Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 - 苏叶 Perilla (2)

    She was a little remorseful, with dark circles under her eyes, no makeup, and casually dressed in casual shirts and jeans ----- if she knew earlier that she was meeting this handsome guy she would have been more well dressed.
The doctor asked, "Where do you feel uncomfortable?"

    Shen Xifan said angrily, "Insomnia, five days in a row!"

    Unexpectedly, the doctor laughed, and a deep dimple appeared on his right cheek, "This is not considered insomnia, however, it was hard to fall asleep even in the past right?"

    She thought for a while and nodded. "It's hard to fall asleep, easy to wake up, and after waking up, I can't fall asleep again. It's been hard to sleep at night recently."

    He pointed to the hand pad, "Let’s take a pulse."

    His warm fingers touched her cold wrist. She was a little unnatural. Although she knew that the doctor was seeing a patient, she was still a little nervous, especially when facing such a handsome face. She prayed that the doctor won’t feel her accelerated heartbeat.

    After a while, the doctor took his hand away, opened the medical record, and inquired as to if to conclude, "Insufficient endowment, emotional injury; yes, liver and kidney deficiency of yin, liver yang excessive, vigorous vitality, too much thought, damage to the heart spleen!"

    She froze, muttering to herself, "So serious?! Heart and kidney deficiency, doctor, am I still savable?" 

The doctor was slightly surprised, and then explained with a smile, "Your physique is originally weak., in addition to some frustrating heart affairs, burning in your heart. Do you always feel irritable and easily angered, troubled and sleepless, face dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip, dry mouth due to talking too much? "

    Shen Xifan murmured," Wow, amazing, you are absolutely right! "

The doctor lowered his head to prescribe the medicine. "I will give you a month worth of medicine. The treatment for insomnia is generally longer. Be patient, live life with a more regular pattern, abstain from alcohol and coffee, and--" He looked up and looked at Shen Xifan. "Don’t be too ambitious and aggressive as a girl, relax a little, you can do yoga and the likes. "

    “But is there any medicine that will make me fall asleep tonight, I'm all panicky from being sleepless!" 

The doctor felt a little unbelievable, but he still answered with great patience, "Go around the hospital for three laps. If you are tired, you will fall asleep and sleep well. "

    Shen Xifan's mouth was shut, so she looked at the doctor to write a prescription. Suddenly, she saw the doctor's badge, which was a little unclear. She moved a little closer, only to vaguely see that it was the resident physician, and the name was still unclear. The doctor noticed and asked suspiciously, "Is there anything weird? "

    Shen Xifan was a little embarrassed and quickly shook her head. "No, I was seeing what medicine you wrote. "

    He smiled, pointing to the prescription explained," Coptis chinensis (黄连), clears the heart, Angelica sinensis (当归), Rehmannia glutinosa (生地黄), Chinese peony (芍药), Jujube norish Yin and blood, and Chinese liquorice (甘草), fermented black soybeans (豆豉), bamboo shavings (竹茹) clears heat and resolves phlegm,Oriental thuja (柏子仁) , Five-flavor berry (五味子), Silktree Albizzia Bark (合欢皮 ) nourish your mind and calm your mind. "

    Shen Xifan seemed to understand, but in fact, did not understand and yet still put on an act and nodded in understanding. 

The doctor kindly said, "Take the prescription and go directly to pay there, you will get a decoction, right?" "The word "decoction" was added to the prescription, "Come and get the first three decoctions at four o'clock this afternoon." "

    She promised "yes, yes", took the medical records, withdrew from the consultation room, and went out, she found that the original prescription has signed his name---- "He Su Ye 何苏叶", she is a little curious, Su Ye sounds like the name of a traditional Chinese medicine?

(illa: Su Ye = Perilla)

    At noon, when she came home, she received a call from her mother, "Fan Fan, have you seen the doctor, yes, take Chinese medicine, ok ok ok, I have something to tell you, tonight..."

    Shen Xifan interrupted immediately, "I don't want to go on a blind date, Mom can you please give up!" 

"It's not a blind date," Ms. Shen quickly explained, "It is just family members having a meal together, you see you are so busy working every day, totally forget about your parents, we are almost becoming two widowed old people! "

    Slightly soft-hearted and persuaded, she can only agree with the idea,"Fine fine, I get it, but in the afternoon I need to go to get the medicine. "

    Shen mom follows up a victory and presses home the attack "Good, see you at Starbucks in Oceania at six o'clock in the evening!" 

Shen Xifan slept very peacefully in the afternoon. She didn't know what immortality she received from the Chinese medicine building. She slept until five o'clock. She woke up and screamed loudly, in a hurry. Get dressed quickly and took a taxi to the hospital.

    The people in the outpatient department were rushing out one after another. Only she went straight to the big pharmacy. When she saw that the pharmacy lights had turned off halfway, she was a little regretful, "Oh no, my medicine!"

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