to my office in half an hour." After Jiang Jun told the secretary and smoked a cigarette after another.      They can't frame DU and her, but what about the others? The first is SALLY, but who is the next one?      Her phone rang. She picked it up and the other end sounded. "Girl"      It’s Yuan Shuai. Sadness engulfed Jiang Jun and she replied, "brother Yuanyuan" she sobbed and collapsed in her seat with no energy left.      "Who bullied Junjun, I will kill that person," Yuan Shuai said in a nasty voice. "............”      "MISS JIANG, JAY and JOHN are here," The secretary told her. "Let them in" she hung up the phone, and her eyes showed her determinism.      If you want a nasty battle, I am all ready for it.

The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2 - Holiday Trip (3)

Zhao Fanzhou rolled his eyes, "Nothing, I told you to get up and take a bath."

Fortunately, he did not turn into a big beast, Zhou Xiao breathed a sigh of relief again, and pushed him who was pressing on her, "Then you let me get up."

"No." Zhao Fanzhou pressed all the strength of his body towards her, "Anyway, you treat me as a pervert, why should I be polite to you."

"When did I? You absolutely misunderstood, why would I think you are a pervert? You don't know how much I adore you, you are definitely someone who will never be disturbed with a woman in one's lap." She said kindly.



"Fine." He turned over from her. "You hurry up and go take a bath."

She quickly jumped up from the bed, hurriedly grabbed her clothes, and rushed into the bathroom. And Zhao Fanzhou crossed his hands behind his head, leisurely watching her rush around like her buttocks are on fire.

When the sound of water in the bathroom sounded, Zhao Fanzhou sat up from the bed, um...she was taking a bath in it...he suddenly felt a little thirsty and yes! Drink cold water! He poured a large glass of cold water, and it felt better.

She finally came out of the bathroom. It was his turn to breathe a sigh of relief. She watched inexplicably as he suddenly rushed into the bathroom with his clothes. What happened? Are you in such a hurry to take a bath? Why didn't you say it earlier? She can let him wash it first.

Zhao Fanzhou stayed in the bathroom for more than half an hour. Zhou Xiao picked up the PSP he had thrown on the bed and played with it. She was very surprised. Di boys take a bath for so long? Does he want to maintain his skin inside? She began to imagine him applying lotion in it, and couldn't help laughing.

As soon as Zhao Fanzhou came out, he saw Zhou Xiao holding the PSP giggling, with water dripping from her hair. He turned back to the bathroom and took a towel out and threw it to her, "Dry your hair." Zhou Xiao put the towel aside and went on playing the game, "Wait a minute, I'm finishing it."

He stared at her for a while until he found she did not react at all, he could only accept his fate, walked over to pick up the towel and wipe her hair.

"Oh~~ I hit and hit~~ Eh~~ Damn! Dead." Zhou Xiao put down the PSP, "What a bad game." She wanted to take the towel in his hand, and Zhao Fanzhou waved her hand away. "Let me do it." She shrugged, fine whatever he wanted.

"So caring? Do you want to continue to be so good to me in the future?" He didn't bother about her, and continued to wipe her hair, "Shall we go to Lugu Lake tomorrow?"

"Is that the Lugu Lake of the Mosuo tribe?"

"Yeah." The hair was almost dry, and he took the towel back to the bathroom and hung it up.

When he came out again, seeing that she had covered the quilt and was about to go to bed, he walked to her bed. Zhou Xiao, who was already lying down, suddenly bounced off the bed, 
"That...your bed is over there..."

"I think this bed looks better to sleep in." Zhao Fanzhou smiled maliciously.

"Where? It's all the same." She pulled the quilt tightly on her body, help~~


When the first ray of sunlight came in, Zhou Xiao woke up. She didn’t know how she fell asleep last night. She was still in Zhao Fanzhou’s arms, but she had turned from her back to be face to face with him. Thinking about her rotten sleeping habits, it is estimated that he has also spent a lot of effort to hold her in his arms.

The morning sun was warm, hitting his face, his eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his face, and once again she sighed, this child really looks like a deity, why did he meet her? Could it be that her mother prayed to God and worship Buddha too much, and the Gods blessed her? No matter which God it is, thank you for showing up.

The sun started to dazzle, Zhao Fanzhou's eyelids moved, as if he was about to wake up, Zhou Xiao quickly closed her eyes and pretended not to wake up yet. If he caught her peeking at him, she didn't know how long she would be laughed at.

Zhao Fanzhou opened his eyes, um... his arm was a bit numb, look at Zhou Xiao who was resting on his arm, the sun had coated the fine hairs on her face with a golden yellow, he really wanted to take a bite.

Why did he feel her eyes trembling slightly under her eyelids? Okay, pretend to sleep, right? He leaned close to her face and took a bite on the cheek, "Still pretending, get up."

"Ah! Why are you biting?" Didn't learn the good ones, but the bad ones are all learnt.

"Otherwise you think you are the only one who has teeth?" He scornfully replied, "I know you have coveted me for a long time, stop pretending."

God, Buddha, take back the words just now, although this person looks like a deity, but he doesn't speak human words, it is just a skin.

"Get up quickly, we are going to Lugu Lake today." Zhao Fanzhou pulled her up from the bed forcibly, and she lay back again, reluctant to move.

"You go to wash your face and brush your teeth first, I'll lie down again, I can get prepared very quickly." She begged.

"No. Get up!" This man must have been Bao Gong in her life.

"Really, there is only one bathroom anyway. You wash your face and brush your teeth first, and then I will go." She closed her eyes and said.


Why is it so quiet? Is he angry? Zhou Xiao opened her eyes hard, wow! With this trick again, no matter how handsome this face is, but every time it is so big in front of her, she will die of a heart attack sooner or later.

" Are you awake now? Get up and change clothes." After saying, he turned around and went to brush his teeth. This guy is so sullen, he likes to play such tricks! Zhou Xiao had no choice but to get up and change clothes.

Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - 7th Stop: The Taste of Jealousy (2)

“Xiaole, Xiaole!” Mucheng was looking for her son all over the house and was very worried when she couldn’t find him. “Where did this child go to?”

Because of his health problem, she was very strict with Xiaole since he was young. She forbade him to run around like other children but there were still times when Xiaole disobeyed her out of playfulness.

“Xiaole, it’s time for your shots of crystals!” She shouted and walked out of the house but she still didn’t see him. Then she heard water flowing in the bathroom and she heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled and opened the door. “Xiaole, you’re here…”

He was stunned and he stared back at her.

There was a naked man in the middle of the bathroom. His tanned skin sparkled under the sprinkles of water.

It was Guangxi. He was taking a bath and his strong body made him look exactly like a Greek sculpture. He was totally dashing and had attracted her attention.

“Is it an unwed mother’s hobby to look at suave looking men in the showers?” He chided.

Mucheng paused for a moment and banged the door shut. She cupped the sides of her face which was boiling and red due to the embarrassment. Oh goodness! What was she doing? What did she see? She was totally embarrassed this time round.

Guangxi opened the door just when she was lost and didn’t know what to do. He walked out of the bathroom with only a towel around his lower torso.

She turned around immediately. “You, you should put on some clothes first!”

“Your bathroom is so small, there’s nowhere for me to put my clothes.”

“Then…get into your room now!”

“Why are you so nervous?” The more embarrassed she was, the more he felt like teasing her. “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen a naked man before? You have given birth already, haven’t you? What’s all the pretence for then?”

“You…!” He had almost driven her mad. “Why must you take a bath in the middle of the day?”

“Blame it on the sun here. It’s so hot and there’s no air-conditioning, so I had to bathe lest I get sticky.”

“For… forget it, you can do as you please!” She was terribly upset and wanted to walk away at once but he immediately pulled her arm.

She shook again and Guangxi felt that her reaction was really funny. “What is the matter? Are you afraid that I’ll eat you?”

His teasing remark made her feel totally embarrassed and angry. “Didn’t I warn you about touching me?”

“What? Do you think I want to touch you?” Guangxi was really upset that she had taken him to be a pervert. “I just wanted to tell you that Xiaole’s with me. Weren’t you looking for him?”

“What?” She turned around, shocked.

“Mummy, I’m here. I was taking a bath with Uncle Alien.” Xiaole said with his face beaming with happiness as he walked out of the bathroom.

“You two were taking a bath together?” Mucheng was shocked for a moment. She felt her heart ached as the two of them winked at each other in unison. “Xiaole, didn’t I tell you not to disturb Uncle Ren?”

“It’s okay.” Guangxi expressed his disregard for her comment. “I found your son to be pretty interesting after all.”

Xiaole’s interesting? Mucheng became frantic. She wasn’t going to let this man to be too close to her son. She can’t let them develop feelings for each other --- “Please, I beg with you. Please keep a distance away from Xiaole in future!”

“What did you say?” Guangxi became angry upon hearing her remark.

“I’m afraid that you’d be a bad example for my son.” She made up a lame excuse. She pulled Xiaole over and said. “Xiaole, let’s go now.”

“But…” Xiaole was reluctant; he really liked this Uncle.

“Hey, what is your problem?” Guangxi burst. “Am I a devil? Or I have a contagious disease and you’re afraid that I’d spread it to your son? I’ve heard that you don’t let Xiaole go out and play on his own. Are you a little too protective? He’s now at the age when children love to move around. What’s wrong with him going out then?”

Mucheng’s face became pale. “You… you don’t know a single thing at all! Why are you lecturing me then?”

“I’m not lecturing you; I’m just giving you a suggestion. Why don’t you try to train Xiaole to be independent instead of being so overly-protective?”

The problem was she had to protect him well. If not, she would lose him…

Mucheng clenched her fist. “It’s none of your business how I want to raise my son!”


Damn it! Did she think that he was a busybody? He wouldn’t even respond if it wasn’t because of the fact that Xiaole was sticking around him all day long.

Guangxi got more and more upset whenever he thought of the incident of him quarreling with Mucheng. It was actually none of his business how the mother and son interacted with each other. But after spending these few days with Xiaole, he found that he was actually a rather obedient child. Even though he loved to stick around him, Guangxi found his wild imagination rather interesting too. He even felt that it was actually exciting to hear Xiaole talk about his Alien Daddy.

He knew that it was a story that Mucheng had made up to coax Xiaole and only children with the most kindred and pure souls would buy her story.

He had lost that kind of soul for a very long time already. It suddenly occurred to him that his heart actually ached slightly whenever he hears Xiaole’s child talk.

Even though Xiaole’s mother loved him dearly, Xiaole was still desperately seeking fatherly love. This was perhaps the kind of loneliness that children in single parent families would somehow feel.

His situation was similar to Xiaole’s. He only had his mother. He couldn’t even remember how his father looked like… Did his father love his mother? Did he and his father have any happy memories together?

He couldn’t recall a single thing. He had lost his past memories after the surgery 6 years ago. He didn’t know his past, including all the love and hatred that he had experienced before.

All he knew was everything that he has now was given to him by his mother. Therefore, he should follow her wishes and do as she please in life. He should also repay Yiqian as she took care of him with lots of love and gently encouraged him when he was in need of it back then.

His life these 6 years has been a lonely one. It seemed like he was on the top of the world but in actual fact, he felt like there was a part of his heart that was missing. He wasn’t too sure what this was but sometimes when he accidentally encounters Mucheng’s sorrowful gaze at him, his heart would start to feel something.

He found that he cared for the mother and son. The more he got along with them, the more he cared for them.

That was the reason why he asked her not to be so overly-protective of Xiaole! He meant good, but that woman treated his kindness like cheap dirt…

“Uncle Alien, why are you frowning?” Xiaole asked innocently. “Are you upset?”

Guangxi realised that he was in a daze. “I say, Xiaole, aren’t you bored that all you do daily is just going to school and staying at home?”

“I am bored.” Xiaole admitted. “But sometimes, Brother Tuoye will come over and play with me. Moreover, I have you to chat with me now, Uncle Alien.”

“Brother Tuoye?” Guangxi raised a brow. Isn’t he rumoured to be with Mucheng? “Why do you call him Brother?”

“That’s because he’s my best friend.” Xiaole answered.

“But I heard that he’s thinking of wooing your mother?” Guangxi probed.

“How can that be?” Xiaole was shocked. “He’s my brother. He’d be committing incest if he’s together with my Mummy!”

Incest? Guangxi chuckled. Trust this lad to come up with this radical thought. But he liked it, it was so well-said!

He unconsciously stretched his hand and tousled with Xiaole’s hair. “I must say that you seem to be pretty smart sometimes.”

“Of course.” Xiaole became very happy at the comment. “That’s because I’m Mummy’s son.”

That woman may be a hard nut to crack but it seemed like she had educated her son well. Guangxi paused for a moment. Then he suddenly said, “Xiaole, do you want to go roller-skating?” He found a pair of roller-skates when he was cleaning up his own room. He guessed then that perhaps he knew how to roller-skate.

“Yes, I’d love to do that!” Xiaole nodded his head hard. He was very envious when he saw the other children at the kindergarten roller-skating away. “But Mummy wouldn’t allow for me to do so.” He said in disappointment.

“Let’s just ignore her! Your Mummy keeps treating you like a glass doll. Her over-protectiveness is just too unbearable.” Guangxi stood up and said to Xiaole, “Let’s go and get you a pair of skates now and I can teach you how to roller-skate.”

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14.2 - Chicken speaking to a duck (2)

    Luo Zhi suddenly remembered Zheng Wenrui's sentence "She is coming back."

    The sudden turn of the playground that day came after new information on Ye Zhanyan. Has Ye Zhanyan turned back?

    So what, the focus is not on Ye Zhanyan at all. Luo Zhi smiled bitterly.

    Suddenly she wanted to call her mother and ask her how she was doing. The north is already so cold, will her knee hurt?

    Even though Luo Zhi was bathed in golden sunlight every week with the beautiful pair of brother and sister, and the golden retriever playing frisbee, she still felt her heaviness and fear all the time. She needs to always remember that the same world, the same dream, but not the same destiny.

    Their trajectories intersect only occasionally.

    But Sheng Huainan would not know. As clever as he is, he may be able to understand but never experience.

    All these chaotic thoughts were entangled, making Luo Zhi feel for the first time that they were so far away.

    Once she deliberately alienated, so that distance looked like she had made it by herself, which at least felt don’t embarrassing when she thought of it. But now, she trembled and stretched out her hand in a welcoming way, and found that she was really short by one hundred and eight thousand miles, and she couldn't reach it, and the gesture of her stretching out her hand was even laughed at by the other party.

    When entering the room, Zhang Mingrui suddenly approached her mysteriously and said, "I just texted Sheng Huainan. He told me all the beauties in your high school."


    "He also mentioned you are one."

    "Save it!"

    "Tsk tsk, you beauties like to be humble and yet are secretly happy."

    "Everyone is hypocritical."

    "Look, you finally admit it?"

    "Admit what? I really didn't count as a beauty in high school."


    "Hmm..." Luo Zhi pretended to think about it seriously, "The little boys in high school just stared at girls who had dressed up early and behaved very adult-like, and thus hadn't learned to appreciate me."

    She stared at him openly and smiled. Zhang Mingrui blushed immediately

    Although he was a little dark, she could still see his blush.

    "Hey, look, I'm not humble anymore. You put on this kind of appearance agai, how am I supposed to live."

    Zhang Mingrui recovered, cleared his throat and said, "Really, the two of us really mentioned you. Sheng Huainan said that in high school, apart from playing basketball and reading basketball magazines, the only remaining fun for the boys is to search for the list of beautiful women. As long as they are slightly tall, pretty, attractive, and beautiful," Zhang Mingrui deliberately emphasized the last The four words, "They were all included in the list."

    "Then what?"

    Zhang Mingrui raised his eyebrows and said: "Then, then, Sheng Huainan just said—"

    He stared at Luo Zhi and smiled.

    "He said, he never paid attention to you in high school." After he said, the two were silent for a few more seconds.

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly squatted on the ground and laughed.

    "Luo Zhi, I’ll make you die from anger!"

    After saying words of the primary school student's IQ level, he ran away happily, and jumped again. A bunch of hair on the back of his head jumped up and down with the movement, and his back looked like a kid who got candy.

    At this time, the mobile phone vibrated, and Sheng Huainan's text messages came at the right time.

    "Sorry, he asked me if I knew you in high school, I said I never noticed. He was very happy to say that he must take revenge on you with this sentence, who told you to always suffocate him. Sorry..."

    She couldn't laugh or cry.

    Although he won't be as childish as Zhang Mingrui, Luo Zhi still felt a little bitter.

    No matter what, have you really never paid any attention to me at all?

    Really? Not at all?

    Many of her conjectures in high school have now been answered ruthlessly.

    She sat in her seat and fiddled with the lecture aimlessly. After a few minutes, the phone vibrated again.


    Luo Zhi wanted to say, I've been angry since a long time ago.

    But she didn't have the guts to say, because she cared about this fuzzy and fragile relationship. Whoever cares, whoever have to take the consequences

    "My heart is broken, and I'm fixing back piece by piece. You help me tell Zhang Mingrui that I admit defeat haha."

    "No matter what, I apologize." He replied.

    "Your apologies are always weird. First, you apologized for Zhang Mingrui's liking for me, and now you apologize for not knowing me in high school. How do you expect me to say “it doesn't matter” ?

    Sheng Huainan did not reply.

    At this time, class started, Zhang Mingrui returned to his seat with the water glass, and carefully looked at Luo Zhi's face.


    "Actually not, but in order to give you a face... I am dying from anger."

    "To give me face?"

    "Isn't it your purpose to make me angry?"

    "Who said that?!"

    Zhang Mingrui's blushed again, he turned his head and ignored her.

    At this time, she was still able to deal with it freely, without a trace of embarrassment. She has such a useful mask.

    Zhang Mingrui is very carefree, but he is very capable of doing what he says. He asked Sheng Huainan what Luozhi was like in high school. Sheng Huainan's reply is: I haven't noticed, I only know that she was first place in the liberal arts class.

    He didn't know why he had to sting her, but it was fun to watch her lose control.

    Or just want to wake her up. It felt as if she was awake, the other person would see more clearly.

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The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1 - Holiday Trip (2)

So... Today is the second day of the winter holidays. She and Zhao Fanzhou were sitting on the plane. She was in a daze all the way, going through the formalities in a daze, boarding the plane in a daze, sitting on her seat and looking around. This is the first time she has taken a plane. It feels very fresh. She wants to stand up and look around. Her eyes are squirming and she can't sit still. Zhao Fanzhou looked at her with a smile, and held her hand: "You stay with me and don't move."

"But this is my first time flying on an airplane." She wanted to see what the toilet in the airplane looked like.

"It's about to take off. You fasten your seat belt. Your ears may hurt when you take off. You swallow your saliva and it will be much better..."

He said as he leaned over to help her seatbelt, well he is so near ah ...... her face suddenly red, don’t be like this, clearly an old couple, you had been more intimate before, now acting innocent! ! She scolded herself secretly, but her face was still red. He seemed to feel the ambiguous atmosphere, fastened his seat belt and raised his head to look at her: “Blushing just from this?"

She looked at him, with his raised eyebrows and smile on the corners of his mouth, and she felt angry and turned her head to ignore him. He actually laughed at her. She stretched out her hand and pinched his thigh, he grabbed her hand, and suddenly pecked her on the mouth with lightning speed, and she covered her mouth with her other hand, looking at him with accusing eyes, he looked back at her provocatively with a deadly expression on his face.

"Passengers, the plane will take off soon, please fasten your seat belts." The voice of the stewardess interrupted their confrontation. Zhou Xiao turned to see the stewardess, shit! There are so many beauties these days, and they are all beauties flying around the sky.

Zhou Xiao passed the takeoff time quietly and started to move about again. She looked at Zhao Fanzhou, who had her eyes closed next to her, and pushed him, "Hey, you are a pig. You sleep as soon as you get on the plane. The cloud is so beautiful."

He remained unmoved and continued to sleep.

"The flight attendant just now is so beautiful, did you see it?"

"The flight attendants are all beautiful, this is common sense, there is no need to make a fuss." He closed his eyes and returned to her.

Why act cool after peeking at a beautiful girl? "With the same logic, flight steward must also be very handsome. Where are they? I wanna go see handsome guys."

He opened his eyes lazily and glanced at her: "This airline has no air steward."

How could this be? With so many airlines, she just happened to be seated to the one with no air steward. "Really? How do you know? Then there is always a pilot? I'm going to see the pilot."

How does he know? Nonsense, "Do you think passengers can get in the cockpit?"

This person is really annoying, and one sentence breaks her teenage girl's dream, and he didn’t even think twice about it.


What Should I do? What Should I do? What should I do~~ She had never thought about accommodation during travel before. Zhou Xiao was so anxious that she almost cried when Zhao Fanzhou received a room card from the receptionist.

A room card! A room card! It's actually a room card!

Zhao Fanzhou looked at her as if she was about to hit the wall, and said angrily: "You can rest assured, I don't want to do anything to you, I booked a double room." The double room is also a room, if she snores he can still hear it while sleeping. No, who is saying that the problem is snoring, the main problem is safety. What should he do if he turns into a beast in the middle of the night?

He opened the door of the room and went straight in. She had no choice but to follow in, and muttered as she walked, "Why didn't you book two rooms..."

"If you don't want me to hear it, please be a little bit softer." Zhao Fanzhou stopped suddenly as he walked, and Zhou Xiao ran into him without stopping. "Damn (kao)! Why did you suddenly stop?"

"What did you just say--" Zhao Fanzhou looked at her warningly.

Zhou Xiao feeling the pain hit the nose, laugh foolishly: "No, no, I mean, pls say when you pull (kao) over to the side," Pullover by the side? Is she thinking that she was driving? Changed the topic real fast. He really can't do anything about her but can only give her a stare and went on to put his luggage.

After taking care of everything, Zhou Xiao sat on one of the beds, and Zhao Fanzhou suddenly took a PSP from his bag and lay down on the same bed. Zhou Xiao was shocked and moved aside secretly, Zhao Fanzhou, without even looking at her, he started to play the game.

About ten minutes later, Zhou Xiao realized that he was really playing the game seriously. She sighed with relief and lay down and started thinking about it. She was on the same bed with him and he was playing games. Could it be that... The legendary "bed scene"? … Haha, I’m so shy…o(≧v≦)o …o(≧v≦)o…thinking about it… I really want to sleep… After a while, she fell asleep in a daze . Zhao Fanzhou put down the PSP in his hand and sighed. In a state of high mental stress, she really became tired very quickly, but... she didn’t need to guard him like a thief? He helped her put the quilt cover, gently kissed her lips in her mouth, then lay down beside her and continue playing the game.

She really can sleep. Zhao Fanzhou put down the PSP for the second time and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost ten o'clock. Tell her to get up and take a bath. He was lying on her stomach, "Hey, get up, get up and take a shower."

Zhou Xiao opened her eyes in a daze, and was startled by the enlarged head in front of her, 

"Ah! What are you doing?"